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  1. It's a bit weird, but the previous Roles section was basically a deck restriction for deck-building like how the Restricted List is. By removing it completely, it's no longer something you have to worry about. I probably would've had a blue footnote in there *mentioning* that the restriction has been removed... but they might have run out of space and wanted to keep it to just be a page.
  2. Speaking of which, the article went up. There's a link to the new Imperial Law as well with the role change too. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/11/15/warriors-of-steel/
  3. If I were to guess, they probably have to go through and update all the OP documents and websites for the change. And while they're updating the documents, they might as well compile and put in any extra FAQ entries they might need just so they don't have to update it again later. Wouldn't be surprised if we see something this week or early next week.
  4. Actually, something I could see with Night of the Zealot would be that they could expand the second scenario into a series of scenarios instead and play with the concept of "time" more. Like, you get a map of town with rumors about cultist activity that you've heard from your previous investigations. The hospital, the university, etc. Traveling to a location gives you some "time" marks on the campaign log, and failing the scenario gives you some extra as you recover and rally. After completing a scenario, you have the option of going to the ritual site or investigating another rumor and possibly more clues and XP that can help you in the final fight. Too much time spent would be the trigger for the "hour grows late," but you might be better armed to deal with it.
  5. In the co-op space, I could actually see a Revised Core coming out for Arkham if Marvel does well. Night of the Zealot is... fine... but boy has encounter design come a long way since then. Maybe a new campaign with a few extra scenarios? The Core really feels right now like "that thing you buy two of and then buy the campaign you *actually* want to play."
  6. Honestly, I don't see competitive LCG's going anywhere soon. They've really just had a bad string of luck with licensees lately. Heck, I don't even feel bad about AGOT, since that game had almost a 20 year run and was going to run out of books sooner or later. I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel is a test bed for looking at different ways of distributing cards, though. Like, say, what the response to the higher price point of the core set is. (But only requiring one core.) It'll probably be a year or two until something else gets announced though due to dev time.
  7. Let me just throw this out there: Android: Shadowfist - Gangs of the Los Angeles Grid
  8. On the card game side, a lot of the current competitive experiences seem to be trending towards long play-times. Which is honestly fine by me, since they definitely have a experience you can't get anywhere else. That might be a turn-off for some people though. Do you think we'll ever see a competitive LCG with a short play time? Maybe that could go best 2 out of 3 rounds? Or maybe one that has a digital client? (Or is digital-only?) The Marvel announcement definitely caught people's attention, especially with the whole "you only need one core set" thing. Is this going to be a trend going forward, or will this be something specific for this game? And any chance we could see that work it's way backwards to some existing games? I feel like the Arkham LCG core could definitely use it, since it really does feel bad to buy a second copy and not be able to use half the cards it comes with due to all the scenario cards. And it'd be nice to be able to actually build a legal deck out of what's in the L5R core, since it's really a bad look for new players. Any hints to what FFI's also been working on, or to when they're going to be announced? They've mentioned in the past that they have more non-LOTR projects in the works, but havn't said what.
  9. I mean, they *used* to make a lot of games not named Magic. Supporting non-Magic games, on the other hand... *that* they were terrible at. How many games came out that they only released the core set for and canned? Or one expansion? Or hideously bungled? Yeah, lately they don't really do anything anymore. I actually kind of miss when they'd experiment more, especially since they've totally got the R&D dollars to do so.
  10. If I remember correctly, Archived cards just go under your Archon card anyway. No real reason for a extra spot.
  11. I havn't actually been able to get out to a Kotei yet, but as worded it's supposed to be a single vote. In case of ties, the first tie-breaker is which role got the most votes out of all the clans, and then if there's still a tie it's chosen at random.
  12. As I understand it, it's going to be based off the Elemental votes that have been taking place at the Kotei-level events. Everyone who competes in one gets a vote towards which role they want their clan to get. If a clan currently has that role, that clan gets 10 Elemental points. And then, starting with the clan that has the least Elemental points (so basically they had the least popular role), they get assigned whatever role they voted for the most. And then the clan with the next least-points gets the one they voted for the most that still remains, working up the list. So basically if a clan has a incredibly popular role (so... a powerful choice), they'll probably get their second role assigned last.
  13. Oh hey, there's a OP article talking about roles, and Elemental Roles. In short, they're changing how often you have access to a role. The picks are staggered and are in effect for eight months. New roles are selected three times per year—at the Winter Court World Championship in November, after the first phase of Elemental Championships ends in March, and after the second phase of Elemental Championships ends in July. The new roles go into effect at the start of January, May, and September. Something is Coming Elemental Championships
  14. Maybe more of a carrot solution instead of a stick? Anyone can use any role, but the text past the keeper/seeker/elemental traits is only active if it's your clan's role. So you don't get the extra province, fate generation, extra influence, etc if you want to use a off-role for your clan, but if you stick to roles you get a bonus? That frees up some design space as well, where you could do strongholds that... say... can't be used with specific roles. (No Air roles, for instance.)
  15. I definitely did think that War of Honor was a cool idea. Although I did play in that first GenCon tournament for it... and boy did it get weird. Especially when it was single-elimination, and the top two players in your four-player pod move on. And you got paired into a pod with two Spider zombie breeders that were totally teaming up against everyone. And the fourth player didn't want to do *anything* to try to break them up or try to stop them. ...yeah. Anyway, I wonder if you could do something where if you declare a attack against a player and win, you get a couple bonus honor. You can't get the bonus honor again against that player until you have gotten it from every opposing player. So you're encouraged a bit to spread out your attacks so you have a honor advantage that can go into extra card draw.
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