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  1. The plan is to have two diffrent gms runing the game's were going to make a 10 by 10 inch map with the worlds on it and state what they are so we know whats going on with them and what kind of trade we can genrat. the idea then is say plant a is a resouce would and plant b is a forge would then the rouge trader can get a 5 point incres with a grand ender so lets say rouge trader b fineds plant c another resouce world and finds the above mention forge would he could negtioa a better deal and get 4 points and knocking the other group back to 0 points if you get a jist of the idea we would be throwing in some other random ideas like speding points on an assassin and were planing on having a large space hulk randomly turn up in sectors via dice rolls
  2. Hello all I have recently joing a RPG comunity at my local university, and they have had an intresting idea i thourt i would share They are consdrig runing two rouge trader games agiens each other, so each of the two groups could effect each others profit factors. The basic idea is run both games at about mid level 40 ship points 50 profit factor befor CC and then work out where they stand and then race to make a profit factor of 100 (or what ever is more resonable) and if the oppitunity presents its self maybe kill the other party if they are in the same place at the same point of time. any advice or thourts on this idea?
  3. http://bunny-comic.com/?id=28 some how fourt this would be amusing and provest that even to day H.P lovecraft still inspieres
  4. ok game wise being in the uk i have alot of RPG's mainly the white wolf one's i play magic not a big fan have a zombie deck that a mix of sets and blocks play VETS (evil card game) played that by email befor and i am curently runing a dnd 4 ed game
  5. my exp is that shub and cthulhu are rather stronge for the mosters agencey and uni is what i use and if you pull the right bits its very strong haust and syndicate work very well but mine are the core set and teh anicent horror ap pack (sorry spelling gone out the window on this one i think)
  6. ok guys so far thank you for the help the list of cards dose really help a lot thanks for that i have to ask a couple of question later about som outeher deckl ideads
  7. ok semi new to the game(well the LCG format at lest) when i played in the ccg format there was a deep one deck a mate gave me ok so far i have got a copy of the box set and a ancient horror pack what i have character wise is Dagon,ravager from the deep ,mature deep one, young deep one and adult deep one supporrt wise i have shadowed reef a must in this deck, pulled under,touched by the sleeper,deep one assualt,sord of y'ha-tallo,get it off and finaly sacrificial offerings goign to have innsmouth troublemaker in the deck and guardian shoggoth as the toughness will help at times can you guys let recomend any more cards to go in the deck and from what packs?
  8. put the netural ,shub-niggurath and cthulhu factions together for the best bet you have for a deck out of the starter box
  9. you can still buy the old starter decks of this website so you can get the old domain cards and the old story cards to chop and change the game
  10. Scotophobia + hastur, pay 3 and the loft. i somehow think Cthulhu will be bouncinging hin his littel cell evil littel combo if you can pull it off
  11. I live in Bradford so i am only a short distense form leeds city center so there is a option
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