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  1. How so? I haven't played in a while and never against Tauntauns.
  2. I use a roll of shelf liner that I have cut in 6" wide strips and lay it along the long edges. Works perfectly and gives a place to put the cards.
  3. Can you only make one sniper team from one box of Commandos?
  4. Twice now I have been victim to the missing AT-RT handlebar (without the arm attached), which seems to be a widespread issue if FB posts are to be believed. Opened a ticket with Customer Support. We'll see what happens.
  5. I'm already painting 40k and Dark Age. I won't have the time to put in the last bit I need to also finish RW. Also, a friend who just bought in was wondering about the policy. I know about pride in a painted army. Been in the hobby a long time. Sometimes there isn't enough time.
  6. Adepticon has an overall rule saying all minis for all events need to be painted (with obvious effort) with at least 3 colors unless the event says otherwise. Are the Runewars events abiding by this requirement?
  7. It's just a mousepad mat. The colors are all Prismacolor markers and Micron pens. I sealed it with workable fixative. I haven't had any issues with it as of yet.
  8. This is the list I played last night versus a friend playing Waiqar where he tried out a 6 tray block of Death Knights. I got decimated pretty handily. Aliana of Summersong x1 [33] --Unique: Ambush Predator [3] ----------Total Unit Cost: 36 Deepwood Archers x4 [30] --Equipment: Wind Rune [6] --Music: Marching Starling [2] ----------Total Unit Cost: 38 Deepwood Archers x4 [30] --Equipment: Wind Rune [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 36 Leonx Riders x3 [24] --Training: Column Tactics [4] ----------Total Unit Cost: 28 Leonx Riders x3 [24] --Training: Column Tactics [4] ----------Total Unit Cost: 28 Aymhelin Scions x1 [14] --Unique: Vicious Roots [3] ----------Total Unit Cost: 17 Aymhelin Scions x1 [14] --Unique: Vicious Roots [3] ----------Total Unit Cost: 17 I tried using the Scions as blocking units for the Archers and the Leonx as my charging units. It didn't ultimately work out that way. I also intended to hold off with Aliana for a while so that Ambush Predator could do more damage. Thoughts?
  9. Steward says "cannot become dishonored" and thus, will not be overidden. The "dishonor" choice cannot be made and bow is the only option from For Shame!. Without the bow option on For Shame!, the triggering would not be allowed due to the absence of the potential of game state change from the effects of the card alone. I don't believe a need for an official ruling is needed as the RRG has all the answers here.
  10. From the new preview from Ravos, we have "Steadfast [Fear 2]". It is the first instance of a number in the Steadfast keyword. The rules for Steadfast say this: Rules as written, the X would be replaced by "Fear 2", which is not a card type. "Fear" is a card type, but X is not the number "2", so there isn't "2" additional morale icons. We know what the rule intent is, though. Perhaps there needs to be an errata/FAQ for this new instance. This doesn't fall under 45.7 either since it's not multiple instances either. It's just one instance of the keyword.
  11. I thought there was an entry in the combat section that specified accuracy could not be used for figure upgrades in the backmost rank (I don't have the RRG in front of me right now), but I could be mistaken. This makes perfect sense now! Thanks to the both of you!
  12. Support figure upgrades (generally) say they must be put in the back rank. What benefit or detriments does this have for the figure upgrade in question? As I understand how Accuracy works in combat, it can't be used against the upgrades in the back-most ranks, so that somewhat keeps them from being sniped out. How does it work when the unit takes enough damage to where the figure upgrade is the only thing left in the back rank? Does the enemy now have to exceed the upgrade's armor/wounds before damage is done to the rest of the unit? Do I just start pulling normal models from the unit and move the upgrade into the front rank to fill in? I've tried to read up on the rules for combat, upgrades, figure upgrades and everything to make it make sense, but I am still confused.
  13. I now concede this debate thanks to @Isawa Tasatu and @shosuko with their excellent research and explanations of their points. I do believe you may, in fact, target a bowed character with Duelist Training's action. Thanks to the both of you for the discussion! Now watch, some developer will come and clarify that you cannot do that very thing!
  14. Good catch! I had not noticed this! The action on Duelist Training has already resolved (in fact, it must) before the duel even begins! So, the "Instead of giving honor for this duel's bid, a player may choose and discard the required number of cards from hand." replaces step D.5 of the duel sequence and the "Bow the loser of the duel." happens even after D.9 and after the Duelist Training action has resolved, making that sentence inconsequential to the targeting requirements. So, the question still remains: Will the duel technically affect the bowed target? If not, then they are not a valid target. Indeed, clarification is needed.
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