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  1. you really do not want to know. but seriously he works for games workshop and is renowned for taking sh@ts on everything that is cool about 40k and has a real fanboy obsession abut the ultramarines.
  2. no they would not get any corruption as that is gained only from exposure to the warp (i.e. daemons) what they should get in my opinion is a very pissed off enemy (the acolyte left behind) and why not have the crate of gold fake while your at it. that should serve the greedy buggers right.
  3. yep. i think it was 2nd edition and they were khornate stormboys.
  4. Yes they are in disciples of the dark gods on page 89.
  5. I managed to dig out my copy of inquisitor and found the bit about delphin gruss, so here it is: "Painted by martin Footitt: Delphin Gruss is one of the more influential memebers of the cult mechanicus, so I chose to move away from the traditional red robes fo the techpriest, instead giving him white robes to make him stand out from the others of his order. However , I still retained the red demi-tabard to confirm his allegiance to the Machine God. The gold lettering and equipment all denote that he has risen in the ranks of his temple. The actual banding reads that he is a protector of the faith and guardian to the machine God in High Gothic."
  6. I'm sure every self resecting Mek-boy knows that the secret of Orky now-wots is to use BIGGER nails!
  7. Who do you think puts the corpse into corpse startch rations?
  8. Why not go the route of 40k TT and just have armour giving you a save against damage ie if the armour saves you take no damage but if it doesnt you take whatever is rolled minus your toughness?
  9. the 8 spider said: from france oh i forgot this one gfto? what that mean? also what the expression take a bow mean? thanks Well I can tell you that it is an acronym for Get The Feck Out.
  10. There is a rather good primer for new players over on the Dark reign site that you can download.
  11. Well here is a responsorial psalm to get the ball rolling. R: THE PRECEPTS OF THE EMPEROR GLADDEN THE HEART. 1, The law of the Emperor is perfect, it revives the soul. The rule of the Emperor is to be trusted, it give wisdom to the simple. R, 2, The fear of the Emperor is holy, abiding for ever. The decrees of the Emperor are truth and all of them just. R, 3, So in them your servant finds instruction; great reward in their keeping. R, 4, from presumption restrain your servant and let it not rule me. Then shall I be blameless, clean from grave heresy. R,
  12. daispike


    It's in the inquisitors handbook (dont know what page off the top of my head though)
  13. Cardinalsin said: Can we investigate it? Yes we can! Well you never had to deal with the players I have!
  14. weaver95 said: Cervantes3773 said: Maybe there is an unusually large number of pariahs on the planet, to represent the lack of magic? Or, better yet, maybe the planet was/is a place where the Necrons had a base of operations and they did something to sever the planet from warp. perhaps that experiment has gone a little off the rails in the last million years or so and some warp influence has leaked in every now and then, but psykers themselves would be a very rare sort of thing indeed. Just throwing that out there. Or maybe the crystal structure of all that sand on the planet has a psi damping effect which would explain why the mechanicus is so interested in a apparently worthless planet in the first place.
  15. Arnisador001 said: Hey All, So, (in my 1st post here) I play a Tech-Priest and I was wondering.....for Trade (Smith)...that skill does not get a skill advancement of +10 or +20. Was this an ommision or on purpose considering the Tech-Priest are the only ones to use this skill (at least according to the Class Advancements)? Oversight OR Intended please explain... LOVE the game, Confused at 2 in the morning Imho iwould say that the game designers thought that you wanted to rp acolytes of the inquisistion (i.e. investigatuve and/or combat oriented) and not bob the builder types.
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