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  1. I like the idea of changing Parry & Reflect to this and it makes additional ranks of them a nicer investment. Currently I have no worries about a PC having high ranks in either Parry or Reflect because - 1) it is quite a high XP expenditure on their part, 2) the strain cost is still a limiting factor on how many times they can actually use it, and 3) quite often I would expect the PCs to be facing off against more than one opponent so there is always the danger of focus fire, which we have seen from the movies can take out even jedi masters. As for Improved Parry/Reflect the only thing I could think is either make it two Threat or a Despair and move them further down the tree, or perhaps make it an active ranked talent where you spend 3 strain to get the automatic hit with additional ranks in Improved Parry/Reflect reducing the strain cost by 1 to a minimum of 1. I don’t think adding Improved Parry/Reflect to Niman Disciple fits well with how that style has been described, in fact I would go so far as to suggest maybe removing Parry and Reflect from the first tier and replacing them with something along the lines of Well Rounded and Smooth Talker.
  2. I know the EU has mostly been discarded now but I always liked the bit about Lightfoils, the one built by non-force users were considered inferior to the Lightfoils created by the Sith and to Lightsabers but non-force users were able to build them and wield them effectively. So perhaps a method of showing this in-game could be (in regards to non-Force users), they can build Lightsabers if they have the knowledge or schematics, however, the lightsaber will have the inferior quality and they would be unable to add any modifications that are associated with the crystal. Hilt modifications (like curved, extended etc.) would be perfectly reasonable for them.
  3. My group is thinking of switching over from Saga to Edge and this tool has been a great tool to use it allowed me to whip up character sheets for all five of them in no time. So I just like to add my thanks to OggDude for making it and the continuous updates you have done. I would like to know if it is possible to add more sheets to the character sheets as currently it is at four and while this is fine for the time being with higher experience characters the third sheet cannot contain all the talents and Force Powers an individual May end up with.
  4. I would definitely be interested but it would have to depend on the day and time, I live in the UK. Out of curiosity would you allow species from the GSA's Species Menagerie?
  5. I noticed that Wayland Games website has this up for pre-order with an expected release date do December 21st. Even if the date isn't correct it provides a good estimate for when we can expect to see it.
  6. I would certainly be interested in joining, I only recently bought the core set and am currently reading through it also I’ve never used FG before so that is new to me too.
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