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  1. PMAvers

    What will Wizards Do?

    I mean, they *used* to make a lot of games not named Magic. Supporting non-Magic games, on the other hand... *that* they were terrible at. How many games came out that they only released the core set for and canned? Or one expansion? Or hideously bungled? Yeah, lately they don't really do anything anymore. I actually kind of miss when they'd experiment more, especially since they've totally got the R&D dollars to do so.
  2. PMAvers

    What are the words (card spots) on the playmat?

    If I remember correctly, Archived cards just go under your Archon card anyway. No real reason for a extra spot.
  3. I havn't actually been able to get out to a Kotei yet, but as worded it's supposed to be a single vote. In case of ties, the first tie-breaker is which role got the most votes out of all the clans, and then if there's still a tie it's chosen at random.
  4. As I understand it, it's going to be based off the Elemental votes that have been taking place at the Kotei-level events. Everyone who competes in one gets a vote towards which role they want their clan to get. If a clan currently has that role, that clan gets 10 Elemental points. And then, starting with the clan that has the least Elemental points (so basically they had the least popular role), they get assigned whatever role they voted for the most. And then the clan with the next least-points gets the one they voted for the most that still remains, working up the list. So basically if a clan has a incredibly popular role (so... a powerful choice), they'll probably get their second role assigned last.
  5. Oh hey, there's a OP article talking about roles, and Elemental Roles. In short, they're changing how often you have access to a role. The picks are staggered and are in effect for eight months. New roles are selected three times per year—at the Winter Court World Championship in November, after the first phase of Elemental Championships ends in March, and after the second phase of Elemental Championships ends in July. The new roles go into effect at the start of January, May, and September. Something is Coming Elemental Championships
  6. Maybe more of a carrot solution instead of a stick? Anyone can use any role, but the text past the keeper/seeker/elemental traits is only active if it's your clan's role. So you don't get the extra province, fate generation, extra influence, etc if you want to use a off-role for your clan, but if you stick to roles you get a bonus? That frees up some design space as well, where you could do strongholds that... say... can't be used with specific roles. (No Air roles, for instance.)
  7. PMAvers

    SERIOUS Concerns

    I definitely did think that War of Honor was a cool idea. Although I did play in that first GenCon tournament for it... and boy did it get weird. Especially when it was single-elimination, and the top two players in your four-player pod move on. And you got paired into a pod with two Spider zombie breeders that were totally teaming up against everyone. And the fourth player didn't want to do *anything* to try to break them up or try to stop them. ...yeah. Anyway, I wonder if you could do something where if you declare a attack against a player and win, you get a couple bonus honor. You can't get the bonus honor again against that player until you have gotten it from every opposing player. So you're encouraged a bit to spread out your attacks so you have a honor advantage that can go into extra card draw.
  8. PMAvers

    The Next LCG

    I actually wonder if the next LCG might actually be a original digital-focused one via FFInteractive. Would let them get a bit more experimental with mechanics instead of having to be bound by paper constraints, plus reach new markets.
  9. PMAvers

    Unicorn article

    Probably would've been out of the scope of the article, but it would've been nice if there was a preview in the article to reinforce the "good stuff's coming!" view.
  10. PMAvers

    Bye points on tournaments

    The tournament regulations mention that the player assigned a bye gets a win for that round of the tournament, so I'd assume it'd be a full 10 points as per a normal win, since it didn't go to time and required the tie-breakers to resolve.
  11. Almost, but not quite from how I read the article. The bonus role is just for use at Worlds and the currently-unnamed-but-around-that-time-period in-store event. Priority on the bonus role goes to the clan with the least number of points (so basically least attendance), granting them access to whatever one they voted for the most. Working up the list to the next lowest number of points clan and whatever they voted for the most that's still available.
  12. Oh god, I had blacked the memories of that tournament out of my mind. First round getting paired up in a pod with two Spider zombie decks that were teaming up (since first and second-place in a pod moved on), and the fourth player not wanting to do *anything* to try to stop them... yeesh. Freaking cowardly Crane.
  13. Coming from it as a Old5R viewpoint... it was always kind of neat as a traditional "good morning, welcome to the event, good luck!" kind of thing. But I'd lose no sleep over it if it went away if it makes people uncomfortable. Mono no aware and all. Making people comfortable playing card games and growing the audience for the game is a vastly more important goal.
  14. PMAvers

    Battle for Rokugan

    *squints* Well, that's a familiar designer name. Holy crap, is Art of War actually happening?
  15. Honestly, if the Unicorn have to share their secrets with the Phoenix, they should get some of the Phoenix's secrets in return. Only fair, right?