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  1. Right... Look like I WAS missing something. Fires move up the Asphyxiation Track. Boy, is my face red.
  2. I received Red November as a gift for my birthday, and after playing it I pretty much love it. An odd thing occured to us as we played, however: the game doesn't seem to contain any cards that advance the Asphyxiation Track! Suspecting a mistake somewhere, we split the cards up and examined them, but no, no Asphyxiation cards. Am I missing something? Am I overlooking cards or a rule here? Or did I receive a flawed set of cards? It does seem like there's a whole lot of Fire cards in the set. Is this a known issue? And in case I'm mistaken; can someone tell me the name of an Asphyxiation card, so I can definitely determine wether it's in there or not? Thanks in advance!
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