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  1. Victory I + Gladiator I + Motti = 153 CR90 is 39-44 points. If we estimate Raider higher at 50, you can still get two in with 47 points for upgrades initiative
  2. Some assembly required, shield generator sold separately. Power converters not included.
  3. I think the ISD length of 8 to 9 inches is based on the typo'd version of the rules reference base size. The large base was originally listed at 192mm ~= 7.5 inches, plus overhang on each end gives you close to 9. The new, correct (as far as I know) large base length is 129mm ~= 5 inches, plus overhang on each end gives close to 6. The numbers that CobaltWraith and I have estimated range from 15-24", which would make the SSD model about 3-5x bigger than the ISD model. Remember that this is just length. The volume is going to be greater by a larger factor, and thus appear to the human mind to be larger in relation than the length numbers would lead you to think. So, I believe on the table an SSD that is 3-5x the length of an ISD is going to appear suitably massive.
  4. I think some people are putting the Executor on a pedestal. There's a lot of EU material that talk about how tough the SSDs are and how many ships they are equivalent to. But all that is questionable - writers take various liberties with base material in order to craft their own take on Star Wars and make an interesting story. I see two major objections to the SSD: power-scale and size-scale. So lets look at what we know is canon, and the only scene in which an SSD fights: From RotJ, we know that it fights in the fleet action, and that it is important enough to single out as a target, and that when a small Rebel fleet focused their firepower on it, it went down. Based on that, I would say that power-wise it would fit well in a larger scale "Epic Armada" format. The Rebel fleet wasn't huge, but it was still able to focus fire down an SSD, while still being engaged with a much larger fleet and having the DSII taking out some of their most powerful vessels. So it seems to me that it is powerful, but not so powerful that it can't be represented in Armada. Next is the size scale. We already know that Armada is on a sliding scale. Most people seem to think of it as a linear relation, but as someone earlier pointed out, the data points we have conform quite nicely to a logarithmic scale, and it also makes more sense when you're talking many orders of magnitude difference in the size of the things being modeled. Here is my slightly different take on the size of an actual SSD model in Armada - by starting with the CR90 in X-wing. If we take the CR90 to be roughly 4"x12", giving an area of 48 sq.in. The play area of X-Wing is 36" x 36", for an area of 1296. The CR90 takes up ~3.7% of the total play space. If we reverse that for Armada play space of 36" x 72" = 2592 sq. in., 3.7% of which is 96 sq. in. of area. Now, pick some reasonable lengths, say 15 or 16 inches and we get 15" x 6.4" or 16" x 6". These seem like reasonable numbers to me - yes, this will be a large, expensive piece, but it won't be setting any records for the miniature games market. Since we have cleared up the "large base typo", we know that the ISD model is probably between 5 and 6 inches long (129mm ~= 5 inches, plus some overhang), that makes the model of the SSD between two and three times larger than an ISD model. This is pretty much what one would expect when dealing with a logarithmic scale. For some people, this is not enough of a size difference. However, I have another idea to alleviate this problem as well - it will require a slightly more beefy structure on the base, but we simply elevate the SSD model more than other models. This creates a forced perspective for someone looking down at the table, and causes the SSD to appear larger in relation to the other ships. Hadn't intended for this to be a treatise when I started, but it's out there now, let me know what you think. I can go into more details on what I think the rules for it should be
  5. I checked the pdf I downloaded from FFG right after the rules came out. It says 192. I just checked the current pdf on the website - 129. Looks like there was a typo and they fixed it.
  6. Reading the description on wookiepedia, it sounds like it could be different enough to be its own ship. Better shields, better squadron value, whereas the Liberty type has better armor and guns. Visually distinct from the "standard" MC80, which is important for a miniatures game. Would the Imperials then get the Tector class? It would have a 0 squadron rating but more hull and weapons. It might look too similar, though. What else is in the same league for the Imperials?
  7. I've been playing through the TIE Fighter campaign again, and I'd like to see some ATR-6 Assault Transports, probably two to a squadron stand. They are featured prominently in a lot of missions, and are very capable in the video game; several turrets for AA, strong shields, torpedo and ion capability, and it carries a squad of stormtroopers for boarding actions. Oh yeah, it would also come with rules for boarding actions
  8. Reading the other thread about the Death Star got me thinking about Torpedo Spheres. Will we see one in Armada? The Torpedo Sphere is "only" 1900 meters in diameter, so a little longer than an Imperial Star Destroyer at 1600m. I think the ISD being in the game is a certainty, so there are already going to be ships of this size range. At least part of the reason for the Imperial Raider was to get the iconic Star Destroyer look in something of the appropriate size for XWM. Putting the Torpedo Sphere into Armada would be directly analagous. I doubt it would be Wave 2, but it seems like there is a decent precedent for this to happen. What do you think? What would the Rebels get to counter it?
  9. I was just commenting on the canonical differences between the two. Honestly, if you want an accurate, fully functioning Death Star in Armada, I don't think it is going to be balanced. It was purposely designed by the Empire to be unfair, and there is a reason that only super heroes with plot armor were able to stop it I think it would work better on the campaign level. It would have effects like adding additional objectives or restrictions to scenarios.
  10. Even though there's been little discussion, this is actually one of the things that makes me so interested in Armada. I know there are scenarios/missions in XWM, but the way these objectives are integrated into the standard game is much better IMO. I think these objectives and the way they are selected are going to add a lot of depth to the gameplay... I am picturing a scene similar to The Princess Bride: "Only a great fool would choose that objective, so I can clearly not choose objective number three. But you must have known that I would come to that conclusion, so..."
