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  1. Ok, Im sorry some stuff got pushed around and a couple people dropped. Please dont wait in the rooms. I will contact you with the place to be and what time. *The times and days may vary so that we can have multiple participant* Currently in the process of redoing the brackets -Drew Sorry for the delay
  2. Hey, tournament brackets are being calculated! Sorry for the Delay.
  3. OK comdieguy I understand what your saying. Alright 16 people will be in this tournament then. OK 2 more spots remaining then, if my counting skills are correct. This is gonna be big. I hope!
  4. lol...I changed the tournament so that only 14 people are registered. That is an even #. Dont worry. I got it all thought out! -Drew
  5. The tournament will be single elimination and random pairings. Kind of like a bracket system. Only 2 spots left.
  6. Update: GTrogi comdieguy Trothael WayToTheDawn stickykill finalform13 Vertically Challenged Kiro13 Currently 11 people signed up. I am changing the # of people who can join to 3 more people because I do not think having a big tournament with 20 people will work. ONLY 3 MORE SPOTS FOLKS! =)
  7. Current List of Tournament Participants Vertically Challenged Kiro13 Devilmonkey Roxas WayTotheDawn Trothael Dhruv (I hope you don't mind that I play, just using a basic starter deck or something) ____________________________________________________________________ At this point in time we have 7 participants. Lets see how many more we can get!
  8. *If you would like to contribute to the prize pool please contact me, thanks* AND DONT FORGET to leave some sort of contact information so I can get in contact with you Thanks, Drew
  9. edit: More Details Format: Single eliminations. You will be instructed on exactly where and when to show up on the day of the tourney;
  10. Dear kh Community, Hey, I recently started playing the Kingdom Hearts tcg and I fell in love with it from the start. I have played all the video games and have already pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 358/2. I have decided to start monthly online tournaments and see how successful it is. When: 6:00pm Sunday, September 26, 2009 Where: Chatzy Rooms Entry Fee: FREE Details: One standard legal deck Prize: Winner will be announced the "King of Online Games" and recieve a free Sora figurine *We are going to play by a Honor system* If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me at: Aim- dspsp1216@aol.com Yahoo- dspsp123@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in participating in this online tournament please comment below. I will only take the first 20 people because I dont think this tournament can take much more than that #. Depending on how many players are interested in playing I will decide to continue these tournaments. The players will be picked at random to play each other and more details will follow soon! Oh and by the way, my name is Drew -Thanks, Drew
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