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  1. There's a cut in there, so in "movie-magic" terms, I don't think you can measure the time on film and say that it is equal to the actual time. The Star Wars movies do a fair bit of movie magic timing, otherwise I don't think Luke would have had enough time to get away in his Lambda Shuttle. But yeah, it's fairly moot even in my scenario unless the Executor kicked it into lightspeed within a few seconds.
  2. What if...? Captain Bakkup sat staring listlessly at the tactical displays. It was bad enough being Officer-In-Charge of the Backup Bridge on a ship that couldn't seriously be threatened by anything in the enemy fleet, but today the Executor wasn't even engaging. Buried deep in the belly of the 19km super dreadnought, Bakkup had to rely on sensor screens to watch the battle. It was an acquired skill, but one he had gotten quite good at. Why wasn't Piett engaging? At least it would be something fun to watch. . . . Now they were in the thick of it! Bakkup was engrossed in the tactical display while his helmsman, Lt. Pii-Lut, read off internal messages. "Damage report, repulsors 1 and 3" "Damage report, bridge deflector" "Auxiliary power routed to damagereportMainBridgeNOTRESPONDING!" The world turned red. Bakkup was used to this. When the Main Bridge went out, the harsh red light kicked in, that meant it was time to take over. He had done this hundreds of times. In a simulator. "Sir, our orbit is decaying, the Death Star is pulling us in!" Decaying orbit, Bakkup had done this. "Fire emergency thrusters! Reroute power from weapons systems to engines. Stabilize orbit." In a simulator. Bakkup stood leaning over his command console, wide-eyed, attempting to take in every piece of information from the tactical displays at once. Their orbit was stabilizing. That was close. Bakkup looked at the tactical displays again. What could have hit them? Thinking of his carer and strong desire to not be known as "The Man that Lost the Executor", Bakkup decided on the sensible course of action. "Get me a message to Read Admiral Sekund." Bakkup turned to the holographic display. "Sir, we've sustained moderate damage but the Main Bridge took a direct hit. We're flying on sensors only, Admiral Piett's status is unknown. I was going to withdraw so we can get damage control and search teams up there." Sekund's reply was sporadically interrupted in time with impacts on the shields. "The Death Star will finish off the Rebels, you're not critical in this fight. Carry on, Captain. The Hambone and Gravy Train will cover your withdrawal."
  3. My idea for an expansion isn't just an X-Wing expansion. In addition to XWM, there will soon be Armada and Imperial Assaul. I am picturing an overarching campaign system that incorporates all games: Space -> Planet : Armada Low Orbit -> Atmosphere: X-Wing Miniatures Ground Combat -> New game! Commando side mission -> Imperial Assault Skirmish The new game would use BattleLore 2ed. game engine, but with character-driven activation like Battles for Westeros. Air support and artillery style combat has been done in the same/similar engine before in Memoir 44, so I think it could work. This way people can play through an entire planetary invasion.
  4. I'm all for more factions as long as it makes for interesting gameplay. In the PC game, the Zann had a ship with no shields but extra strong hull, a mini-huge laser mounted in an ISD size ship, cloaking devices, and expensive but very good fighters and bombers. That seems like enough to me to give a distinct feel. I only found pictures of two Hapan ships and they don't look like they go together, which I think can be a problem for a miniatures line (might not look good on the table). Those pics of those Hutt ships though... those look fantastic, and I think would make for cool miniatures as well. What is known about the Hutt ships / combat style?
  5. It will last longer than it will against that Death Star!
  6. The main reason I want a surface to play on is to keep the miniatures from sliding around so easily. I don't see how card stock is going to do that very well. Also, couldn't people use the size of the tiles to make estimates about maneuvers?
  7. NewTroski

    The Crazy 8's

    I think a Y-Wing will see a lot more utility out of an R2 rather than an R5. The Y-Wing has a pretty limited selection of green maneuvers, so the R2 opens up a lot more possibilities. You can then focus on staying out of as many firing arcs as possible, since you can always shoot back with the Ion Turret.
