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  1. We vary the setup and variants based on the experience of players and the amount of time we have or number of games we'd like to play. I can say that we really like the Space Stations along with the alternate victory condition (own 5 stations) in larger games.
  2. There is a lot more activity on the BoardGameGeek forum.
  3. I think I'm missing something here. Which supplement was the 5th set (you refer to it as the GM set) put in? I'm pretty sure I only have four sets of basic actions and I have everything except the GM Vault and Player Vault.
  4. Yes they're henchman and they each have wounds equal to an ungor's toughness but share one pool. The Blunderbuss is awesomely powerful.
  5. I was just notified to expect this as a "Late April" release.
  6. What version of Double Strike were you using?
  7. Signatures are so small here: http://whchronicles.wordpress.com
  8. Some notes on "Day Late" for you: 1) Vaerun should have a specialization. I suggest Diplomacy. 2) Kurgi should have Discipline trained. 3) Double strike is not as good errata'd as it was when this scenario was made and can make the combat bit difficult. I suggest you change his dual axes to a great axe and switch "Double Strike" to "Reckless Cleave" -crasher
  9. There is no "Adventurer's Vault". The Player Vault does not include any of the items from the Adventurer's Toolkit.
  10. Right, locations and adventure effects. Also,there are some good "free form" chaos star effects like "your weapon" or "lose a maneuver". I think the intention here is to make miscasts additional negative effects instead of having them limit the effects since you keep drawing miscasts till you "use up" all the extra stars, potentially meaning that Wizard's would never trigger other effects without this rule.
  11. You are correct that Chaos stars are used up on the action first then miscasts. What I was referring to was the line: "Chaos Stars that fuel miscast results remain available to trigger eviromental or other Chaos Star effects."
  12. My bad. Page 50 of the GM's guide says: "Furthermore, when an NPC or monster uses a special action that has a recharge rating, that action cannot be used by other enemies that share access to that action until all the recharge tokens have been removed. Remember, the GM removes on token from every enemy action or card that is currently recharging at the end of every round during an encounter."
  13. Ulairi said: There are all sorts of way to play role-playing games. Shared "story telling" is a apart but I bet my idea of story telling is quite different than yours. I don't like game narratives, I think most narratives are terribly designed and written by people who would rather be writing their own science fiction novel. I like a plot but really I like the story to be about how the players rolled back to back critical hits to kill the bad guy right before they died. That's the story I enjoyed. When I hear people talk about "narrative" games and ignoring the idea of treasure and things I get weary. I guess I'm a hack jockey but I don't like sitting around and pretending we are other people in this fantasy world. The world exists for our avatars to explore and have adventure in. I appreciate that real roleplaying games where you play the role of someone else aren't for everyone. With that said, the game you're looking for is Warhammer Quest. It's a hack and slash dungeon crawl that has persistent characters and a decent campaign system. Unfortunately it's long out of print but the cost should be on par with WFRP3.
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