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  1. I am presenting findings based on new evidence. Scaling things off a photograph is inherently inaccurate, so take it with a grain of salt. For instance, using this same technique with the picture of the ISD model alongside the VSD, I get an estimate of ~210mm - still in the same range, but different enough to notice. Edit: Also, my "mini center-line" estimates could be off. Paint.net is free and it's pretty easy to do if people would like to try on their own. From the ships that are already out, we know that they are each at a different scale factor, that factor is not linear, and that larger ships are scaled down more. 248mm/9.8" is what the ISD would be if it had the same scale factor as the VSD, so I think it is safe to say it will be smaller than that. Otherwise, the ISD would essentially be breaking the scale rules that they have already established.
  2. I know, we'll find out when we find out. But I can't help myself Based on the new pics of the ISD and MC80 from Team Covenant's Twitter feed here. I think the angle of these pictures makes them better for scaling. We know that the base is 129mm, so I drew one line to measure the pixel length of the base, then another through where I estimate the center line of the mini to be. This gives a ratio that can be used to estimate the size of the miniature. Here's the numbers I got: ISD Base: 234 px ISD Mini: 362 px ISD Ratio: 1.54 ISD Estimate: 199mm / 7.8" MC80 Base: 206 px MC80 Mini: 294 px MC80 Ratio: 1.42 MC80 Estimate: 184mm / 7.2" The results are in the neighborhood of previous estimates, maybe on the low side. I don't think the ISD is going to make the 10" mark though, it just does not look twice as long as that base. Here is an updated graph of how these would fit into a logarithmic scale, with the known ship lengths.
  3. More rampant speculation The new leader of the First Order (presumably a Sith Lord) is calling it the First Order because he is saying the galaxy has never seen "real" order before, and he is going to impose it using a new Sith/Dark Force mind control technique. Finn is a normal stormtrooper until he realizes that the mind control isn't working on him and he can think for himself (latent/untrained Force user), so he jumps ship when he gets a chance.
  4. I just noticed this in an article on the new Star Wars Battlefront video game coming out: ​Based on this, it appears the Rebellion does indeed form the New Republic and defeat the Empire. Presumably the First Order then shows up and ruins/conquers everything. This leaves me wondering how strong the ties really are between the First Order and the Empire, and if Episode 7 ships will just be added in to the current factions or have their own.
  5. https://twitter.com/ManaByte/status/588787603656192000/photo/1 Edit: Much better and more pics here: http://imgur.com/a/YLeIZ
  6. They don't look very sleek or "fighter-y" to me, as I would expect of an escort.
  7. You control an an individual capital ship, 5 person teams. Tech tree and crew system seem similar to World of Tanks. Fun so far, check it out
  8. Each ship has two variants, with one variant printed on each side of the card.
  9. Yeah, I don't know what purpose having such distinctions serves. I'm going to compare XWM and Armada to other games that vie for the same time & money in my entertainment schedule, so to speak, and those games are usually called miniature games and/or wargames. Also, don't forget that Christopher Lee served in WWII and has probably killed a Nazi in hand to hand combat. Apparently his performance of Saruman dying is based on personal experience.
  10. The sliding scale means that the bigger ship the is, the more it gets scaled down. Here is a plot of the currently known ship scales, the ISD estimate (using ~8 inches/~200mm), and a projection for how long the mini of a 4000m ship should be according to this scheme - about 240mm or 9.5 inches. If you'd like to mess around with the graph, you can edit the data points at top, where it looks like this: data set of {x,y} values: {{150,58},{300,93},{900,140},{1600,200},{4000,240}} Each pair of numbers is the length in meters of the ship (from Wookiepedia), and the actual length of the miniature in millimeters. For the CR-90, Neb-B, and VSD, I measured my miniatures. The last two entries are the projections for the ISD {1600,200} and Praetor {4000,240}.
  11. I know that painting has been bundled with wargaming for a while now, but I don't know why it is treated as an integral part. Why should I necessarily be interested in painting and conversions to be interested in playing a game? It doesn't make sense to me. It's like having a football league in which you have to sew your own jersey. In terms of people wanting to paint, I have found the opposite case: My friends found WH/40K interesting, but the assembly and painting required was a huge negative. I only got two people to try it, and that was by sharing all of my painting supplies. Only one of them actually played. I have gotten more people into XWM by just leaving the minis out on my desk at work.
  12. It was silly. I had to make a rule that I was only allowed to make another cool weapons team conversion after I had painted a regular infantry squad. The Skaven were actually worse - it was a headache just to line them up in formation because of their tails. I had to number each one individually to fit in the movement trays. PSA: Do not get into GW games unless you *really, really* like painting and futzing around with tiny pieces of plastic and having small cuts, glue, and stains all over your hands. Just talking about this stuff makes me SO GLAD for FFG's pre-paints!