  8. Our first real game with wave 2 ships ended up being a pretty good match and a lot of fun: My list: Darth Vader, Engine Upgrade, Daredevil Soontir Fel, Stealth Device, Elusiveness Turr Phennir, Stealth Device, Push the Limit I wanted to make an ace Imperial squad, but I suspected that it would just not be enough ships. His list: Garven Dreis Dutch Vander, Ion Turret, R5-K6 Arvel Crynyd Rookie We refer to Arvel as Ram-man He deployed with the A-Wing on a flank, and the rest of the group together. I deployed all three of my guys opposite the A-Wing. Opening moves: He maneuvered his main force over, and did some stalling short maneuvers with his A-wing. Initial engagement: My aces turn the Rookie to dust in the first round of shooting. I maneuver Soontir poorly and he ends up in the middle of the enemy squadron. Elusiveness cannot make up for all the heat he is taking and Soontir goes down. Then I get a lucky crit on the Y-Wing, and take out its Ion Turret! Now my focus is on Garven. Mid fight: Garven is on the ropes, but I am paranoid with just my two ships remaining about getting blocked and taken apart by Ram-man. We maneuver for a bit, then I take out Garven at range. It's now Darth with 1 shield remaining and Turr at full strength vs. Arvel with no shields and Dutch with 2 hull left. I think I've got it wrapped up, and get cocky. Darth can fire at the Y and A, Turr only at the Y. Surely, I think, Turr can score two hits on the Y at range 1, so Darth shoots at the A-Wing (and misses). Then Turr misses, followed by the Rebels blasting Darth, him rolling a whole lot of nothing, and dies. I'm starting to doubt my "sure thing" now. Ending: I'm being very cagey with Turr. I get an opportunity on the Y-Wing and take it out, just so I don't have to worry about that anymore. Ram-man gets a ram in, and takes out Turr's Stealth Device, but only 1 damage. Then he has no real choice but to K-turn, and I have the advantage at long range, finally getting the last hit in. I will try to remember to take pictures next time… Lessons/thoughts: Stealth Device and Elusiveness (even with Soontir's ability) do not make up for bad maneuvering. I put him in the middle of the Rebel formation, and he melted fast. High Pilot Skill + Boost = awesome! Oh, I'm in your firing arc? OK, now I'm not. Darth + Boost + Daredevil = totally crazypants. This guy laughs at tight maneuvering A-Wings. I forgot to use Turr Phennir's ability for at least half the game. It will definitely take some getting used to all the new abilities.
  9. I'd like to get a case like this, but is transporting the figs on the stands really the best way? I have mine disassembled since you have to put the cards on the bases first anyway. There's also a lot less wasted space that way. I'm currently using the red Plano case, but I think I will run out of room when wave 2 comes out. I'm also worried that the paint will eventually start wearing off rubbing againts the plastic.
  10. I agree that it shouldn't be the same difficulty to hit as the X-Wing. For people using the video games as a reference, try approaching it from a different perspective: Think about when you're fighting against Y-Wings. They are really easy to shoot down, it just takes a while to get through all the shields and armor. Hmm… I think I'll load up Alliance and see how many Top Ace Y-Wings I can take down with a standard TIE
  11. It's not a bug per se, I guess it was just an observation. There are 8 Academy Pilot slots, but only 7 Black and Obsidian slots. I thought this was because that was the most that would fit in a standard 100 point tournament game. This applies to all ships Imperial and Rebel, except for the TIE Interceptors, which have 8 slots regardless. So, not really a problem, but it broke the mold so I thought I'd point it out. Just being pedantic I guess Edit: I just noticed another; Bounty Hunter has only two slots, when you could take 3 in a 100 point game.
  12. First of all, thanks for making this. It's a lot more convenient than having to get out all my cards when I'm thinking about lists. I have noticed a few issues: Outer Rim Smuggler 3 does not seem to contribute to the point total. Neither the squad total at the top nor the ship total in the far right hand column update. The TIE Interceptors do not follow the previously established pattern of having the maximum number that will fit inside 100 points. A typo: Wedge Antillies -> Wedge Antilles (It's hard to see because of the repeated characters, but there's currently an extra 'i') Pretty minor issues, but I'd thought I'd mention them in case you hadn't noticed. Thanks again!
  13. Obviously, a game in which the characters play Space Marines is going to be fairly combat heavy. But how much opportunity for social interaction and real role-playing is there going to be? It's established storyline that some liberal chapters give their Marines up to 15 minutes a day of free time - everything else is scheduled out for them. The description says "there are exceptional roleplaying opportunities" due to characters being from different chapters, but this doesn't seem like a huge obstacle to me: You'll work together because those are your orders, and you're Space Marines, and if you don't follow orders you are a heretic. The end. Is there something I'm not thinking of?
