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  1. Ours is the Fury: Play only during a challenge in which you are the defending player. Action: Choose a kneeling [baratheon] character you control. That character is now participating as a defender. If you win this challenge, stand that character. Could you use this event to defend a challenge with a caracter that could not normally participate in that type of challenge? For example, could you defend an intrigue challenge with a kneeling Robert Baratheon? I believe that you can; the card seems pretty clear. I just want to make sure that I am not missing anything. Thanks.
  2. I have 3 core sets, but was considering picking up some neutral cards if anyone was selling. I like to put together many decks, so what I really want is things like rose roads. I may just use the older cards since I sleeve my cards and I don't need more than 4 tourney decks.
  3. I have only got to play a few games since I only just got the game and haven't play Night's Watch yet. I think theyt would be a hard factions to play by themselves, but could be stong using the agenda for another faction, There are several Night's Watch decks on cardgamedb.com; you might want to look at those. I guess there is a strong Baratheon Night's watch deck out there also.
  4. Milk of the Poppy Terminal. (If attached card leaves play, discard this attachment.) Treat attached character’s printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits) Are Gold modifiers part of the text box? Such as with Tywin Lannister. I belive they are, but wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the replies =) I have the original Descent box and one expansion for it so I will pick up the conversion kit. I will probably pick up the first expansion (Trollfens?) for the game if my group likes the campaign. I will check on new cards for the overlord (didn't realize that you could get them). It's we play regular, I will get more and try to go broke slowly =)
  6. I would like to run some players through the campaign, but I am wondering if I should get some expansions before starting. I can't spend too much (at least not all at once). Any suggestions?
  7. Looking at the galaxy map, there are a few routes between say Alderan and Coruscant. Do you actually have to make several jumps to get there? Or, do you just use them to get an idea of the travel time and/or difficulty and go from 1 place to another in 1 jump?
  8. I have a few questions after running and playing in several games. 1) At the end of each scene you are normally allowed a chance to recover strain. Can you recover strain with advantages at the end of a scene? The rules state that you recover 1 strain per success (but characters can normally recover strain with advantages on checks). Also can you recover strain on initiative checks? 2) Is making the jump to Hyperspace an action? Is there anything else that needs to be done after the astrogation check? 3) Can you render unconscious NPCs (that don't have strain) with stun damage?
  9. Going to play in the big tourney at GenCon. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play for about 2 months. I am under no illusion that I am going stomped hard at GenCon. Does anyone have some good suggestions for fun (easy to play) decks? I have 3x everything and have played all factions. I have no idea what most people are going to bring, except that C&C might have a big impact (seems like a lot of good cards). I am looking at a fast criminal deck, but not sure what I will bring for corp. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
  10. I can't wait to get my hands on this as a GM. This is going to add so much more stuff (aliens, ships, weapons, careers) to add to our campaigns. Plus we get a great look at where they are heading in the future.
  11. Just making sure if this is correct. The initial obligation all players get do not provide any xp or money for the characters. As far as I can tell from reading, only characters accepting additional obligation beyond this get any experience or credits to add to character creation. I also wanted to ask about starting obligation for players in game with only a few players. Lets say each player gets 20 starting obligation and someone rolls addiction. As a GM, I would be hesitant to make this as severe as a normal 20 point obligation. Maybe like a normal 10 point addition, but just occurring more frequently. Does that make sense? Alternatively, players could roll (or choose) an obligation for each 10 points of starting obligation.
  12. Does anyone have any thoughts/guidelines on when and how often to use the dark side points as a GM? I don't mind the players using them how they see fit, but I dont want to use them as a GM all the time. I was thinking of using them only for important NPCs or for when it was important for the story line. I think if I used them too much, they could end up feeling like a gimiky mechanic or certain players might feel picked on. The only problem would be if I don't use them often, the players may get shafted out of using them for talents. I was considering eliminating them from the pool when PC's use them and turning them light side when I use them. This would limit the uses during a session, but should give the players a slight advantage. How have they been working in your games?
  13. Have a question about these two cards. Accelerated Beta Test - When you score Accelerated Beta Test, you may look at the top 3 cards of R&D. If any of those cards are ice, you may install and rez them, ignoring all costs. Trash the rest of the cards you looked at. Noise - Whenever you install a virus program, the Corp trashes the top card of R&D. Do cards trashed by these affects get put into the corps dicard pile (Archives) face-up or face-down. Can't figure it out by the rule-book. Thanks.
  14. The tourney starts at 11am on Thursday. The 1st opportunity to buy the game (AFAIK) is 10am at the FFG booth. I am not sure how we can get through the FFG booth and get to the tourney on time. Getting through the FFG booth might take considerable time since I believe it's gonna be packed with everyone trying to get X-Wing and Netrunner and all the other fine products we are waiting for. It could take more than an hour just picking up the game. I am not sure if the rules are going to be published before Gencon. Experience required states: "Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)." I am guessing that not knowing the rules will not be a problem, but not sure. It would be nice if this tourney is not filled up with playtesters on one side and clueless newbies (like myself) on the other. Hopefully rules will be available and/or tons of grace will be extended to new players. I have signed up for a Saturday game and might still sign up for this one if I can get there on Thursday (hopefully). Anyway, very excited about this game and will see you guys there.
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