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  1. Haunted City Chase

    I'm still not finding my GMing groove yet for Genesys despite running a couple Star Wars sessions a few years ago. Not wanting to give away any detail for the scene itself in the Haunted City playtest, but there's a likely chase scene involving the PC's and another party, with possibly an additional group of hostile NPC's joining in depending on how mean your GM wants to be . I want it to be a rollicking good scene, but I'm a bit unsure of how to make it fun but fair. This thread was very helpful: Chases. But it didn't quite capture the complexity of multiple parties beyond just two sides. Can some folks who either GMed (or played in) the playtest or ran something very similar chime in with some specifics. While I'm remaining spoiler free with my question, feel free to use spoilers for your answer and the rest of you can stop reading at this time, please.
  2. Genesys Spycraft

    Yeah, I'd be leaning more toward heists than spy stories, but the two are neighbors anyway, and both are filled with doublecrosses and other dramatic reversals of fortune.
  3. Primeval Thule Fantasy Setting for Genesys

    This is good stuff. I like the Narratives and how they give a dash of "class" feel that a d20 player could appreciate without feeling like they put the PC in a cage in terms of how they can develop. The milestones are quite clever.
  4. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Can Sam comment on what their overall commitment to a particular setting might be? Should we expect just a single setting book or will we see an array of products for a particular setting? Modules and bestiaries are the first two biggie supplements that leap to mind.
  5. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Yes, Magic. Sorry that wasn’t clear!
  6. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    It really seems like the developers want concentration to potentially cause additional strain. How does Sam feel about the following: For +X (most likely +1) difficulty, the duration extends to the entire encounter Allow a Triumph to "secure" a spell and extend its duration to an entire encounter Or instead of eliminating the need to concentrate, at least allow either of the above costs to downshift concentration to be an Incidental. Then bashing the caster upside the head can still break their concentration and disrupt a spell short of formally dispelling it. Since Sam is privy to the full history of actual playtest data instead of just theorycrafting, I'd like to know if these generalized means of extending buff/debuff/conjuration type spells would somehow undermine the system and make magic too strong/too easy. I really don't like the idea that spells can only be "easily" concentrated on if there's a specific implement on-hand for that purpose.
  7. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Notice I led with the quote from their first article. Their article. The one FFG wrote back when they promised more articles. Of course I can wait for the book to arrive. It's not like I have a choice. And there's plenty for us to do in the meantime, including posting to complain about the lack of previews, or posting to complain about people complaining about the lack of previews. Productive stuff like that.
  8. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    It's been five weeks. I suspect in another five weeks the actual book will be available. I'd say one of those previews (conspicuously plural) sure would be nice about now.
  9. How deadly is combat in genesys

    It would be a much less dangerous real world if we had magical healing, so having it in game seems like it produces a reasonable effect. I think the key to offsetting magical healing will be ratcheting the pressure between scenes to keep moving instead of resting. Not to mention recovering strain is predicated on actually taking a breather. If the healer is healing, he's not resting, so every bad roll chips away the strain pool for the next encounter.
  10. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    It would be kinda cool if Genesys: Terrinoth was actually linked on the Terrinoth page, considering the art and setting book for Android is linked on its page. Hopefully the omission is just an oversight, but it triggers the usual round of grumbling that they're not handling the marketing for Genesys particularly well.
  11. Haunted City Healing

    Good call about the medical skill. I did indeed forget about that one. I like the ideas you mentioned. Healing potions should be as common as Star Wars stimpaks in a world where such things can be readily (and cheaply) made, so yeah, they'll have a few to distribute. I think what bugged me was none of this is obvious in the adventure. We have an adventure writeup, with stats on NPC's, etc. And we have detailed character records with cargo lists and no mention of something as basic as healing potions. Only one character has Medical training and only one character has Divine skill, but the Templar talent calls out that Divine skill specifically as being usable only once per scene. And only one character has alchemy training, but that's even less defined, and from the urgency of pursuit in the adventure, I'm not sure brewing potions is feasible. I guess there's one or two nights they could do so while resting depending on how the adventure plays out. The rulebook indicates that between structured scenes, there's not necessarily a need to roll dice for standard activities such as a healer performing healing. But again, if the Templar talent specifically limits the PC Alys from using her Divine casting skill more than once, it seems like a little more guidance would be useful regarding what she can do between structured scenes.
  12. Haunted City Healing

    I was going to just delete this post but it seems I can’t. So, I’m answering my own question—single average difficulty check between combats per injured character if performed by a magical healer. Success heals two wounds per unconcancelled success and one wound can be healed per advantage even if the check fails. Crits should be dealt with separately. The roll isn’t just to heal, it’s a roll to represent (summarize) collective healing activity. One check only per recipient. I wanted to avoid endless rolls between fights.
  13. Haunted City Healing

    How are folks who are running Haunted City with the pre-gen characters handling healing? There’s an alchemist in the party with medical skills and a paladin with a once per encounter divine spell ability, but it doesn’t look like the characters are packing healing potions. It seems that, especially if optional encounters are thrown in that the party is going to take some hard hits. I’m torn between treating the space between structured encounters as a single encounter, so Alys could heal once during that time, or just saying outside combat she can make multiple checks. Perhaps once per hour? Or, I might just say she has “normal” divine casting do we can actually put spellcasting through its paces. As far as the alchemist goes, I don’t feel like we have much to go on for crafting rules yet beyond one preview chart, so do I treat an alchemy check as the character comes up with a potion out of her backpack?
  14. Terrinoth on the boat

    I'm guessing it'll be the standard +2 weeks for .PDF... They really prey upon weak willed fools who can't stand to wait and will be compelled to buy both. So, basically, me.
  15. No Skills

    This is like the two-column variant of the Fate RPG, but really just one column bent back on itself. There's nothing inherently wrong with the idea, although you do have to rebalance XP gains regarding when characteristics can be improved, and you might want to consider adding one or two to round out combinations rather than trying to squeeze them all through pairs of the six. Also, if all you have are characteristics, you can't make them so difficult to improve as core Genesys has it or the characters will feel static. OTOH, talents are great, and sinking points into them are certainly worth it too. Perhaps that will suffice, but the talents are highly situational, and the characteristics will be in play far more often. One thing I like about the idea is it skirts around what skills to include and what skills to remove for a given campaign setting. That's a far tougher choice than it seems when you actually try to answer the question. It's easy to increase the number of skills, but harder to combine them without creating uber skills. The biggest drawback of your approach is that you'll have players contorting their decision making to play to their own strengths. Not that they don't do this anyway, but a character with high Intellect for instance will argue that everything they do is the result of INT + X. And you can't simply pick the two skills for the PC player without room for negotiating the choice or they'll feel a lack of co-authorship of the narrative.