  11. The Death Star II had a [relatively] lower-powered rapid fire mode specifically for greater anti-ship capability didn't it? So the DSII's capability on the tabletop would be significantly greater than DSI - the DSI would auto-destroy any one ship basically, then sit recharging its capacitors for the rest of the game, whereas the DSII could fire maybe every other turn.
  12. How are the Dust Warfare rules? I am familiar with WH, WH40K, WarmaHordes. I was thinking along similar lines, but that the larger-scale Star Wars ground game would be based on the Battles for Westeros /modified Battlelore rules. It seems like this would work well due to the importance of strong characters as leaders in Star Wars. XWM is a great game, but I am mostly glad that its success has paved the way for Armada and Imperial Assault (and hopefully one more!). I will always be of the mind that the best way to simulate a Star Wars dogfight is to get out my joystick and play X-Wing Alliance
  13. Thanks for the help, but the only orange button I see is the RSS feed (none of which work). I'm in Chrome, tried IE and didn't see anything there either. Was the Change Theme button to the left of the orange RSS feed button for you? My RSS button is indented with just an empty space next to it, like there is room for something else that isn't loading for whatever reason. Well, obviously, things aren't working correctly yet, I guess I'll give it a day or two. Definitely seems like a premature roll-out though.
  14. Am I taking crazy pills? I don't see this button anywhere. Where is it in relation to the social media sharing buttons? Not a fan of the new design. It takes longer to load than before, and it takes more clicks to get to what I am interested in, resulting in more page loads, which compounds the longer loading time problem.
  15. A Nebulon-B2 frigate is heavily involved in a lot of the TIE Fighter campaign. I am hoping it is released as an Imperial ship in a later wave, with some appropriate upgrade cards inspired by the game. That way, each side has their own version. FFG has pulled several ideas from the video games already, and with Scum & Villainy in XWM, they have also demonstrated the possibility for a ship to be used by multiple factions. So I think there is a decent chance that both sides will have some sort of Nebulon-B representation... eventually.
  16. Many liberties have been taken in X-Wing in order to make a fun game. I think there can be room for an interpretation that allows for an interesting ability. What if it restricted the max speed of all ships in an area? As long as it's cool and balanced I think the Interdictor would be awesome. What would the Rebels get to counter it?
  17. Repulsorlifts? Really... large... repulsorlifts. Though it does seem like if an ISD could fly into an atmosphere, we would have seen one on Hoth or Endor. Endor especially, with most of the fleet doing nothing, a few ISDs could have dropped down for some close air support. I also think it kind of takes away from the "WWII in space" feeling. When the Star Destroyer has to launch landing craft and shuttles, it's like a beach invasion. I think the real explanation is that someone at Disney really, really, liked that "Star Destroyer over San Francisco" picture and decided to put it in the new show.
  18. A couple more things to consider: The number of guns does not relate to the number of attack dice in a linear manner. So having a ton of gun batteries doesn't mean you will need a bucket of dice. The SSD/Epic size ships will probably have more than the standard four arcs, which means all those guns will be split up. In XWM, the TIE Defender was hugely "nerfed" compared to the source material - in TIE Fighter, the Defender was almost untouchable by any other fighter (more firepower than an X-Wing, faster and more maneuverable than an A-Wing, shields like a B-Wing). But FFG took inspiration from those sources and made their own interpretation, one that fit with their game. So, I agree that there could be a place for the SSD in an Epic format.
  19. If Garven has R5-P9, can he spend a focus token if he is at full health, in order to give it back to Kyle? I know you can spend it on a dice roll even if no focus symbols are showing, I'm wondering if this is similar. You could get a stockpile going on the Moldy Crow on the first turn.
  20. How are the paintjobs? I seem to recall them being pretty bad, but I might be thinking of HeroClix, which I thought were awful. Seriously, if you can't paint eyes with pupils that look good, don't paint eyes with pupils. A simple paintjob done well is way better than a complex paintjob done poorly. In regards to the expansion, there are already two, but they come included in the core box. I think this is so people that just want the campaign experience don't have to buy anything else. If you are into the skirmish game and want to have an all probe droid or all wookie army, you're going to have to get some expansions.
  21. I am hoping they make a fourth game for bigger ground battles. As Armada is to X-Wing, this new game would be to Imperial Assault. They could use a revised version of BattleLore rules, but with the character-based activation from Battles of Westeros.
  22. Sorry, here it is: http://cdn.miniaturemarket.com/media/aw_islider/53fe4d143fa5d.jpg I hadn't seen that picture with the cards before.
  23. Something else to talk about: Miniature Market has a preview pic up, which includes some cards. Can anybody read these? I can't find a higher res picture.
  24. I think it is a safe assumption that Ion Cannons will be handled in a manner similar to X-Wing Miniatures; i.e. if a ship had Ion Cannons, it has the ability to equip an Ion Cannon card. This is necessary for game balance and also allows for more customization.
  25. I don't think that would have worked very well for Armada. In X-Wing, I sometimes already have "token overload" on some ships, and moving all those tokens around without getting anything mixed up is a chore. In Armada, a ship would be starting out with four piles of tokens for shields, and it is important that they not be mixed up. Add in whatever other tokens happen during gameplay, and it would become kind of a pain to keep all that cardboard organized, especially when moving it around.
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