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  1. Hi, depends on the ship points you have but I would agree Frigates are a good start point and go for Sunsear Laser Battery so you can hit at range and then something else to pummel them at closer distances. Liam
  2. The information is similar. Where the differences are in the Ranged and Melee Weapons tables because different weapons are listed, there are some additional Combat actions. Combat Difficulty summary is almost identical. It also lists the extended actions available when engaged in space combat. Armour table is different due to the different armour available in Rogue Trader. Crit tables are on different pages in the rulebook. All other info is the same though they have repositioned some of it. I am using the Dark Heresy Screen running Rogue Trader. The art is fab. I have printed out the Ranged and Melee weapon tables from the rulebook anyway. Not having any problems Liam
  3. Yes, very pleased to see signs of life for Midnight. I have all that was available in print. A big shout to against the shadow for keeping it alive though I mainly lurk over there. Here's hoping some new stuff is forthcoming, ideally not WFRP3 style.
  4. Cam I suggest a thread hijack about recommending good beer. Dear Lord, if you want female SM have them, if you don't, don't, it's your game and your mates/partners. By the way I like Guinness
  5. Fabs said: Actually, here in the UK, I got my copy of the Core set for £36. I think someone made a boo-boo, and it's gone back up now. But just goes to show, it's worth keeping your eyes open. Someone definitely made a boo boo. Nice catch
  6. Fair point there Fabs, guess I'd always want whatever Chaos material was available. Ah the Enemy Within, it all went wrong at Bogenhafen!
  7. commoner said: Lastly, many will comment to you that the cost is inflated, it seems, but you can easily play this game for a long time off the core. Additionally, though some claim you need the expansions to "fully" play the game, I typically argue you don't. The core is a complete game, honestly. Each expansion only adds new flavor, more detail, more options, but the core set gives you exactly that: the most traditional and typical play choices of any game, not just warhammer...from the spells offered to the actions and career options. The other expansions are fantastic and wanting all that nifty flavor and options I bought every expansion. I do not regret buying one of them, but overall they have not dramatically changed what, how, or character choices. Most of what we play with (in terms of characters and character cards) came in the core and most action cards, talents to this day still come from that core. True, the impending magic expansion will be nice, all the expansions were good...but under no circumstances needed. I would, as a fan of Warhammer since the 80's, say that Winds of Magic is pretty much essential. According to the site (8th April) it says "For the GM, The Winds of Magic also introduces the Ruinous Power Tzeentch, his daemonic minions, and insights into the Great Conspirator’s fiendish schemes." The Chaos powers are fundamental to the setting. Yes, you can play without it but you are missing out on a chunk of the setting. Yes I would agree that the other supplements add to the game (more options etc) but aren't essential. So I'd say $150 minimum outlay (granted less if purchased online), the other supplements optional. To me an expensive game. I am not saying don't buy it, I am saying get the buy in from your players so you play it enough to warrant the outlay @ commoner. Not trying to have a go at you. The rest of your post is informative and sound, I just think you need Tzeentch in the mix
  8. I would suggest checking out the cost of supplements as well. My big concern for this edition is that it is going to be a very expensive rpg. Yes you can save money buying online but that doesn't help your local game store (if you have one). Core Set RRP $99.99, Winds of Magic (which I think will be a must have) $49.99. Unless you know you gonna be running sustained campaigns or at least running regularly, it will prove expensive
  9. Hangman said: Olemak said: What are the little blades on her belt? They look a bit like assorted skinning knifes. I assume they would not have any function in combat, but perhaps a religious/ritual use? Does she flay her opponents after defeating them? Torture my dear friend for cutting trophy, mutulating them and curving smarks on their bodies. Nasty suff The spikey one is a sybol, cant remember what it means, but I took it from the army book... Very nice picture and your text explanation makes it all the better
  10. LeBlanc13 said: Plus, I've never gotten to play an arbitrator yet. That career is really appealing to me, but my cleric just won't die.... not that I'm trying to get him killed either. Currently playing an arbitrator as my Sister of Battle most certainly did die .. I wasn't trying. I reckon DH will remain our primary game. The guy running the game also has Rogue Trader, he's using some ship stuff out of that but DH remains the focus. Primarily see Deathwatch as short sharp shocks, he may have different ideas mind.
  11. I would be inclined to keep the Space Marines male. Now what the forces of Chaos get up to. The heresy of a female Chaos Space Marine should suitably raise the hackles of good Emperor fearing Space marines. Obviously it just a game, play it the way you want, that's just my tuppence.
  12. DJBoomshadow said: The better Midnight Chronicles sells directly increases the possibility of more Midnight films. We would absolutely love to make more films. It's too early to say more than that right now. OK 6 months down the line, have things improved for ye re making more? Thanks for replying last time, it was slack of me not to thank at the time.
  13. LeBlanc13 said: I had no idea about this movie. When was it released. It was released last year, I think filming was done during the previous couple of years
  14. In truth it was designed as a pilot for a potential TV series. I guess as nobody initially signed it up for a series they went down the DVD/digital download route. The depth of the setting would well suite a series. This will entirely depend on how well the film has done/is doing. I hope there will be more but bearing in mind how ruthless TV is (cancellation of shows like Firefly for example), it is bean counters who make decisions like that
  15. Indeed as Ludyee has confirmed it is the same. I prefer to give a slightly longer answer specifically regards the RPG Yes released under 3.5 OGL Midnight 2nd edition was released. Support continued until 2007. A gritty campaign, more so than the Forgotten Realms, Eberron etc (interestingly Wizards are to re-release Dark Sun which was a gritty setting) so I guess depends on what style of game you want to play. Very well written with good atmosphere. The world is fleshed out really well. You only get a snapshot of that in the film. There is a wealth of material that could be mined if they get to make more films or a TV series.
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