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  1. Dragonshadow

    Spending ADVANTAGE when casting spells

    If you bill them afterwards for the strain and they're currently too low to pay it, the narrative upside is they're casting themselves unconscious. Seems downright heroic. Even at full strain, they're always going to have some strain on them after casting, no matter how lucky their rolls are. That's at least some downside to using a rest between fights to attempt to completely heal the party instead of recovering strain. Not only would you not recover, but you'd potentially be even lower going into the next scene.
  2. Perhaps each form of magic could gain a free perk over the others instead of just making it about the types of spells they can do. For instance, arcane could gain a range increment, perhaps verse could gain a boost on influencing effects. Primal could gain making one concentration maneuver per turn incidental if it's self-only, etc. I'll probably do something along these lines to add a bit of uniqueness to each magic skill beyond narrative description and barred spell types. Perhaps such perks could come at medium-high levels of skill that a character would need to work up to, say 3 or even 4. These sound like talents, and perhaps could/should be, but I do find it odd that levels of skill (particularly high level) just translate to dice and not to any sort of tangible benefit of their own, or even to fulfilling talent prerequisites, since talents don't seem to have minimum skills. But I digress.
  3. Dragonshadow

    Converting Creatures

    Simon and Bellyon, could you give us some insights on how you translated the stats? One nice thing about d20 bestiaries is they typically have a "CR" (challenge rating) or something analogous to it that's at least roughly helpful, and a CR 7 is a tough beast. Genesys is much more freeform. Not having GMed Star Wars for years and then Genesys only for the playtest, I'm not at all certain how to balance an encounter based on whether I want it to be a nuisance, interesting challenge, or dangerous. Obviously I won't set newbie PC's against an Aboleth... btw, I realize this is an art, not a science, but I'm looking for some general tips.
  4. Dragonshadow

    Genesys Core Magic vs Spell Lists (aka. Vancian Spells)

    I'm really not sure how much toolbox there is for building Vancian magic in the CRB. They gave us the blueprint for building (really extending) skills, races, etc. but Magic is already an appendix in the CRB, and it's one interpretation of how magic should work, not a series of options. I like the Genesys magic system, but it's not much of a template to broadly diversify to alternatives. Basically, if you want Vance, you're kind of on your own. You can take the costing from the magic system and come up with relative difficulty levels, but there's no translation step to turn that into a...what? Talent is the obvious choice. Basically, what is a preconstructed spell in your campaign and how do you use XP to buy the ability to use it? But factor into that also the fact that costs can't really be as expensive as they are for other talents, or else you're essentially penalizing casters by imposing far more XP costs than in the CRB. You're making PC's buy their flexible list of spells as talents, plus ostensibly making them buy casting (and possibly knowledge) skills, while casters per the core rules only need to buy the latter, and then season their casting ability with some talents to make themselves better at some things. The flexibility itself doesn't cost anything. So Vance imposes some pretty harsh limits unless you want to create one trick pony casters. I get the urge to translate another system to Genesys. The narrative dice system, while not for everybody, rocks like **** for those of us who really like it. So you find another system and really WANT that system to have Genesys NDS at its heart. I felt the same about Starfinder, and may actually get back to converting it at some point. But the closer I got to addressing magic, the more excuses I found to avoid continuing to work on it. I like Genesys Magic, but having played only the Terrinoth playtest, I can't gauge how it works long term yet, and how resource management plays out for a caster across a variety of circumstances. Conversely I don't like Vancian magic at all with it's garbage pre-memorization and 15 minute workdays, so porting Starfinder was more about porting the flavors of casters than any specific spells. Sorry for the ramble. The best advice I've seen repeated on these forums regarding reskinning Genesys to emulate another system is to make it emulate the feel of the other system but not its mechanical specifics--stick to Genesys for that. If you need the mechanics to port over intact, why not just stick to the other system? I realize the question sounds more aggressive than I intend, but it's really a question you have to ask yourself repeatedly as you're converting, since you can't lose sight of the fact that the result needs to feel more like Genesys instead of the other system, or else you might have been better served extending the other system to be a little more like Genesys instead.
  5. Dragonshadow

    What's missing in Terrinoth?

