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  1. I have no problem with doing that MILLANDSON, it's just that I don't see a errata thread for Battlefleet Koronus.
  2. Possible error/typo - Rak'Gol Mangler Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2, Keel 1, Prow 1 Supplemental Components - 2 Prow Howler Cannons (surely these should be dorsal?) Prow Roarer Beam Keel Landing Bay
  3. All the best for when you get the new copy.
  4. Fortinbras said: George Labour said: 2) Rules, or at least a clarification, of how to acquire an already built ship. 1d100-the SP cost < PF? Essential components are factored into the ship cost already and supplemental components are added SP? You realise that your equation makes success pretty easy? i.e. SP 30 PF 50 d100 roll = 40 40 - 30 = 10 < PF = success A more challenging formula would be PF - SP < d100 50 - 30 = 20 so only rolls of 20 or less on a d100 would succeed. A much more suitable chance for something as hard to come by as an entire functional ship...
  5. Gantz the slaughterer said: astartes combat blade 1d10+14 astartes chainsword 1d10+14 these stat are correct???? i found this in the chaos space marine wargear on pg363 They are incorrect - the base stats are (p154) astartes combat blade 1d10+2 pen 2 astartes chainsword 1d10+3 pen 4 So for a CSM with SB it would be - Choas combat blade 1d10+16 pen 2 Chaos chainsword 1d10+17 pen 4 (according to the stats on p363)
  6. JasonMarker said: Okay, y'all. Here's the first in a series of podcasts relating to After the Gold Rush. We can't actually get real-time play recordings because, well, we suck. This'll have to do. Enjoy. After the Gold Rush Link seems to be dead...
  7. Peacekeeper_b said: ZillaPrime said: Boss Nadsmasha iz kunnin, 'e iz! 'E gotz tha umie doks tat...tat....PAINTIN' 'is trigga finga red so wot 'e getz shootier an wotzat! WAAAAAAAAAAGH! That is an ork. If you are expecting haiku and civilized discussion of the subtle complexity of different teas then you clearly have not been paying attention. Crappy BS is just fine: The important part is that there is a loud exciting whooshy-bangety sound, preferably with a big explosion too! Dubious WILL backed up with a healthy dose of talents and traits that grant bonuses under certain situations (and outright immunity in some cases!) is likewise appropriate to an Ork, since they are stubborn and single minded to shockingly inappropriate degrees but..... Oooh! Shiny! FEL is for wussy 'umies. I iz bigga, so I'z da boss! Seneshal training? Why? Ow ard iz it ta' kount teef? One, two, free, lotz.... youse see? An if yer needin' more teef an whatnot, just gobsmak dem an getz more teef, see? 'Umie-Dok (Medicae) trainin' is fer wimpy 'Umies. Gotz an arm off? Jus' git a powah-riveta from tha stuffy git in tha ere-we-go-red robe an' makes it go bang-bang-bang til tha arm stopz fallin' off, den getz bak ta' krumpin'! Also, low stats are not necissarily a BAD thing if they are appropriately low. Nor is it always a disadvantage if you set the conditions well enough. Want to make good use of an Ork crewman in social brinksmanship? It can be done! Say you have a rival that is up to something that requires some sort of alliance with you, but you are more interested in putting them off their game for a while. You agree to the initial proposal to meet up and discuss terms for the proposal, but since you are unavoidably tied up in prior obligations you will be sending a member of your entourage ahead to begin laying the groundwork for the deal. If your rival's House can provide suitable hospitality to your servant until you can arrive to formalize the details it would go along way to solidifying your favour, or so your missive strongly implies. Now stuff your Ork crewman into whatever passes for finery that you can drape around their brutish frame and send your "envoy" on his way... Chances are good that your rival is now deeply offended and making decisions out of anger instead of with a clear head or they sucked up their pride and dignity to play "gracious host" to an Ork (with all the social damage that goes hand-in-hand with such absurdity when word gets out!). Either way, you come out ahead! If you are not laughing while reading this you need to not play an ork. Or the ork envoy disembarks and is gunned down by a squad of surprised guards. They had better be guards with good weapons... or they will just annoy the ork. Plus I really wanted an excuse to attack my rival...
  8. Gantz the slaughterer said: so, for my SW Assault...... i remove the wing of angel or wrathfull descend, and pilot (my SW don't use the jump pack) with the 1.000xp plus a bonus from the romeved ability aftermentioned i gave him... the couter attack (500xp) from chapter advance, also the hardy (400) and sound constitution (500)....for skill I add survival (300).... i raise the WS, STR, AGI by five point (600xp) what do you think about? Why doesn't your Space Wolf use the jump pack? As an assault marine he will have been previously trained to use them (Sky claws) therefore you can't really sell the skills just because you want to...
  9. Grots stats would probably be 2d10 -5...
  10. Your GM also seems to have forgotten (as did you) about vertical leaps... from a standstill a Hive Tyrant can jump 3.6m... a running vertical jump would be 12.6 odd meters assuming the HT makes its agility test... All of which means it could essentially have just popped back up the hole it came down through.
  11. Maybe this is why Astartes weapons do more damage... www.ultramarinesthemovie.com/news
  12. Great work Dave Can't wait to see some more if you get the time
  13. Look at the box out on page 59 of the big rule book... should answer the question.
  14. Ah so it has changed... I see that the Daemon Prince has TB 12 rather than 16... should have looked more closely...
  15. KommissarK said: As per daemonic trait on p 130, holy damage vs. a daemon ignores the TB bonus that daemonic gives. One example here, the daemon prince listed on p 362 has both daemonic, and unnat toughness, and a printed TB 12 (base of 4). This is en example of stacking multipliers. The holy damage would lower its multiplier by one, but would not ignore its unnat toughness, for a total TB of 8. Are you sure that Unnatural Toughness and Daemonic (TB 4) gives a total of TB (4 x 3) 12 rather than ((4 x 2) x2) 16? I think I have seen that mentioned in other threads (and the creatures anthema?) And surely the daemon on p 362 should be Daemonic (2) since the rule states that you multiply the value by the number in parentheses after the trait...
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