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  1. I think that you have some good ideas too, If I get time to work on AHC (http://lukestowe.co.uk/ahc) it would be easy for fans to put together their own cards. At the moment I am looking for other interested parties to submit location events. If you have any thoughts let me know
  2. A nice idea. I would be keen to see any work you have done on location cards. I have made a program that simulates the locatio decks and character cards (before the official toolkit was released) and what I want to do is rework it to allow fan to build up 'decks' of location events to play with. All I need is somebody to help me come up with some....
  3. Do you mean a board where player cards and items can be laid out? If so, I think that would be a good idea. Something that was non-slip would be an excellent idea. Some sort of space or pot to store monster trophies etc. I'm going to have to have a look on boardgamegeek now to see if I'm on the right lines.
  4. at the moment it is being redesigned to allow fan created materials to be entered and shared. at the moment the development has been stalled because test data (eg location events) is required.`1
  5. what about Arkham Horror Companion? lukestowe.co.uk/ahc
  6. hi all, I have found some interesting Arkham/Cthulhu images on the internet and am now considering using similar images as part of Arkham Horror Companion instead of the using official stuff. Has anybody got any artwork that they would be willing to be used in AHC? Or does anybody know of any good places to find some?
  7. what about creating some location cards? I am looking for contributions to use in the Arkham Horror Companion. At the moment it deals with plain RTF documents, but I am contemplating using files created in Strange Eons.
  8. I have been investigating and have found lots of probably unofficial media that I'm sure people have scanned in themselves. Just searching on Google gives dozens of pages of media that anybody could download for themselves. But, surely FFG would prefer to provide people with materials that their fans can use in order to stop people just scanning in and reusing it illegally?
  9. I too am looking for a font to use, but I am trying to put together web graphics. I have found the type writer font called carbon type, but an struggling to find a similar one to the Arkham logo. The closest is a font called eccentric. hope this helps.
  10. I really like this idea. I would love to implement clue cards into Arkham Horror Companion (http://www.lukestowe.co.uk/ahc) at some point in the future. I actually like the idea of bringing a roleplay element into the game. Including quotes or flavour text to draw when you pick up a clue token would be really good fun. I have been listening to NIN lyrics and thinking what a great clue card "Well, the tiniest little dot caught my eye and it turned out to be a scab And I had this funny feeling, like I just knew it's something bad I just couldn't leave it alone I cut off that scab It was a doorway trying to seal itself shut But I climbed through Now I'm somewhere I am not supposed to be And I can see things I know I really shouldn't see" copyright NIN (Album: With Teeth, Track:Only)
  11. does anybody know if there is any media that is available for fans to use to create graphics for websites/fan creations etc? What about fonts or logos or anything like that?
  12. sorry Avi_Dreader, it's not Mac compatible..yet, but if anybody wants to join in development and create it for the Mac I'd be more than happy to share source code.
  13. I only need card text that isn't copyright. I haven't received official word from FFG, but I am expecting them to say that their card text is not to be used in AHC. So, I am making it so everybody can input their own creations. I had looked into Strange Eons and am wondering how possible it would be to export from that into AHC. Does anybody here work on Strange Eons. I'd love to make contact with the programmers to discuss the possible cross overs.
  14. hey there, basically, I am changing the format of the cards so they appear in the Arkham typewriter font. I am also in the process of changing the system to allow users to type in their own events, so, if you have any sumissions I could use as test data that would be excellent! I am a college lecturer during the day, so I'm not going to make great headway with it until the summer.
  15. Avi_dreader said: I hate to break it to you, but you're probably going to get shut down (based on what they did previously— why do you think they'd've changed their policy in the last year?) I agree. Thats why I'm asking for people to help me by submit their own events for real world Arkham locations. I am re-working AHC in order to allow fans to input their own creations and therefore take out any copyrighted materials. With any luck I should be able to make the program that I always wanted to.
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