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  1. Dragonshadow


    It's tough to make a case for flat ranged damage but allowing melee damage to double dip against brawn by using it as a base and as a roll. Even with flat damage, a good roll still does more damage, which already reflects how your brawn made you hit harder. There's no reason for brawn to factor into the base damage as well. As I mentioned, though, I haven't decided for sure to go with flat damage. I still see brawl's base damage just being brawn+0, and magic damage is your casting characteristic. So really all three (four if you count brawl separately from melee) damage types use a slightly different calculation than the others anyway. Whatever system I'd use would apply equally to NPC's and PC's, so I'd take on that level of pain in service of hacking the stats. That's only fair. But in the end, maybe it "ain't broke enough to fix it" in my mind and I'll just go largely as written. Perhaps the easiest ground for me is your suggestion to make Finesse encompass damage as well as base characteristic for the attack roll. It's cleaner to swap one characteristic for the other entirely.
  2. Dragonshadow


    Thanks, folks. You've convinced me that there's no inherent problem. I probably should have mentioned that I'm toying with making melee damage flat rather than basing it on Brawn, like Rob Walker's Sky Wars setting. I likely will use an assumed Brawn of 3 for damage, but I'll stick to the bonuses listed per weapon from the Terrinoth book. Brawn will still play a large factor in melee since it helps drive the number of dice rolled (and affects the number of net successes). Flat base damage also helps talents like Finesse (Sky Wars has Finesse as a weapon property, but I was thinking of allowing it when encumbrance doesn't exceed number of hands required, so both a long sword and a quarterstaff would be finessable under RoT encumbrance amounts). Regardless of what I decide, this has been a helpful discussion to help provide a context for each attack type. Thanks!
  3. Dragonshadow


    For those using RoT either as a setting or just as expanded Fantasy rules vs the base game, what are your thoughts regarding the relative damage of weapons? It seems that Ranged weapons have a distinct advantage, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Let's assume primary characteristics of 3. Sword: 6 damage (3+3) Greatsword: 7 damage (3+4; with the added zinger that you need a good Agility to use it, so you can't focus solely on brawn) Bow: 7 damage (flat damage) Longbow (usable with a 3 agility at no penalty): 8 damage (flat damage) I'll leave crossbows out of this since they might do massive damage (factoring in pierce) but they're very slow. Longbows aren't. For the sake of the argument, I'll throw in magic damage, but I have less issue with these given all the other flexibility and benefits a magic attack can include. Attack spell (not empowered): 3 (based on a casting characteristic of 3) Attack spell with staff: 7 (3+4) Empowered with staff: 10 (3+3+4; a little misleading, since it will miss more often and do less damage for net successes since it's +2 difficulty) I guess I'm a little surprised the typical melee attack (a sword slash) and the typical ranged attack (an arrow shot from a longbow) wouldn't be on par for damage, or that the longbow damage actually exceeds a greatsword! The big disadvantage to melee being lower damage is it's less likely to overcome soak to even do damage. So how have these stats worked out for you folks?
  4. Dragonshadow

    Combining some skills

    I actually participated in one such discussion, SavageBob. I was just hoping for any additional insights now that players and GMs had a little more experience with the system. But it seems the overwhelming consensus elsewhere (and 2 for 2 here so far) is to keep both skills in each pairing. I think I'll do so, and just keep the grumbling voice in my head locked behind an oak door. The melee and ranged question still has me thinking though. It seems like a fairly arbitrary way to funnel particular weapon loot to subsets of PC's. Oh, it's a longsword! Well Biff the ogre has a good Melee-Heavy skill, so we'll give it to Whipple the Elf, who has a better Melee-Light skill. Thing is, if Biff the ogre is focusing on brawn, he'd likely prefer cumbersome two-handed weapons for their greater damage, so having a common "Melee" skill wouldn't make it more likely for him to take the lighter weapon anyway. Likewise Whipple the elf is likely using finesse and doesn't have much brawn, so he can't swing any of Biff's favorite skull crushers anyway. So basically neither of them is likely to want to "ninja the other's loot". It seems that having multiple Melee skills just imposes a restriction the PC's would have effectively self-imposed through other choices.
  5. Dragonshadow