  13. 40K, and GW games in general, are really that bad. I don't think the above comparison is fair - it is actually much worse for the GW model: How many colors of paint are on it? At least a dozen, and that's +$4 each for Citadel. There's also brushes, glue, primer, clear coat, sculpting tools, files, flock, green stuff, drills, pinning tools, craft knives... oh yeah, and TIME. On top of the greater dollar amount, it is a pretty huge opportunity cost if you're not that interested in painting/craft stuff. I actually do like the craft stuff, but it is annoying when you buy a new unit for your army and you can't use them until you find time to assemble and paint. It is also annoying when you need to paint dozens and dozens of the same guy to have your army complete (yeah, I played Skaven and IG ).
  14. Businesses hire or contract people whose entire job is just to figure out what the best price point would be for a given product. Businesses do not always try to sell their product at the cheapest price that still gives a profit - Armada might be priced higher on purpose so that FFG has a "standard" and "luxury" miniatures line, for instance. Unless you drop some real marketing or econ knowledge and show what they're doing is wrong, I'm confident that FFG is pricing and marketing their product in the manner which they have found most conducive to their goals.
  15. It's really only an issue if you desire to play in official tournaments. In my experience with XWM, if you show up to a play group a few times and aren't a jerk, you can borrow pretty much any official component you need for a tournament. Also, how could you ever possibly need to buy another core set and two other ships in order to get one upgrade card?
  16. Not disco, but this reminded me of these music videos made in SWG, just in case somebody hasn't seen them: Fett's Vette Baby Got Back Ice Man
  17. I don't know... how awesome would a Star Wars remake of "In the Navy" be? Hint, the answer is "Totally Awesome"
  18. I found this for European players. A little pricey IMO for "high-tech" cardboard, but they have some irregulars for less. Still looking...
  19. I've been looking as well. It seems all the 72" folding tables I can find are only 28-30" wide. I'm thinking it will have to be two tables, and go for 48" x 72" overall for some extra room on the edges.
  20. That must be the Extra Super Duper Millenium Falcon then!
  21. Very cool idea! Did you guys put a zeppelin in there or something, or is it just so you could easily re-use your 3D terrain with airplanes? The flat base thing was just something I threw out there, as others have said it wouldn't work well moving it with other pieces on it. This obviously requires some extra preparation, but could solve all of the potential movement/collision issues.
  22. Wait, so they did some "digital upgrades" when the re-released to theaters, and then again for DVD. Is there even more stuff in these versions?
  23. I'm not sure I follow these arguments. While I have also fallen victim to the fickle greens, I don't let my judgement be clouded by outlier results. On the whole, the more dice you roll, the less erratic their impact. It is the paradoxical truth. The more dice you roll, the less erratic their impact is true, but over time. On an individual roll, or pair of (attack,defense) rolls, more dice is more random. There are less dice rolls overall in Armada, and the dice have more consistent output (less blanks). This all suits my personal taste better - I like some randomness, but not too much The defense tokens I think are simply a better game mechanic than defense dice. Deciding which tokens to use and whether it is worth it to discard one can be a difficult decision and makes much more interesting game play than just rolling more dice to see what you get. Another benefit is that it also makes for more interesting ship balancing. In X-Wing a ship can have (0-3) base defense dice. In Armada ships have a similar number of tokens, but there are 4 or 5 types to choose from (so far).
  24. If I did a table scenario, I think it would involve the Death Star... OK got it: 3' x 8' Death Star Table. Why 8'? Because two feet on one side is taken up by the Lego SSD model, leaving a normal 3' x 6' play surface Another idea for an Epic-format SSD: Command Ship - The SSD gives up firepower for command abilities. Two Fleet Commanders may be selected. This could create some crazy combos, so it will drive the points cost way up, and have to shed some firepower dice to bring it back down.
  25. From a game mechanics standpoint I think Armada is much more refined. Removing the defense dice makes the game more streamlined, less erratic, and provides interesting tactical choices for the player. Making the attack dice more consistent and having tons of abilities to reroll or swap faces makes luck much less prevalent. I also agree that the meta has become unappealing in XWM. In my mind, X-Wing is a dogfighting game... flying tanks with turrets doesn't seem like dogfighting to me. I will still probably collect one of each ship when they go on sale, because I am a Star Wars junkie, but I imagine anytime in the future that I am playing XWM, I'll be thinking about Armada.
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