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  1. So I am working on my painting...but I'm getting anxious to play. Does anyone know of a good order to do the painting in so that I can start playing before I finish all the figs, but minimize the likelyhood of playing something unpainted? Would love to hear things like, "the troll never shows up before the 3rd game," or "the first game is always the goblin archers." Any insite? Thanks!
  2. talbot

    Captured AEmber

    Has anyone seen a way to move AEmber on your own creature to your identity card? Not sure if I missed it in the rules or if that is relegated to a action card somewhere. Or perhaps it's only there for your opponent to gain by killing the creature.
  3. Here's a two that came up last night: Can a Sacked character's attachments trigger? Specifically can I trigger Goblin Cleaver if it is attached to a Sacked character. I would think that the intent of the game seems to say no - but I suppose an argument can be made that the character isn't doing the triggering. Since my wife was getting frustrated after several losses to this deck we let it trigger. After that... End of the game approaches and success in sight. We have 2 cards left in the encounter deck. Troll Cave is the current location. We quest like mad; well enough to defeat the 5 threat that is already in the staging area already (3 times over in fact!) Problem is we stage the two cards and now the encounter deck is empty. Do we even finish resolving the last card? Or get to successfully finish questing and finish exploring Troll Cave? Roast Mutton 2B says Forced: If there are no Troll enemies left in play, or if there are no cards left in the encounter deck, advance to the next stage. Does the fact that we had a active location get in the way of the quest stage advancing? If not, what happens to a active location if the quest it is on advances? We look forward to your insights!
  4. Chris51261 said: There's always 3 copies of every card in Adventure Packs, so either you're missing one or it didn't get shipped. If the latter is the case, contact FFG and they'll send a replacement card. Thats what I thought - so I went through the pack a 3rd time and, yup, I'm a dummy. I stuck in in a sleeve with another cards. Cord - Description of Sword That Was Broken is at this link.
  5. Is there only supposed to be 2 copies of Sword that Was Broken in The Watcher in the Water? I'm sure hoping I didn't drop one between the couch cushions or something
  6. D'oh! Start in the corner of the dining room near the Master Bedroom - found it! Still curious on the other question though.
  7. Where are the investigators supposed to start? It doesn't seem to say. Also, in the Seed Cards section The Coat Room option 2A is supposed to get the Dark Room lock card. Should this be Trapped Door lock card? That seems to be the only one not accounted for. Thanks! C-
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