    Combining some skills

    I still haven't had much chance to play under Genesys rules since the game was released, but I'll be GMing a magepunk sky-pirate setting beginning in February (after some false starts of other settings). Having a look at the skill list, I'm wondering how useful it really is to have differentiated skills for the following. I understand the rulebook definition of each, but I also keep hearing that players can usually make a good case for rolling a different skill than what the GM had in mind, so I'd like to hear some actual play observations. Cool and Discipline Charm and Negotiation Differentiated melee and ranged skills vs simply "Ranged" and "Melee". How often is it functionally useful to make them granular? I'm asking since it seems like your choice of weapons, particularly melee ones, will come down to how strong you are and whether or not you want the extra defense of a shield. Asking the above a different way: how often do players typically put multiple points into two similar skills vs trying to make a case for using the one they've trained? It seems like this would be especially true for similarly skills like the first two pairs above. In the case of combat skills, it seems like having the differentiation really only comes down to being able to punish the PCs if they don't have the right weapon type at hand. What I like about a simple "Melee" and "Range" skill is each one is more about the wielder than the item wielded, and their overall combat knowledge.
  6. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    The Genesys Creature Catalogue is good. Haven't looked at it in a while. But I think many folks in love with the Runebound/Terrinoth setting want a more far-reaching setting-specific bestiary than what we have now. The Adversaries Anthology is great for collecting everything that's already official, but for the most part "everything" is only two books anyway at this point, and a lot of gaps where the various Terrinoth cardboard & miniatures games have featured creatures for which we don't have discrete stats. Finding a curated repository for homebrewed efforts at doing so would be much appreciated. I don't have time to offer my own services in building one, so I can't fairly bemoan the absence too much.
  7. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    It's funny how the thinking about a bestiary seems to go in the comments section. We need more beasties! You don't need more official beasties, you can just extrapolate because "it's so easy with Genesys!" Hurray! Terrinoth has a bunch of beasties! We need more Terrinoth beasties! You don't need more official Terrinoth beasties, you can just extrapolate because "it's so easy with Genesys especially with all the existing Terrinoth beasties!" I'd like to move to step 6 ("Hurray! We have an actual Terrinoth Bestiary!") sooner rather than later, however easy building creatures might be. ****, even better than a beastiary, format them as cards right out of the gate. All that said, a community Terrinoth bestiary based on the existing Runebound stuff would be freakin' awesome.
  8. Dragonshadow

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Not sure if this was asked yet, but is there a way to manually mark a skill as a career skill? I'm favoring more open careers that don't lock down 8 skills (I go with 4 on some very broadly defined career templates and let the player pick the other four to represent a more focused actual career within the template). This method was suggested by Paul Haakonsen in his Shadowrun conversion. How we'll likely handle it if necessary is to give each of the more focused careers a custom name that combines the template with the 4 skills they choose. I want them to name the career more specifically anyway in their character notes, so that might work fine. That said, it would be useful to allow a manual career skill override.
  9. Dragonshadow

    Strain Recovery

    Agreed, but it seems odd that a triumph wouldn't have some sort of extra benefit to apply directly to a strain recovery check, and yet the chart on 104 mentions nothing about how you might do so. Seems lame that it would just default to one success. C__Beck had a pretty good suggestion to allow a triumph to recover 4, but I think I'd go a step further and say after applying straight successes, a triumph recovers half the remaining strain. More than one triumph recovers it all.
  10. Dragonshadow

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Also, should I not get a spot (I'm really not expecting to, and since I'm only there for one day, it won't break my heart) is it acceptable convention etiquette to drop by the game tables and observe for a bit? I've been gaming for decades but this is quite literally my first convention, RPG or otherwise.
  11. Dragonshadow

    multiple natural attacks

    Thank you all for a great discussion!
  12. Dragonshadow

    multiple natural attacks

    Autofire makes sense (it's what I described for the one-time cost of +1 difficulty), but linked is versus a single target, I believe. I guess my vision of a hydra is that it's 8 different monsters sharing a torso, so they don't necessarily agree on a target.
  13. Dragonshadow

    multiple natural attacks

    Can "two" become "multiple" in that case? In other words, can you keep ramping the difficulty +1 to add additional attacks? A hydra comes to mind, although in that case I'd give them some sort of reduced cost since they have multiple attacks like crazy, such as allowing them to hit additional times each time they spend 2 advantage at no additional difficulty to attack. Really, just don't melee a hydra.
  14. Dragonshadow

    multiple natural attacks

    I'm probably missing an obvious rules note somewhere, but if a creature has multiple attacks, such as the classic claw+bite, how do you make an attack check for them? Is it essentially a two-weapon attack at +1 difficulty where you spend 2 advantage or a triumph to hit with the second "weapon" or is it two separate attacks? Or something else entirely? I was looking over the Creature Catalog when this question occurred to me.
  15. Dragonshadow

    THE DICE POOL PODCAST - Episode 16 - Roulette of Terror

    This was a great episode. I loved the Night's Edge setting roulette and this one was just as good! The advice on fear and sanity loss was very helpful.