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  1. Are you prepared to buy all new miniatures? I don't see how you can [reasonably for most people] simulate a whole fleet on the tabletop without reducing the scale. Make CR-90s a flotilla the size of a current squadron so that you can more easily bring the Star Dreadnoughts onto the table. At this scale, squadrons probably aren't modeled separately, they're just part of a capital ship's attack - would that be losing too much of the "Star Wars feel"? Also, what is the minimum you consider a fleet? The wikipedia article for naval fleet shows a picture of 10 ships. Was the First Order fielding a fleet in TLJ? Or does it have to be Battle of Endor/Coruscant size?
  2. "On" would generally mean it is physically sitting on top of something - i.e. on the roof of the store.
  3. Umm... what? But... that's like... how ALL of the game rules work. The rules tell us what we CAN do. If the rules had to list everything that you CAN'T do, they would be larger than the collected Encyclopedia Brittanica. Multiple people have listed the exact section of the rulebook that details Command Dial and Token usage, that's the support.
  4. I think the ship length should be the independent axis, since those are dictated to us by an "authority", and the ratios are derived. Then this graph will start to look like... a logarithm!
  5. The subject line and the original post are perfectly clear. It is a hypothetical that people want to talk about. You didn't have to click on the thread, and you didn't have to insult everyone and call them whiny children. You've basically admitted that you're intentionally trolling just to be a jerk.
  6. Why do you feel the need to show up to every SSD thread just to spit in people's cereal? Some people like talking about it. Let them. You don't have to participate. The OP was exceedingly clear in the first post.
  7. Up through Wave 2, Armada scale follows a logarithmic curve fairly closely. An SSD the size of a play mat would actually be way too big. An SSD that follow the already established scale (again, through Wave 2) would be slightly larger than the XWM CR-90. Not my opinion, talking about mathematics and crunching the numbers. Three day weekend coming up, maybe I'll finally measure all the wave 3+ ships and see how the scale graph shapes up...
  8. Beginning of the video says head of the studio, not just graphic design.
  9. Relevant section of response I got from FFG software: We are aware of some issues with the Elder Sign: Omens store. We are currently in the process of updating this app to 64 bit, and the store fixes are being rolled into this update. I do not currently have an estimated release date, however it is planned to finish before the iOS 11 update. So, no immediate fix or workaround, but they know about it and are working on it.
  10. Wait... Tabletop Simulator is *more* user friendly than Vassal? When I played, it was **** near impossible to do some of the simplest tasks, and every piece on the board got knocked over or jostled around anytime anything was moved. The only control that seemed to work at all reliably was flip the table >< It has been a while though, did I just play a super old version of TTS and it's gotten way better since then? Because the thought of trying to play Armada with such a control scheme is only slightly more pleasant than that of pouring salt in my eyes.
  11. There is one type of scaling formula that makes sense for this application, and it is logarithmic. When I measured the ships, they conformed pretty closely to a logarthmic function (certainly closer overall than any linear function). I did the math before and don't remember the exact numbers, but I want to say the SSD would be in the 24-36" range. I haven't done the math since Wave 2 though, we have a lot more data points now. I could measure all the new ships and write up a post on the scaling of Armada based purely on facts and mathematics if people are interested.
  12. There was a mismatch between the printed components and the app. It is already fixed in v1.2.1 - it says Infiltrator Agent now.
  13. Armada doesn't have a single linear scale like XWM (or two linear scales if you count the Epic ships). The ships up through Wave 2 followed a logarithmic curve fairly nicely, but I haven't taken measurements of all the new stuff and gone through the math again.
  14. Don't let the meta discussions deter you. I won a 24 person tournament with Vader on an ISD I, both of which are considered "meta bad". As long as your friend isn't a win-at-all-costs person that makes a fleet specifically to counter yours type, I think you'll be fine and have fun.
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