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  1. CaptainRook said: Leisure Games said: Just to correct some points which have been made. Leisure Games has not entered into any agreement with FFG regarding the Kessel Run kits, so we are not proposing to break any agreement, and so 'fraud' is an extremely strong word to use, and I do not like it being associated with Leisure Games. Please do not use it unless someone points out how this is fraudulent. We, the same as all other retailers, are paying for the single kit that we are allowed to buy. They are not free promotional items. Our intention has never been to keep for ourselves these miniatures which we are buying. What we do intend to do is to get more people playing the game and previewing the new ships. We thought, and still do think, that the main objective of this event should be to get more people enjoying the game rather than focussing on getting free stuff. Also to correct a slight misunderstanding, what we said is that we plan to award the miniatures after the second event. Maybe we did not make it clear enough that the winner of each event would receive a prize. Somebody suggested that we are doing this to make more money. The miniatures will not be available to buy at the time of the tournaments, so we will not be making any money that way. We are not charging any entry fee, so we will not be making any money that way. We will be providing the kits, the venue (with lighting and heating) and the staff to oversee the events. We do of course hope that it will strengthen the local gaming community, and the awareness of this game, which hopefully in the long run will make us some return on this. We are, after all, a business trying to survive and pay our staff's wages. If Fantasy Flight don't like this plan I am sure they will contact me and we can discuss it. Whatever your intentions are to 'grow the community', you've already annoyed at least one player by not participating in the prescribed manner. So, I fail to see how diverting from the advertised event's format is in any way beneficial. Expectations have been formed by FFG, and by diverging from that, you are doing more damage than good. I would personally advise that you stick to the program. it may not be a written agreement, but surely there would be some conditions that go along with ordering one of the 'Kessel Run' Packs that the pack is used in the final round of the tournament and that the winner will have 1st pick at one of the ships in that pack and the next 3 positions will be able to pick a ship each. With the final two going to the organizer rather than having two tournaments with the winner of the 1st day getting some other prize. If that was the case I'd only turn up on the 2nd day as should I enter a tournament and find I could not win on that day what was publicized as being the prize I would be massively p'd off. You may not want to focus on the free stuff, but every one that has heard of the Kessel Run event will be focusing on the free stuff, and not to give it away at the 1st tournament will annoy people. Plus if multiple people will be using the new models in matches in both tournaments and people are a bit rough to win something that has been quite well manhandled may not sit well with people either. Why not charge an entry fee as well? The event I'm heading to (I don't live anywhere near london) is charging £5 which I think is pretty reasonable I have no idea how many people will turn up as you need a tournament legal squad to enter. if only 4 people turn up then I'm guaranteed a ship for a fiver (a win for me) and I get to meet some new people and it gets some revenue back to the shop as well, if many people turn up then it is a definite win for the shop and for all involved. I agree with CaptainRook that sticking with the prescribed program would be the best bet.
  2. Hi, are there any Netrunner's in the Nottingham area? If so would be it would be good to meet up.
  3. Hi, are there any players of X-Wing in the Nottingham/Derby area? If so care to arrange some games? Cheers Andy.
  4. Are there plans to release the dreamlands Cycle n the 60 card pack format? I hope so, as I would like to pick up a couple extra packs from the dreamlands but if they are going to be released I'd happily wait till they are. Cheers.
  5. Right, ok. that is something to try and remember. Thanks guys
  6. Does 'Cryptic Writings' whose text reads "Attach to a non-Ancient One character, Attached Character can not trigger it's effects", also affect other attachments on the same character? Say this is attached to a character who also has 'Shotgun' attached to it as well, can the owner of this character activate the ability on 'Shotgun'? Thanks Andy.
  7. Dear FFG, Can you please produce a printer friendly copy of the new faq? The flashy graphics one is nice, but a black and white one is prefered by me and my printer
  8. I also agree with what sigma posted and I really would not want to see much else added apart from more fate cards, as the deck would need to be larger than 30 cards for 6 players. As for new tiles 4 would be enough (to give an additional two tiles to each new player) plus the starting tiles, tho I would like to see an additional 2 or 3 tiles to increase the variation of the map, may be one that has quite alot of water on it. One major question tho regarding the new races, starting influence, would one start with none and the other 5 as the other options is to have 5 influence and 6 influence to start which does make them quite powerful (unless the tie-breaker rules were changed)
  9. Hi, What are other peoples thoughts on this, I was playing a couple of games against a friend who has his own set of CoC and also has a varied collection of asylum packs. He was playing his investigation deck of Agency/Miskatonic with 5 Alaskan Sledge Dogs (ASD). Now when you have 5 of these blighters on the table they each have 5 Combat and 6 skill which is quite a lot. This proved unbeatable my mono-faction Hastur deck which I could not get the low cards out early enough (Typical) and hence lost very quickly has I even though I could send them insane if he coupled a dog with a character with willpower and fight icons I had no chance (which he typically did), I accept the deck I was using was hastily created and I need to rethink it. However I feel for a 1 cost card they are far more powerful than the Aspiring Artist (which was banned from organized play) is there a good method of countering a deck that has a good number of these beasts? Also if an ASD is sent insane does it's bonuses still count towards the totals of the other ASD? as it says on the card "in play" technically it in play but not useable for 1 turn at least. Cheers.
