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  1. I'm one of those TI nuts it's "THE GAME" for me ... it may only hit the table twice a year but those are my two favorite days! So even though I own 3rd edition and all the expansions ... I've already prepurchased 4th Edition
  2. Man I was panicking when I bought the expansion and didnl't have the cards ... found the upgrade kit (Love the wife) wow that is a lot of investigators ... must be other expansions from the first edition I haven't found yet!
  3. In the end I started the game at turn one, and each time people left I left the game as is, and when the next people came I gave them a narrative of what had happened to this point key moments and let them them continue from there
  4. Thanks for the clarification Forgottenlore I missed the part about revealing the location! So I have yet to see the rebels win :*(
  5. What do you mean the rebels are supposed to retreat? Why would you retreat if you can kill the death star
  6. I felt bad ... my last opponent accidently discovered the Rebel base with 2 ion-cannon on it with a death star and some ground troops the death star had 0 dice to attack and I just kept attempting the run (because you can't retreat with the death star) (We may have done this wrong I don't know)
  7. I really don't like ever having my base revealed even if I can take the fleet near it ... because as soon as it's revealed when you move the base the units don't go with it. (Unless I'm reading the rules wrong hidden bases when moved the units move with it) Yeah that's a VERY cool idea honestly
  8. So I've played 3 times, Rebels won once ... I got lucky at the end and forced a couple of objectives to put pressure on him, and was lucky to move my base to one planet he didn't have enough stuff to deal with it. But I found almost every turn near the middle of the game I was moving the base because I was never sure if he was going to move within 1 of my base or not, I never did move it but the mission was down and 1-2 heroes were going to attempt it... has anyone else found themselves "almost" moving the base every turn? It certainly can be nerve racking as the Rebel player.
  9. Thanks for all the great idea's I was thinking of printing off some cheat sheets I found on board game geeks, and setting up the base game then having people play 1-2 turns (Depending on how the interest is) and rotate new people in after a turn, 1 full turn gives you a moderate taste of the game minus combat
  10. I agreed to demo this game this weekend for a Local Store ... and I know the game well but it's a bloody 6 hour game how would you guys demo this? Set it up in the base game do the base game and what have people do 1 turn of each side and move on? Just curious as I want as many people to try the game as can and it's not something you can set up and just "quickly" play.
  11. I could only afford one, so I only got one. Simple Economics. Yeah... coming from Magic and GW.. the 3x Nebs I got on sale costed the same as one of my dual lands so.. But your Dual land ... will only go up in price ... Can't say the same thing about this toys ...
  12. Thanks I may use something else but its good to know for future reference
  13. So tonight we're playing the "Death's Wing" or something like that adventure and I get 1 open group of monsters ... its a 3 person game ... I thought I'd try giants ... seem like fun but with 3 people I only get 1... So i'm thinking maybe this isn't the best choice ... and maybe I should try something else like Sorcerors ... ANyway my question is ... if the unit size is 1(red) monster and the reinforcements is in effect... if that monster dies ... can I bring it back? (Because the open monter unit is gone ... I'm not sure if you can reinforce or not)
  14. It would be really cool if there was a random map generator that used the tiles you own to create random things... oh if I only had more knowledge on programing
  15. Thanks everyone I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as time moves on we did the first part of the Masquerade's ball ... which the Hero's absolutely destroyed me by blocking the door (I choose a Golem ... bad choice I should have chose Goblins Archers who could have ran right pas the hero's ... of course there was no room to open the door so that sorta sucked next time I'll make sure that I get those doors open faster. Only good thing is I've been really able to hold back how many search tokens they have gotten by blocking off the search tokens so they have only got 125GP so far ... course still need to do the 2nd part of the Masquerade's ball ... and since I didn't win the first its up to the dice YIKES. So as it stands I have 200$ on my shopping cart in Lt Packs, Monster Packs, The campaign book that gives a separate campaign for the base box, as well as the Trollfens small box. But there will be no plot this time around as I'm just figuring it out ... next time there will be however So far I've bought 1 webtrap that seems pretty awesome spell.... they are saving up for larger upgrades... which they will have after this ... so that should be interesting.