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  1. Graver said: Rogue Trader pg 184 should be able to help you out a lot. While it doesn't deal with exact distances (what in the warp is ever exact anyway?), it gives good guidelines which you can work from. When dealing with time and distance between planets, there are several major factors to consider. First and foremost is the condition of the warp between those two points. If it is turbulent with few or no stable warp routes, then the two points could be considered to be extremely far apart and dangerous to get to while two points which are connected by a calm, stable, and well travelled warp rout with little between the two can be considered to be close to one another. Second is, for travel, whether the ship has a Navis Noblite Navigator or whether it relies strictly on charts (Chartist ship). In the case of the former, travel would be far quicker as the ship would be able to stay in the warp far longer and be able to avoid perils and hazards (like storms, calms, and coalesced unreality reefs) which would slow travel considerably. The latter case would have to drop out of warp periodically and spend time reassessing its location before jumping back in and while in the warp could get mired on all forms of warp "debris". So, how long dose it take to get from Sepherus Secondus to Scintilla? It all depends. By default, for a ship with a navigator, I would say 1-5 days warp-side. They are two systems in the same subsector connected by a well travelled rout. Since the default time dilation in "open" warp is a factor of 12 but can go as low as a factor of 1 in the most calm and well travelled places of the warp I would put the time dilation on the Golgenna Triangle at a 3 (it's well travelled and very predictable, but the Calixus sector is still the backwater of the galaxy... those 2's and 1's should be saved for somewhere with older and more travelled routes). So, while it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days warp-side, anywhere from 3-15 days would pass real-side. For the same question but with a ship without a navigator, I have ruled in the past for simplicities sake that it takes such ships about 10 times as long to get where they need to go (because multiplying by 10 is just fast and easy). So, for a Chartist vessel, it would take 10-50 days jumping in and out of the warp while a total of 30 - 150 days pass by in real-time. The same trip not using the warp for any vessel (as having a navigator or not wouldn't matter) would take roughly way too damned long to matter at all except to maybe your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren who would have to pilot the vessel in to it's destination. As communications go, yes, there is a communications delay. This is covered in Rogue Trader pg 162 under Astrotelepathy. It takes 1d5 hrs to initially send a message and then, assuming good warp conditions, takes roughly moments to cross a solar system, hours to cross a sub sector, and days to cross a sector,... What a freakin great response! You know, it was stupid of me to assume the distance from system to system was even possible in a characters lifetime. Which means that warp travel is how they get from planet to planet and in that case its mostly subjective, while there are some fairly reliable dates to go by - both of which you pointed out. Thanks to everyone, you all answered my question perfectly, cheers!
  2. Ok, so I am running a Dark Heresy (warhammer 40k rpg) in a non-inquisition based game. Which is going fine, in most all areas save one - both Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader seemed to have forgotten to put one major map detail in their games... I have no idea how far apart planets are How long does it take to get from Sephereus Secundus to Scintilla (from any planet to any other planet for that matter)? Using the warp? Using regular non-warp travel? Is there a communications delay? Has anyone ever tried to run a campaign where time matters? or does everyone just skip to "You arrive at planet x' ??
  3. You know I have to say that i am quite pleased it is set to release in early 2012. I just started buying Descent 1st ed and its nice to know 5 months ahead of time that a new edition is coming. That way i have plenty of time to decide on whether to buy the old edition expansions or to just take a break and save up for the new edition. It at least gives me time to get some use out of the old edition too.
  4. Iorveth said: 2) The immaterial has become material. What I refer to is the fact that Representatives and Promissory Notes have, in our experience, stolen part of the limelight that previously belonged to traditional politics. As I and one other in our gaming group are both studying International Law and Politics, and the entire group being interested in politics to some extent, we might be somewhat damaged and hardly proper 'judges' for what works and what doesn't work the 'average' (for lack of a better word) gamer. However, we feel politics has degenerated into sending Reps and exchanging some Promissory Notes - in itself a lengthy process - rather than relying on traditional concepts such as faith in each other, betrayal, reprecussions for breaking agreements and alliances etc. etc... Basically, it isn't even resembling political bargaining any more. Now you're just exchanging binding contracts that cannot be broken. And to us, that is pretty anathema to what politics is about. No more Hitler saying "yah, well, um... I'm not really gonna do something in Poland. Keep appeasing, Chamberlain!" because Chamberlain would fish for a promissory note which Hitler would either give or face war. Reps and ProNotes removes alot of nuances from the political aspect of the game, at least that is our experience. And we enjoyed the political aspect and developed a bit on it. Here is where you lose me. How does a Promissory note prevent a person whose votes you just garnered, from turning around and backstabbing you via war or the next political phase? They do not. All the notes require is that you vote as that person determines - nothing more. Faith in your ally and alliance treaties is just as ethereal as they ever were and are in no way affected by the notes or representatives. If you are obeying a treaty just because of the threat of a promissory note of yours another player is holding, then you are artificially preventing game play – not the cards. In addition, a person having a spy kill off all of someone’s councilors may not have any effect on the vote if the player with the spy has exhausted all of his planets by the time voting comes around. So again, the political phase can be changed simply by when the assembly card is played. This is not including action card effects or racial special abilities which can all change the effect of the assembly card (such as the action card that disallows representatives that voting session). @Curator: I do believe there is a special hell for people like you But seriously, thanks for the comments!