  10. player673924


    Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding items. Can you use more than one item in a turn and do the bonuses stack? i.e you want to de-activate the missile launch. You have grog and the codes, you use both and get +7 is this correct? and You have 2 grog you use both incrementing your intoxication by 2 but get +6 to what ever you are trying to do? Thanks Andy.
  11. Thanks guys for the replies, again I had a little daemon in my mind telling me that I was missing something when all was good. That'll teach me to open a gate to Yog-Shoggoth
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I thought that was the case that only 5 artifact cards are used in any one game, but some niggling doubt entered my mind that 5 artifacts was not many at all. Thanks
  13. Hi. Another point I would like to clarify is that during the course of the game you only draw at maxium 5 of the Artifact Cards? As you only get an Draw a card on revealing an Alien Planet, this is correct yes? Andy.
  14. Hi, I have a question about movement typically when you break down the movements. For two fuel you can move from a planet in one system to a planet in another system as depicted on the movement card. For one fuel you can move from a planet in any system to deep space. for free you can move from deep space to any planet in the two depicted systems So is this legal? and it also saves fuel Position 3 on the Action Track. Fred has played a movement card, your card is next and it is also a movement card and you want to move one of your starships from your water planet with a colony to find a new ore planet. From Freds movement card you choose to spend one fuel to move into deep space, the rest of the players move their ships. Position 4, is your movement card and you choose to pick a new planet from one of the systems on the card you do this with out expending any fuel. Something does not sit right in my mind about playing a system jump like this, my mind thinks another it shoudl cost another fuel. but I suppose splitting the cost over 2 actions sort of covers this and it makes a good way of making cheap jumps. Andy.
  15. Hi, Are there any players in Nottinghamshire area of the uk? I'm always happy to find new opponents. Andy.
  16. Thanks guys, I totally missed it when I skimmed through the rules looking for what the symbols ment. I had not noticed the Hastur icon on 'Endless Interrogation', I'll have to remove that card from my mono agency deck. Thanks. Andy.
  17. darknight said: i think you refer to the icons when you turn the card over to be a rescource, thats a transient one giving that many rescourses and then destroyed i think, havent got my book handy but look up transient for sure Nope as resource icons are at the bottom of the card and transient is an > also on the bottom line for using as a resource. What I'm refering to is at the top of the card (as you would hold it as part of your hand) and on the title there are 2 black Cthulhu icons before the name. i.e. "[C][C] Pulled Under" where [C] is a Cthulhu symbol. Andy.
  18. Ok, That clears that up then Thanks. Andy
  19. Hi, What do the faction icons before the name of the card mean? For an example Card CS: F57 - Pulled Under has two Cthulhu faction icons directly before the name of the card, where you would usually find the dot to indicidate a unique card. After checking the rules and FAQ, I can not seem to find an explanation at all. Thanks. Andy.
  20. Thanks, that's the way I would want to create decks, as nice as some of the high cost cards are, you would have lost the game before you had enough resources to play the card! Cheers. Andy.
  21. Is it worth having a couple high cost cards (4+) in a deck? or better to stick with a lot of lower cost cards? With Shub I see the potential to have higher cost cards as there are a few cost lowering cards, but in the few games I have played getting up to 4 cards in a domain is not an easy task at all. Thanks. Andy.
  22. Hi, I can not seem to find a definition for the keyword Independent. What does it mean? I'm currently constructing a deck of Syndicate/Shub and the Ghoulish Thrill Seeker has this keyword. I have no idea what it is for, I have not seen it referenced by another card. Thanks. Andy.
  23. Thanks for the clarification. I was not sure as there is another card that lets you create a domain which has explicit instructions on it to take the top card from your deck and use it as a domain and the nexus does not have that. This lead to me overthinking things and getting confused Cheers. Andy.
  24. Hi, I have a question about the card "Eldritch Nexus" - Core set F154 The text states "Action: Gain a Domain, then attach the top card of your deck to it as a resource." Does this mean you use "Eldritch Nexus" as the Domain marker or do you use a spare card as the Domain marker and you then put the Nexus in your discard pile? I feel that the card should be discarded and a spare card used the Domain marker. Thanks. Andy.
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