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  1. Joey, sometimes a carboard sheet will be misprinted, or components are missing from the box. That's when you email them and the proof of purchase lets them know you actually did buy the game
  2. BTJ

    X-Wing Boxes

    http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Star-Wars-Rebel-Fleet-Foam-Tray-%28BF%252d1.5%29.html http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Star-Wars-Ships-Foam-Tray-%28BF%252d1.5%29.html http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Star-Wars-Imperial-Fleet-Foam-Tray-%28BF%252d1.5%29.html http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Star-Wars-Game-Foam-Kit-for-the-P.A.C.K.-216-%28BF%29.html They're all made for specific Battlefoam cases, not the game boxes. I also don't think anyone will ever fill one of the dedicated fleet inserts, 12 TIE advanceds? The generic one seems to be the best, and the last of my links has a tray for the game components too
  3. Honestly. you're probably best off dropping the corruption by 10 and Infamy by 5, then apply the changes for advanced Archetypes. Otherwise, even with the option to burn off corruption more PCs will spawn out as opposed to becoming Daemon princes. The campaign I'm running started with starting Infamy/Corruption similar to yours, and a 100 Infamy target for the players, and I can't see more than 1/3 of them making it. Though these fuckers lucked out and made a Grey knight Grand master die of blood loss……
  4. I. J. Thompson said: I agree with Hothie. This is a space game. BTJ said: I'd love to see some prequel stuff. Ok, the movies weren't great, but they had some awesome tech, especially the fighters the clones used. I'd say I'm in the minority here though, most people seem to want to forget those movies were ever made. You're not alone. Say what you wll about the films, I love some of those ships. The Naboo N1 and the ARC-170, in particular, I would love to have… According to Battlefront 2, the republic gunship was space capable. Imagine that thing in game, it would be awesome! Backed up by Anakin and some ARC-170s.
  5. I'd love to see some prequel stuff. Ok, the movies weren't great, but they had some awesome tech, especially the fighters the clones used. I'd say I'm in the minority here though, most people seem to want to forget those movies were ever made. I can also see stuff coming out to tie in with the new movies as well when they come out.
  6. I don't know of any company that allows LGS's to sell early. Most have a clause that mean a shop is caught selling early, they have to wait six months after a product's release to be able to get it
  7. I was just wondering what Archetypes are in Tome of Blood as I want to get it, but only if they put Night Lords in as an Archetype. A list of the others would be great too because some of my Players are the type to enjoy World eaters a bit too much, so I'd like to throw them a bone.
  8. Can't wait to get my hands on some TIE interceptors finally. Still raging over the fact that I missed out on the Kessel Run, the one in my LGS only had three people play in it
  9. I'm amazed no-one mentioned secret societies from LoP yet.They're great ways of dragging unsuspecting PCs into something sinister, and provide a handy back-up if you need to think of some bad things to happen to your players. Also, IMO Slaanesh is the easiest chaos god to work into a campaign as every town and city could potentially harbour at least one Slaaneshi cult, whereas the others might be harder to justify in some areas.
  10. Darth Vader with swarm tactics for Imps, and Wedge for rebels
  11. I don't mind the price so much, means it'll cost €18 in my LGS. Ok, TEW2 took a while to come out, but that doesn't mean anything by itself. If they announce another box and it's delayed too, then maybe it's time to worry a little
  12. Wow, here's me thinking I was all organised with my core set box holding all my cards (separated with elastic bands) and largecards (careers, handouts etc.) and then all the monster chits sorted with elastic and stuffed in the creature vault box.
  13. They''d be handy, but I think the photos are a little jarring, especially as you used Magpie's artwork, but nobody else's.
  14. If you see the core set for sale, pick it up, it's great value. It works out the same price as all the books(might even be cheaper, depending on where you get it), and has all the action/talent cards, wound cards, stand ups, dice, etc. you'll need. That, the four ruinous powers expansions, and hero's call, and that's everything you need to run a nice long campaign
  15. I think he meant TGS would end with the characters having 4-5 XP in total, not that they would have gained 4-5XP per session. Most sessions seem to last around three hours, so if you're worried about XP gain, just grant two XP a session, not one. Seems simple enough.
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