    I've reported the omission to FFG several times. It might be as Richardbuxton says, or it might be that they simply don't care. I think the point is that they have a significant Terrinoth project that's not linked to the Terrinoth brand homepage, so any synergy that could be had there is lost until it's linked. If a product can't be crosslinked, they need to improve their website.
  6. Dragonshadow

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I love the bestiary additions, but man, I hate the way they format (or rather don't format) stats. One big paragraph for "Abilities" and another for equipment. They could bold the names but instead only bold when a check is listed. And I guess bulleted lists mean more pages overall, so more expense. I'll transfer what I plan to use onto nicer formatted "cards" anyway, so this is hardly a showstopper. Content wise I'm very pleased so far, and looking forward to taking the extended tour of Terrinoth this weekend.
  7. Dragonshadow

    New GM to narrative dice

    I would say as a GM, or as players, look over the charts of how to spend symbols, but then don't even bring the charts to the gaming table. It's an art, not a science, and there's almost always something more interesting than handing off a boost or a setback. Well, critting on an attack is often a great use of a triumph, but even that is not always the most fun. My group was pretty forgiving in the playtest of Terrinoth to just winging it with symbols. Granted, I had read an awful lot of forum advice by that point. They were also shockingly eager to flip story points to introduce narrative wrinkles, not just to upsize dice, and were happy when upsizing to come up with fun (and often eyebrow raising) justifications. I think if you start too close to the charts in the CRB, you'll have more trouble looking up from them.
  8. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth PDF

    That was entirely unexpected. Now I'm seriously torn. I ordered the physical copy from my FLGS solely because I figured I'd be waiting two more weeks to read it otherwise. I really don't want to spend the $50 for a hardcopy I'll never use, but cancelling is a crappy thing to do to the store this late. Ugh.
  9. Dragonshadow

    Around the World - Realms of Terrinoth Article

    I'm happy and surprised there's another preview. I like fluff, and since I'm not familiar with the Terrinoth games in general, it's cool to see undead, elven, and dwarven checkboxes checked for this setting that they seem to have the right (albeit traditional) feel. But holy crap, would it really have hurt FFG to give us the full stats on just one of the three NPC's they listed, for crying out loud? The numbers don't really tell us anything interesting (other than a storm sorceress is conspicuously missing Survival, but whatevs). This doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the book. The lucky few who own it already have been singing its praises. But dang, it once again shows just how stingy FFG is with providing real information in a preview article (or providing preview articles in general), at least for Genesys related products. In comparison, their living card game previews show full card stats and artwork. Really looking forward to the 19th!
  10. Dragonshadow

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Two weeks to the day. About 10 days past my tolerance for waiting for the PDF before buying the hardcover. So I'll be buying the HC, and unless I'm shocked by it not being awesome, I'll be buying the PDF also. I probably will wait for future books to make it to PDF, but this is the first setting tome, and my interest in it is far beyond just the specifics of Terrinoth. I'm hoping it sets the bar for future settings, and provides some structure for everyone's homebrews moving forward.
  11. Dragonshadow

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    I agree completely regarding Cool and Discipline, although there are those who feel the distinction is clear and intuitive. YMMV I guess. I've been toying with calling them "Composure" and still making them Presence based. I would also roll Negotiation and Charm together, calling them "Persuasion". Negotiation is a specific subset of Charm in my mind.
  12. Dragonshadow

    A Thing I Did (For My D&D-Adjacent Group)

    I like the way the skills are redistributed to their parent attributes.
  13. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    Hey, sorry Unlimited Power isn't out yet, but I'm still going to do the happy dance for the imminent arrival of Terrinoth!
  14. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    Week 8 of 6. Perhaps the steamer should not have tried to punch through the head of Great Cthulhu. But at least he got an exclusive look at the books.
  15. Dragonshadow

    Terrinoth... still On the boat

    On a whim, I went out to test your theory. Sigh...they haven't done so since you posted 19 minutes ago, anyway. I'll check back in an hour. And then pretty much a couple times a day like I'm doing now. I swear when the book comes out a chapter in my life will close and I'll have to scratch "Check for Terrinoth Status" off my hobby list.