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  1. Camyll supports himself on Teagan's shoulders and starts walking towards the motorbike. "We have to get back." -Says, grumbling-. "This f**** world is rotten, and we have work to do." "Also, I need somebody to extract this **** from my body. But first the Governess and my armor."
  2. Now, seriously, I think healer should be a little bit more effective. But just a little bit. Players playing cautously should be the reality of this game for me, and because of that in my games there are not so many "pulpy" scenes of cinematic action. When bullets start to fly it's usually short and lethal, and those with better cover, situation and surprise usually win (That's because the wound system I implemented, which is different to this one, less lethal). Anyway, I feel a little bump to first aid would't be too "videogamy". Once per encounter would be worth of trying.
  3. That's exactly what remembrance + specialist talents call for, as I understood them. You need the Specialist: Administratum to being able to roll Remembrance to know something not so common of them. When a character learns "Specialist: Inquisitors", he is really "into" the Inquisition, not simply working without knowing what's going on.
  4. Camyll stands up with a hand in his blood covered torso, looking at Reginald expectant. "What does that say, for the Throne?" -Hurries him up.
  5. Because of this drug addiction rules are something I don't use in my games, unless a character is following a narratively coherent way about it. For example, a character who wants to infiltrate a group of Obscura users and gets two weeks injecting that ****. But by normal rules, if you drink two times a week you can get addicted with no effort. Neh. That's not how drugs work, and I've tried some of them during my life.
  6. Camyll spits blood and gets his hands to his torso, where a huge chunk of metal is buried deep in his flesh. He looks at Reginald, who is covered in dust and ashes, and smiles lightly. "Oh, amigo. Sure you look worse than me" -Swallows-. "But I might be dying". [Toughness roll: 28. I fail by ONE. Spend fate point to reroll: 22 [yay!]. Two fate points left. No blood loss, tho.]
  7. Camyll runs quickly trying to pick up the files, but stumbles. He then looks at the pickup, staring as it was in slow-motion how the gasoline around the vehicle ignites. Seconds after he is rolling meters apart, severely injured, small flames covering him. [With my 80 roll and not having athletics skills, my base difficulty would be 15, so I don't pick up the bag, and I suffer the frag grenade explosion. And I've no armor. Roll for damage: 11 - TB2 = 9 wounds. That is 9-5 wounds I had, -4 wounds, crit in the chest. Don't have the books now to look for the tables]
  8. Camyll's running to the pickup, but it's not quickly enough. [i was going to make the accounting, but I got an 80 in the roll, so doesn't matter]
  9. Camyll runs like **** to pick the bag. If the window is broken camyll will shot the cultist in the back of the head and will pick up the bag. If the window is closed two shots would be needed. After that (If he is able to do it) Camyll would flee like the hell is coming to get him.
  10. The pickup drifts to the side and crashes hard into a corn field. Camyll stops the motorbike near the accident and dismounts, drawing his pistol, and walks carefully to the wrecked pickup. [Could I see the driver? Is he trying to scape, or there's no movement? I try to scan the pickup with the in-built auger array = Per 40 + Awareness +10, + 20 from the Augur Array. Roll is 38, i dunno the difficulty] [i spend a fate point to regain wounds, Roll 1d5 = 4 wounds. Now Camyll is at 5 wounds]
  11. Sorry, guys, I've been busy with the coming back home. But I'm here again, yep. Also, my character is still running around with the respectable clothes he used for the feast. No armour for me!!! xDD Nah, seriously, after the ride I have to get backj to the room for it.
  12. Camyll feels the sword cutting the robes unto his flesh, burning with the touch of the poison [Failed thougness test, so I'm heavily wounded, I suppose]. Steps back with a grim expression in his eyes and shoots the enemy. [Aim + Semi-Auto = HP 40 + 10 Aim - 10 Heavily wounded, Roll 29, that is... three degrees of success in this system?. If that's righ, would be two shots, damage of each 3 + 2 = 5 and 10 + 2 = 12 (RF?)]
  13. Camyll tries to dodge the sword ineffectively [Rolls 60, and He is untrained, so shiaat. And I didn't have time to put on the Armour. Bye guises! xD].
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