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  1. Dragonshadow

    Long Term Play

    You may find that as they grow, they start putting points into more situational talents. It seems incumbent on the GM to pay attention to what they're buying along those lines and give them a chance to use the talents here and there and they'll continue to feel like taking a risk on a more esoteric talent will eventually pay off. My group will be starting around year's end. I'm really excited to see how their characters grow.
  2. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Well, yeah, if I'm going to allow the talents, I want my players to get the descriptions inline without having to crack the book every time. I want your app to be one-stop-shopping! But I will absolutely back it up. Each of my players will need to separately load the file, correct?
  3. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    One question, and this is probably not one you could easily commit to anyway: are you ensuring backwards compatibility? I've weeded down the talent resource from this forum to around 300 talents usable for my setting, and I'd like to put them all in the custom talent section, but, by the Holy Yellow Die of Perpetual Triumph, I hope I don't have to enter stuff more than once!
  4. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Looks like the ranks are fixed! I tried one at Tier 1 and another beginning at Tier 2. Both allow subsequent ranks to be selected and both require the prior rank as a prereq. Dang, this is good stuff! Can't wait for 1.5.2!
  5. Dragonshadow

    Critique Some Skills

    I see this is an old topic, but I'm coming around to one of the questions for a campaign idea I'm working on involving magical flying ships (the standard fantasy trope of what looks like a fancy seafaring vessel that sail through the air via magical something-or-others). But my question would hold for actual age of sails adventures as well. Long preamble out of the way: firing a bank of cannons (even magical ones) shouldn't be agility-based. It seems like gunnery is more about Cunning or Intellect, more likely the former. Has anyone else decided to retool Gunnery to a different base?
  6. Dragonshadow

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Yep, planning to sign up Saturday morning (as we can't in advance). Here's hoping we both get spots!
  7. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Looks like there's still some issues with "Ranked". If you save it as "Yes" the value sticks. If you save it as "No" the value changes to null. When you select the talent on the character sheet it does show as "Ranked" or "Not Ranked" If you create a custom ranked talent, it's not selectable at a higher tier even if you have it selected as the lower tier. So if you have a tier 2 talent that is "Ranked", you can't select it as a tier 3 (I verified that I have the lower tier version). In other words it only shows up in the starting tier's dropdown control.
  8. Dragonshadow

    A Question of Talent (Tree)

    I think my answer here reflects #2 on your list if I had to pick one. The big issue I have with Star Wars talent trees is all the potentially unwanted and arbitrary hops you need to purchase to get to the talents you actually want. You're locked into those choices, often with no alternate path through the tree. That's one of Genesys's biggest changes, quite possibly the biggest and best. Perhaps if you make a much tighter tree on paper like a roadmap, and then just "hide the lines of the tree" by converting them to prerequisites for a given talent in a chain. You gain the flexibility of Genesys but still make a given tree seem like progressively advanced study. There's no harm in saying that a Tier 4 or 5 talent doesn't require a tier 1-2 talent, not just an "adjacent" tier 3. So when you acquire the prerequisite, that doesn't mean you possess the level of experience (pun intended) to master the higher tier talent. You go out and get some seasoning, reflected in the non-school talents you choose along the way to fill out your pyramid to get to the high level stuff. The difference is that your choices for non-school are many, and better suited to your unique PC.
  9. Dragonshadow

    Rating adversaries

    One thing I'm looking for is simply: can the average preferred attack result of a combat-oriented PC damage the adversary? Assume base damage plus 1 for this. Because if nobody can punch through soak for at least a point of damage, they also can't crit, making a tough adversary even more difficult. That's not a showstopper if you provide them with some alternatives (ways to boost damage or reduce the soak, unattended rocket launchers, or just clear paths to skedaddle), but it's something to keep in mind. I was looking at it in terms of a dagger wielding rogue fighting an ogre (let's skip past why he's actually doing so and assume there's a reason for it). Ogre has a soak of 7 per Terrinoth. Let's put the rogue at a Brawn of 3. His base damage is 5 with a normal dagger (+2). If he hits with minimum success, he adds 1, so "base plus 1" is 6. To even damage the ogre, he's gotta hit harder with 3 successes to do 8 damage, and can then crit. Even with the dagger giving a boost die for Accurate +1, it's going to be a very tough fight.
  10. Dragonshadow

    Giant Growth

    I agree that increasing the attack damage is the key. An ogre/The Hulk/a brontosaurus isn't more accurate because it's bigger. It just hits harder when it hits. Maybe they have special talents that make the shockwave of a miss do some damage using advantages (e.g. automatically adding blast), etc. One of the things I love about Genesys is you can twist the damage dial completely separately from other dials on an NPC. They might be a wildly inaccurate combatant with an endless pool of health, or they might be a true glass cannon, as the situation demands. You don't get the equivalent of an old school d20 high level non-combat "expert" who is impossible to kill with one hit just because he's an artisan craftsman and has a dozen hit dice.
  11. Dragonshadow

    Tactical Combat in the Narrative System

    Engaged: Whoever Bruce Lee is currently hitting with chucks. Short: Whoever is in the ring around the fight waiting to be hit by chucks. Medium: The boss on the balcony above watching his guys get hit by chucks. Long: The on-set physician in his trailer outside taking care of the guys who actually got hit by chucks. Not sure I'd really labor over how long a round is. It's exactly one plot tick.
  12. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    well, you wouldn't really be building something that replaces the books, though, at least not "out of the box". It's up to your users to load the custom data, right? You took the legal high ground with just providing the general link to the CRB and the capacity for us to replace the generic with specific as needed. Building a word processor isn't plagiarizing a novel. The preview would be most appreciated either way.
  13. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Under the Description for custom items, could you create a display preview so we can be sure it's formatting nicely? As is, I've basically been adding talents and then selecting them on a dummy PC record just to make sure they display correctly. Edit: actually, is it possible to create a browsable catalog of talents? That could be as easy as adding a description column to the existing list of custom talents. Basically, when building a character, if you want to "shop" for your next talent, you could navigate to that page to see them all laid out in a tabular fashion. One stop shopping is always good, and being able to scroll through a list of talents without having to comb through multiple rulebooks and electronic resources would be awesome.
  14. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Not sure this is an issue so much as just a formatting standard, but it seems you need to include a space between a closing square bracket and an open one or the symbols following the first one don't display. So two difficulty would be [purple] plus space plus [purple]. I found this out when I took the Excel version of the talent guide found on this forum and started globally replacing their symbol formatting with SkyJedi's. Gonna start importing...
  15. Dragonshadow

    Magic system

    Typically a magic skill is paired with a knowledge skill. Perhaps whatever "Lore" equivalent skill you use could actually limit the difficulty cap of spells you cast in Arkham. So you might have a high aptitude for magic, reflected in multiple ranks of the magic skill itself, but if you haven't studied much (rank 1), you can't even attempt the higher stuff (i.e. anything above a single purple difficulty). Or, MUCH better still, allow higher difficulties with lower knowledge, but automatically upgrade any dice above the PC's knowledge ranks. That seems pretty consistent with playing with forces you don't fully comprehend, and despairs for casters are particularly harsh.