  14. What if it costs more XP per trait that isn't in line with your career, similar to the careers? Of course, the GM will have to determine what is "in line," but if a player really wants that ability, they can pay extra for it.
  15. I believe the Adventurer's Kit box itself was meant to be used as an additional character keeper.
  16. crimsonsun said: I will be using mins also but what do i use for a jabberwok?? http://www.solegends.com/citcat912/c20301monsters-h.htm http://cgi.ebay.com/Citadel-Warhammer-D&D-Jabberwock-Chaos-Painted_W0QQitemZ190356869095QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20091210?IMSfp=TL091210212011r5241
  17. I've tried making WH tabletop armies several times, but I always get tired of painting the same guys over and over again, so I think this is the perfect opportunity/excuse for me to just buy various minis that I like and paint them.
  18. Here's an idea, what if the Square/Knight/Grandmaster career line had an Order, similar to Priests or Wizards? Then each type of knight (Knights Panther, Knights of the White Wolf, etc.) could have have unique abilities. Perhaps the squire career would be generic, and a character wouldn't get the specific powers until full Knight status is achieved.
  19. Not trying to make excuses for FFG or anything, but with the content distributed over four books and many cards, I think the proofreading process would be harder than a single book. Also, remember that GW has a long standing editing precedent - they may have required a minimum number of errors
  20. One thing to consider is that an upstanding human merchant isn't going to want any shoddy Orc weapons, and he probably won't even look at something that's been used by Chaos. Dwarven merchants and smiths in my games will usually only pay the price for the raw metal, since they wouldn't even resell human made items - they have a reputation to uphold for fine Dwarven quality. So, it often isn't worth stripping basic equipment and such from many enemies.
  21. Sarim Rune said: what really slays me is that people really are married to the percentile system. I have to say that it is one of the most boring systems you can possibly have in the game. I disliked it in both editions of Warhammer. I didn't even find it implemented well. A creature with a 75% WS being stopped by a halfling blocking with a 20% WS. Gah. There is nothing to like about the percentile system, other than it's understandable and it's a workhorse. So I never understood why anybody would care if they ditched it. The setting is this game's strength. All they had to do is keep criticals in (which they did) and dangerous magic (which they did) and it's still Warhammer. Just my $0.02. =) Could not agree with you more! The percentile system is lame. There, I said it. It's also only a hair away from really being a d20 system: The attributes are only increased in 5% increments, so the only thing stopping you is +/- 2% in starting attributes.
  22. mcdead said: re-read my post then put a proper anwser. Make your post readable and I will.
  23. c8tiff said: enables use of a mat and miniatures That's cool if you like that, but I don't like my RPGs to be so restricted and board-game like.
  24. I don't have a specific source, but I have read that one reason the Norse mythology was so fatalistic was in part due to the dreary weather. I went to school in a place where you pretty much didn't see the sun from October-April. The school counseling center had special UV lamps because some people become badly depressed when they don't see the sun for an extended period of time. From my experience in living with places with a lot of snow: It can be fun to go sledding/skiing/skating/etc. but overall the snow is a pain in the rear. You want to go to the corner store? Go start your car then take 5-10 minutes to de-ice it. That's assuming you already shoveled out your driveway. This doesn't translate directly to WH of course, but doing stuff when it's really cold and snowy takes extra time, since you have to put on the proper clothes before you go out and get the snow out of the way. It also takes more effort, since you're wearing more stuff, you're pushing through the snow, and everything becomes soaked/ built up with ice. It's also more expensive, since you have to buy more clothing, you might need to convert your coach to have skis instead of wheels, and that stuff really isn't useful at other times. So yeah, snow = more time, more effort, and more money People native to a cold climate like that usually can't take the heat - over 90F and they start whining about how hot it is. My dad used to say, "You can always put on enough clothes to stay warm, but you can't take off enough clothes to stay cool."
  25. I decided it was worth the $9 to have my copy shipped tomorrow morning (latest) from the Warstore than maybe get it December 17th from Amazon. I called since I wanted to hear a person confirm that they had copies in stock and ready to go, and I had the confirmation e-mail before I could hang up my phone. This is after I called my FLGS and they told me they might have it tomorrow because the "distributor sent it to the wrong place." That store is famous among my friends and I for always having what product you want... next Tuesday.
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