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  1. A printer-friendly version of the new sheet would be great. Not that I don't like the look, but I'd rather not burn through 1/3rd of my ink printing character sheets all because of background color.
  2. Hey, I would like to preface this by saying that I have not read every single post in this thread, nor do I intend to. If what I suggest has already been mentioned, please feel free to disregard this post in its entirety. In any case, back on topic. I had the same problem as you, in that I could not understand how a character's body could offer the same, or in some cases more protection than armor. I have applied a very simple solution. Apply the leftover AP from an attack to the TB of the target as well. Why would a round meant to punch through thick armor plating not absolutely destroy any soft tissue it impacts? Sure, you could say that the round, being designed to penetrate armor, punches a neat little hole in the target rather than doing excess tissue damage. However, I have to point out that a small, perfect hole in your brain, heart, ect is still a friggin' HOLE in something important. I dont care how 'tough' you are, a hole in the vitals, jagged, clean, or otherwise, is still a problem. That's how I handled the issue. It really made my characters appreciate their armor more, instead of dumping all their XP into available Toughness advances before anything else. Hope that helps. TL;DR - Leftover AP from any and all attacks is applied to TB as well. Makes armor that much more important. ~Kon
  3. Because they're friggin' awesome, that's why! But seriously, the book does allude to the blade having a will of its own, but it doesn't communicate in any way other than humming, from what I recall. That sounds very much like your standard force weapon to me. Perhaps all Cartheans are psychically active in a minor way. Seems plausible to me.
  4. Use Mook rules. Throw a few more enemies at the party to make it seem like even resistence. Only give Higher ranking enemies/bosses full wound amounts. Speeds up combat immensly and lets the players feel totally cool.
  5. If you dont feel that combat is lethal enough, you can have a weapon's AP apply to TB too. It doesn't seem like much at first, but once bolt/plasma/melta weapons come into rotation you'll see the difference. Seems a bit more in keeping with the gritty feel of Dark Heresy. It also streamlines the math you have to do for mooks.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I suppose the '1/2 leftover pen applies to TB' is somewhat of a fix. I guess I just cant wrap my mind around the idea of Toughness being a better defense than armor. 'The las bolt tears through your flak armor, but dissipates when it strikes your rippling pectorals!' Oh well, thanks for clarifying for me!
  7. Thanks for the reply, Graver! Interesting. That makes those Unnatural Toughness Xenos a tremendous threat. If I recall, Imperial Guard have taken on Orks and given as well as they got. Seems hardly plausible given that IG have Las weapons and Orks have 8 TB not counting armor. Also, considering the highest armor rating i've seen thus far is 8 and some weapons have 10 AP or more, seems kind of silly that it wouldn't affect toughness bonus. I just dont see how flesh can stand up to plasma better than ceramite. Is that the official stance on the issue?
  8. I'm sure this has already been brought up, and I did do a search and couldn't find anything. Does a weapon's AP count against toughness bonus? I would think it does, because if it can blast through metal/ceramite then flesh probably wont stand much more of a chance. However, I cant find anything official on the issue. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well, in my opinion, called shots are already worth the negatives because you get to specifically target an un-armored location on the target's body. Bypassing armor is more valuable than most people give it credit for. Very helpful when you're facing a bounty-hunter in power armor up to his neck. Or maybe you need to stop a fleeing enemy from running to interrogate him for info, sounds like time for a called shot to the leg to me. Besides, not every shot to the head is lethal. Sometimes it just blows through your cheek. Very nasty looking, and I bet it hurts like hell, but it's not going to kill you. This is not a first person shooter, headshots shouldn't be one shot kills everytime. The only way I could justify giving extra damage on a headshot is by increasing the BS penalty to line up a deadly headshot, rather than one that slams into the jawbone and skitters off. Just my thoughts.
  10. Well, if you where to do that, i'd add the unreliable and toxic traits to the heavy flamer, as well as increasing the reload time by 1 full action to reflect the jury-rigged nature of such a weapon. I'm a big fan of the quick and dirty school of design.
  11. It really boils down to if you want to give that much power over the group to one person, and if your group is mature enough to handle a de-facto leader that they take orders from other than their Inquisitor. In my experience, giving one character 'rank' over the others comes off as favoritism and breeds inter-party conflict. This may greatly enhance your game with new roleplaying opportunities, or it may backfire and do exactly the opposite. Hope that helps.
  12. You are correct, good sir. I only briefly skimmed that entry on my pass through the book and didn't see the range on it. I mistook it for more of a mace/pepper spray type weapon. I liked the flavor so attempted to make a bigger version. Thanks for pointing that out to me!
  13. Flamers are always good for the 'OH SNAPS' factor. Though I find the more exotic flamer-type weapons to be more fun. Something like this, for instance. Volg Flesh Boiler The Volg flesh boiler originated as a handmade jury-rigged weapon common in the hands of underhive gangers. Promethium is a rare fuel source, and as such is very hard to get a hold of. Volg is a place, where many of the most common substances are the most lethal. Ganger techs have discovered that by mixing a hodgepodge of corrosive or otherwise nefarious substances, they can refill their flamers with a liquid similar to promethium but with very different effects. Instead of setting the target ablaze, they drench them in a corrosive liquid that boils and disfigures the skin, while causing intense pain and mental trauma as the victim watches his flesh sizzle, bubble, and slough off in sickening gobs. The Inquisition has found this weapon to be a very effective form of intimidation and has adopted it into their arsenal. Class: Exotic Range: 20m RoF: S/-/- Damage: 1d10+2 Pen: 2 Reload: 2 full Special: Flame, Toxic
  14. From what I understand, the Warp doesn't care where you are or if you have ninja reflexes. If the Psyker can control the warp well enough to manifest the intended effect, then it's already been determined that it's going to hit you. You just cant dodge the warp. Besides, if the powers where dodgeable, it would say it somewhere in the rulebook, and it doesn't. None of the examples of dodgeable attacks anywhere in the book have psychic powers listed or described. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. However, that's just my take on it. ~Kon
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