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  1. Nice review. Thanks for posting. I bought the game yesterday and my nine year old and me played the first scenario twice today; once as each side. It was a blast. I've played a lot of games and some are too simple and some are way too complex. This one is just right. My nine year old could not have read and comprehended ALL the rules himself but once I explain a rule to him he's got it. We had a BLAST! I agree that the 3x3 grid is a bit small; 4 x 5 would offer more room. When they release the miniatures rules for this I'll definitely pick them up. I'm also going to paint my minis but only the men. The walkers look good enough for me right out of the box. With the upsoming campaing books, additional troops and troop types, and miniature rules I see this as a game that I will be plaing for a long time. The BBQ squad is a beast but the Laser squad is an equal pain in the rear. Like you said the sides are different but BALANCED. Happy gaming! P.S. If I buy another boxed set to double all the troops and the number of grids I think the scenarios will play even better. Thoughts?
  2. Aliens 2. Great movie, not that much of a reach here.
  3. Kaptain O said: Crymoar said: Ahhh yes I found it...DR 3 CR 4 ? I think DR 3 is too much it should really be 1 or 2. I would agree. or do something like primitive weapons in dark heresy, double the soak of armour vs unarmed. yep, something....... a dagger only has a DR 4 so unarmed just shouldn't be DR 3 IMO. I may even make it DR 0 and 1/2 Strenght if you're untrained and only a DR1 full strengthif you're trained.
  4. Does FFG have an official stance on a Living Campaign one way or the other or do we know for a fact that it would be just too much for them to bite off?
  5. Ahhh yes I found it...DR 3 CR 4 ? I think DR 3 is too much it should really be 1 or 2.
  6. Gauntlets are in the 'unarmed' group of weapons and stats are given. What about just being bare handed? Any stats for that? (If not what about DR 0 CR 4?) If you are unarmed and your opponent has a weapon I'd think you'd be disadvantaged and add a misfortune die to your pool. Thoughts? Crymoar
  7. Good Stuff. I'll be running the demo for my son and brother tonight. I've made a 'dry run' by myself just so that I'll be familiar with the system. I like the tactical abstractness of the combat system. It will be quicker than D&D but still tactically satisfying. I like interpreting the dice pool rolls. I like the location cards. Stress, fatigue, wounds, and critical wounds.......lots of ways to go down in the grim and gritty Warhammer universe. I have a few questions and I'm sure we'll stumble through the demo module as we get used to the new system BUT I think this is going to work. Crymoar
  8. What a maroon! Play the darn game for while son.
  9. Is the RPGA a D&D only organization?
  10. Yes it was D&D. While D&D was a flawed game they got the Living Greyhawk campaign right. The entire real world was ovelaid with Greyhawk and that determined your Character's home region. They introduced standaradized characger creation and you had to have a gm 'sign off' on each approved adventure you played. The form used kept up with your character's expericence, equipment, gold, and time units (you had 52 to spend each year per character). The RPGA organized the whole thing and did a really fabulous job. They got rid of time units for 4th edition and the Liiving Forgotton Realms campaign which was a big mistake in my opinion. I think a Living Old World campaing would be absolutely fantastic but it would take an organization like the RPGA to pull it off. BB
  11. There was 'another game' that introduced the Living Campaaign concept when they released thier 3rd edition. It was a really, really neat idea and they implemented it well. It definitely made taking characters to gaming conventions a whole lot of fun. It adds a whole new diminesion to your gaming? Has there been any talk of implementing a living campaign for WFRP?
  12. Picked mine up this afternoon here in Memphis. Will be reading and digesting over the long weekend. Maybe I'll kill off my brother on Sunday.
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