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    Deck Boxes

    Ok i hope im not the only one that wants FFG deck boxes! The sleeves are amazing and it would be great to have deck boxes to match, not just art sleeves but the colors as well....anyone else think so?
  2. Farin2

    Number 2

    Anyone else hoping and wishing for a second movie?
  3. Farin2

    I like a good story

    I like a good story and I know this is a team work stratagy game based off the idea of one verse all…i still love this game and want the keeper to be less of an ass but not always the case depending on who is playing…anyone have some good house rules for nerfing the Keeper?
  4. Farin2


    Ok, yeah this is like my other post but really...this going to digital DL is not good...that a sigh that FFG doesnt want to continue with it!!! FFG!! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER!! People, we need to get united if we want another one!!!!
  5. anyone? lol im looking for people that play....i might get some friends into it but a larger group would be nice
  6. Farin2

    Hmm... this game looks interesting.

    If you like the idea of having battles between iconic character...then yes! If you like skirmish war games then yes! If you like the RPG then the setting and personality of the game should be perfect for you.
  7. Farin2

    Players in southeastern Wisconsin

    Sorry to Necro This one but just wanted to make sure you guys still play are Rockhead's. I lost my job and finally got a new one so Im getting back into the hooby I can def be there this friday if you guys still play
  8. Farin2

    3 Players

    I havnt played yet...just reading threw the rules and i see nothing saying that 2 people cant play this....is there a reason for the 3 player restriction?
  9. Farin2

    3 Players

    I see. Thank you both I did notice that once one of us was a head it was nearly game over for the other person.
  10. Farin2

    Difference to LCGs ?

    Much like the previous post. This is a Deck Building game so rather then showing up with a deck built to play...your trying to build a deck from cards available DURING the game rather then previously to playing.
  11. Farin2

    Heroes win fast

    Great point!! Very well said.
  12. Farin2

    Heroes win fast

    There is a title card that reads something like "Disard 3 rewards from any of your heroes to gain a dragon rune". Does this mean 3 collectively between all the heroes or 3 from any given ONE hero? If its the first one....thats broken.....
  13. Farin2

    Deck Boxes

    Mad PL, How much are those....those would be awesome for Runewars and WoW
  14. Farin2

    Heroes win fast

    Good views all around. Really makes sence actually.
  15. Farin2

    Heroes win fast

    ok. Thanks for the clear view on that. We shall role with it and find out just how broken it gets
  16. I was rather happy about this tell i noticed that the fantasy dice are a set of 6 and not the tarditional set of 7......seriously FFG.....are you going to do that?....so much for supporting your d% games....good job!
  17. Farin2

    Number 2

    They left this on a cliff hanger anyway....we need resolution in a sequel for sure!! PLEASE FFG!!!! MAKE MORE!!! LOTS MORE!!!!!
  18. Farin2

    A Battle of Function v. Form

    Darksbane said: Why not just get UltraPro clear sleeves, if you get the name brands they shouldn't scratch/cloud any more than ones with pictures on the back. I agree. Im a HUGE magic player and i know card sleeves. Ultra-Pro, FFG and dragonshield are the best outthere....period. You can get the Ultra-Pro sleeves at wal-mart for like 1-3 bucks. FFG's sleeves are freaking tough....like....idk if they could ever get ruined.
  19. Farin2


    I think we can all agree this was expected to happen, an LOTR card game was going to happen. But something on this scale and with this magnitude we could never have expected or seen. I for one am buying game with out a doubt. Ive been on the fence about a few games like dragonsheart and dungeonquest but this.....this is going to be in my game collection asap.
  20. Farin2

    Color sleeves

    Im thinking about using these for Magic....Im not sure thought if they are going to hold up to all the shuffling....
  21. Farin2

    Color sleeves

    MarthWMaster said: I don't know what you other people are doing with your cards, but Dragon Shield and UltraPro have always done the job for me. Though lately I've been ordering sleeves from overseas because I enjoy anime a whole lot. Those sleeves have a tendency to be very durable (and they come in packs of 60, which is nice). I shuffle that odd way where you split the deck and slide the cards into eachother. The corner on Ultra Pro really tend to bend BADLY doing this. My hope is that FFG's color sleeves will be a hard core as the clear ones...i have clear ones for runewars and they are soooo nice.
  22. Farin2

    Should I get....

    Should I get both at the same time? Would that be good or should I get the first set then the expansion later?
  23. Farin2

    Number 2

    I really cant wait for it....i would lvoe to see this as a Series...like Band of Brothers.
  24. Farin2

    gaming tokens

    The tokens are on the online store.
  25. Farin2

    Color sleeves

    im really hoping so because ultra pro is slacking...dragon shield is hard to come by and over rated