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    I have noticed some bugs while using the Quest Vault.

    1)  Under Quest>Settings, you can click the "-" button for Descent: Core Set to reduce your component count to 0.  When you click "+" to get more components, the quest will mark that you need 2 copies of the Core Set, but you will still only have access to 1 set of tokens.  The only fix is to close the browser without saving your work.

    2)  Occassionally, when dragging a component to the map, it will not show up, but it will decrease the item count.  It would be convenient if you could right-click the map pieces or token pieces from the selection box, and delete them all from the map to get access to them again.  Again, one fix for this is to close the browser window without saving your work.  Sometimes the tile will show up randomly.  Sometimes you can increase your set requirements, then decrease it to get the correct token count back.

    3)  On the front page, the number of likes text field needs to be bigger.  At 100 likes, the top quest wraps this text, making the information difficult to read.

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