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  1. Apropos of nothing other than a discussion of combat, I think if a target uses two maneuvers to move in their turn, ranged attacks against them will gain a setback die. Ditto if they move even a single band and are hasted in some way.
  2. Seems reasonable. It's funny, but reading that ability in your document actually had me in a mental tailspin of how minion group checks worked. So I'll still pose the question here for a confirmation: the group gets one combined attack roll, correct? Effectively, barring blast and autofire, the group is going to attack a single target with a single roll. Assuming they don't need to move a distance within their turn, and can plant themselves and/or coordinate further, the groups with the pack attack or similar talent get +2 boost. I like it. The PC's might not, but that's when they need to learn to force a minion squad to spend effort moving and not improving their aim.
  3. Any ETA on the custom settings being reenabled? It looks like I can't pull up the custom skills into the generic setting, and can't select the new setting to try to enable them that way. Likewise, am I able to add other custom items such as talents? I have my setting "trimmed" down to 285 talents from the extended talent book and was hoping to import them via JSON. One other item of note: it seems like when I do an import, it duplicates other same-named items rather than overwriting them. That will make it difficult to share updated custom export files with the rest of the group since the import will explode their lists. Is there a way to force an overwrite?
  4. Looks like the custom settings is disabled. I lost the custom setting I had entered as well as the four custom skills I entered this morning. If we're in development transition, I'll wait to reenter any more custom stuff.
  5. Quick question: a number of minions have abilities that boost the assist maneuver. Aren’t minion groups already assisting each other via their group stat? Or is a group using the maneuver to self-assist similar to an aim maneuver?
  6. Facebook's an easy first choice for me since I'm there to post and read my feeds from friends and family in addition to what is usually pretty active group posts. I come here second. Reddit and Discord are a chaotic mess for me to just browse unless I'm going there on a directed search, but I guess that's just how my mind works. Frankly, Google+ was my favorite social media venue, but it rolled a 149 on its last crit and is about to go dark. The Terrinoth and Android groups seem pretty active as well.
  7. I'm reminded of old D&D armor class, which went from 10 (no armor) to 2 (Plate and shield). Powerful beings could continue the downward numeric AC progression all the way to -10. This was the rule for years, and I think Gygax thought it was intuitive. It took a couple editions for someone to say "hey, how 'bout everything that protects you ADDS to your AC and there's no upper limit?" The "exceeds" threshold for Genesys isn't quite as bad as AD&D AC, but it's anything but intuitive. How many wounds can I take before I drop? It's the number printed on your sheet...ummm...plus one.
  8. And the next street tough is wounded. That was kinda my real point. The magic wound kills one guy and sticks to the next one. Perhaps it’s grief that his buddy just got killed (since strain is a wound). Sorry, I kid, I kid. I understand the rule now, although it creates an odd situation.
  9. Thanks for the clarification from the FAQ. I'm curious with your comment though that you have to exceed the threshold to take one out. So 8 damage reduces to 5 that actually gets through soak. 4 meets the WT, so one minion is taken out and the next one gets a wound. But if you have to exceed the wound threshold, wouldn't doing so absorb the 5th point? I know I'm kinda splitting hairs on that, but it's still awkward. Let's put it another way: if I only do 7 points of damage, and 3 gets soaked, does the 4 that gets through actually drop a minion? 4 meets the wound threshold, but it doesn't exceed it. But one more wound not only kills the first minion, but passes through and tags the second minion. That's a pretty fancy point of damage.
  10. Can I get a quick re-explanation of minion groups against blast damage? Using the same soak 3 and wound threshold 4 as the OP. My understanding is a blast 5 against that group would do 5-3=2 damage to every minion in the group, correct? Regardless of how many minions are in the group. Basically a second identical blast would kill them all since they'd each have 2 wounds remaining.
  11. Just wanted to drop a note here to thank you folks for the Aport spell type discussion. I will be using it, albeit with modifications, because I have to tinker with everything. At some point I'll post my handbook in the settings section, but it's not nearly ready for public consumption.
  12. It's tough to make a case for flat ranged damage but allowing melee damage to double dip against brawn by using it as a base and as a roll. Even with flat damage, a good roll still does more damage, which already reflects how your brawn made you hit harder. There's no reason for brawn to factor into the base damage as well. As I mentioned, though, I haven't decided for sure to go with flat damage. I still see brawl's base damage just being brawn+0, and magic damage is your casting characteristic. So really all three (four if you count brawl separately from melee) damage types use a slightly different calculation than the others anyway. Whatever system I'd use would apply equally to NPC's and PC's, so I'd take on that level of pain in service of hacking the stats. That's only fair. But in the end, maybe it "ain't broke enough to fix it" in my mind and I'll just go largely as written. Perhaps the easiest ground for me is your suggestion to make Finesse encompass damage as well as base characteristic for the attack roll. It's cleaner to swap one characteristic for the other entirely.
  13. Thanks, folks. You've convinced me that there's no inherent problem. I probably should have mentioned that I'm toying with making melee damage flat rather than basing it on Brawn, like Rob Walker's Sky Wars setting. I likely will use an assumed Brawn of 3 for damage, but I'll stick to the bonuses listed per weapon from the Terrinoth book. Brawn will still play a large factor in melee since it helps drive the number of dice rolled (and affects the number of net successes). Flat base damage also helps talents like Finesse (Sky Wars has Finesse as a weapon property, but I was thinking of allowing it when encumbrance doesn't exceed number of hands required, so both a long sword and a quarterstaff would be finessable under RoT encumbrance amounts). Regardless of what I decide, this has been a helpful discussion to help provide a context for each attack type. Thanks!
  14. For those using RoT either as a setting or just as expanded Fantasy rules vs the base game, what are your thoughts regarding the relative damage of weapons? It seems that Ranged weapons have a distinct advantage, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Let's assume primary characteristics of 3. Sword: 6 damage (3+3) Greatsword: 7 damage (3+4; with the added zinger that you need a good Agility to use it, so you can't focus solely on brawn) Bow: 7 damage (flat damage) Longbow (usable with a 3 agility at no penalty): 8 damage (flat damage) I'll leave crossbows out of this since they might do massive damage (factoring in pierce) but they're very slow. Longbows aren't. For the sake of the argument, I'll throw in magic damage, but I have less issue with these given all the other flexibility and benefits a magic attack can include. Attack spell (not empowered): 3 (based on a casting characteristic of 3) Attack spell with staff: 7 (3+4) Empowered with staff: 10 (3+3+4; a little misleading, since it will miss more often and do less damage for net successes since it's +2 difficulty) I guess I'm a little surprised the typical melee attack (a sword slash) and the typical ranged attack (an arrow shot from a longbow) wouldn't be on par for damage, or that the longbow damage actually exceeds a greatsword! The big disadvantage to melee being lower damage is it's less likely to overcome soak to even do damage. So how have these stats worked out for you folks?
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