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  1. I love the new expansion, it utilizes every role and every viper on the board. the only problem i have is not giving the raptors a more prominent use, even in the show they are given rocket launchers for combat. I'm thinking about making a house rule for the raptors; the engineer repair card can not only be used to build mark VII's, but can also build combat ready raptors. Since, in the show, they were capable of shooting nothing but rocket (or nukes) i would like to emulate that by giving the raptors the ability to damage basestars ( and possibly two raiders at once, but that's still a maybe) if anyone has any ideas they'd like to contribute to this idea (sorry for being reptetive), I'm all ears.
  2. this might be the wrong thread to mention this (don't really know if there's a thread regarding this), but an expansion of galactica going o earth would be awesome, but maybe a separate spin-off game focusing on the combat played out between the galactica and the Cylon mothership thingy (sorry, don' know the cylon's main base's name). Probably an irrelevant suggestion, but i remember reading something about corey (the creator) coming up with an awesome dog fight mechanic that he almost used in pegasus, but was withdawn due to it veering off of the games main mechanics The game could simply be a two player game (one human, other, cylons) and play out the final battle, but play it out different than what the show did. have space battles between vipers and raids then progress on to a ground battle when the galacticacrashes into the super basestar (or whatever the name was). maybe if the cylon's do an amazing job at repel galactica to the point of completely destroying and never getting to the ground battle or something (just making it up as i go). Like i said, probably the wrong thread to post this, but just a thought...
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