  5. Hey there all. I am glad to hear all the different ideas and play styles people have with the game. In fact its amazing how different groups of people play this game. For example. Many of you mention issues with Dreads and how Warsuns are just better overall - especially with the new tech. However in our group, we fight over Objectives so much that by the time anyone has a warsun, even if they are grabbing the tech card often - most players are at 7 or more victory points and we are down to the last few moves that will determine the winner of the game. The politics section has been a HUGE success in my group. Having multiple political agendas to pick from is nice, and the representatives add a fun quirk to an otherwise simple vote session. Block votes should not happen if you are using Concessions properly. Getting a free victory point from someone is way better than some law sometimes. And there are councilors that gain you anything from ships to trade goods based on how you vote. With 6 players the Political card is the phase we look forward to most each game turn. We house rule nothing other than laying out the space/planet tiles in an asthetic manner rather than random by each player taking it in turns, and the game plays great. Far be it from me to tell anyone here how to have fun from the game. But non of the rules questions you mentioned came up in our games, nor did we have issues with dreads being useless or any ship being over powered. Mercs are fun and the new mechanized units make ground battles feel a bit more filled out. I dunno, I just feel like this was a huge success of a expansion that made the game better than ever, but maybe its just due to how we play the game. We have had LOTS of practice and played LOTS of TI3 games so that by the time each expansion came out, our games ran quick and smooth and rules were rarely an issue. (This coming from Warhammer 40k players who deal with vague/odd/conflicting rules weekly ) My suggestion to players having issues here and there with the game is to play a few more times, play to the Objectives more and Tech less and try races you have never played before. And for those of you who love the feeling of wide open space to maneuver in - try using less planets and more empty space/hazard cards (even if you have to flip some over and use the "red space" side) - it's fun to actually have to traverse long distances in space. Cheers!
  6. Wow, just wow. We got our copy of the expansion last week and it fulfills every little aspect we were hoping it would. Just an amazing amount of fun packed into it. From the new ground units that make planetary battled a bit more varied, to the changed in my favourite area, politics by adding representatives. New planets, races tiles, all so amazing!!! Thanks FF for remembering you TI players and releasing such a awesome espansion. I can not honestly remember the last time i had so much fun with a board game. Will there be more of these in the future or is this 3rd editions last hurrah ?
  7. Thanks guys. I was going to play a Dark Angel who has encountered the Fallen before he was told about them. So they sent him off to the Deathwatch to "watch" him and contemplate bringing him into the inner fold or not. If he dies in the Deathwatch they have an answer, if he does not, and he returns(which is why i was asking) then they might find him worthy. How do you guys deal with "down time" in your deathwatch games? While waiting for a ship to take us on mission warp currents make the ship take longer to get to us - what would a marine do in the meantime (besides pray and train) especially if there are no true "space marine" facilitiys on this planet?
  8. Are deathwatch Marines on "loan" to the Deathwatch? Will they ever (should they live long enough) go back to their chapter? Or are they in the Deathwatch for life?
  9. Wow, great artwork on the info page guys! Is there going to be some cool high res desktops we can get out of those?
  10. Thomas said: Hi Renfield - we have been talking about creating a "character sheet" print. I guess it all boils down to "ambition" and where it should be used. Currently the print from the front page is targeted mainly at GMs and their needs. Question: Would you want to use the "web-page print" as your character sheet during play? Thomas Well as for ambition, i totally understand that But know that due to the border and layout you have for the first tab page in the character builder, you seem to have 90% of the work done.. it seems like a bit of a copy paste job, with altering some of the field to simply be fore display for player use and leaving off some of the advance track and other info. Really its quite nice, and when i printed it it looked just about right for use as a player. So While i dont know how everyone elses web print worked out for that page, but at 75% the page looked fantastic with only a few tweaks needed. Really well done guys well done. P.S. Will you do updates for background and histories from the Radicals handbook? Will you add the faith powers for battle sisters? Did I miss it or do you still have to add the Emperors Tarot? Can you make a Storyteller / GM monster creator for all the creatures in Creatures Anathema and some of the modules?
  11. I am just being an idiot here, but is there a print option for these sheets? or do we just have to print the web page? never mind i found it, i just had to go back ok second edit: I printed the web page, and using firefox got a great snapshot of the Overview page of the character creator, looks awesome. In fact, scaling down to 75% made it look better than the regular print out. As i got the cool border and such. if you guys could just make a 5th tab on the character generator that uses the boarder and background from the generator to make a nicely presented character sheet that would be best, cheers!
  12. Now that I am putting together a DH game I really appriciate you putting this log of info up even more so! If you have others like this in the future I cant wait to read them, cheers!
  13. So my understanding is this: #1 wanted is Calixis sector info (subsectors, organizations, planets etc etc ) #2 internal Inquisition book (how they work from the inside, departments, deployment, personnel, purtian equipments and ruels nd regulations to define a puritan and locations and details and names or puritans and radicals and how they interact and maybe some sub plots to add drama.) #3 Adeptus Mechanicus book on all things Mechanicus (from hwo technology works in 40k, to who maintains it, to how the AdMech deploys its members and where they get stationed at, what they do to keep up on eqipment, training, requisitioning, R&D and so on, etc etc)
  14. Sure! A Puritans book is fine by me too. But my vote, were it to matter, would be for "Scintilla by Night" so to speak. and a seperate Adeptus Mechanicus book
  15. Nice list! Its great to find such resources from other storytellers. A list of this kinda stuff for general atmosphere npcs and info giving npcs if a good idea too.
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