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  1. You are correct. The wording is clear for Drastic Measures at least. Improve two skills first (with the usual restrictions ofc), then impair the remaining three (which may result in one or more of these not being impaired).
  2. One of the prequel cards has you improve two skills and impair the remaining three. (Desperate Measures card mebbe?) If my character has a (say Strength) starting skill of one, are you saying that I MUST choose to improve the Strength score, rather than saying, "I pick the Strength skill to be impaired, however it can't be reduced any further"?
  3. When your character gets to choose which abilities get impaired, is it okay to choose ones that cannot be reduced further?
  4. On the basis that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.... If the Detained character successfully clears the Detained condition with an Influence roll...does that roll replace both her actions, or can she take a second action at that point?
  5. Yeah, that was the conclusion I belatedly came to, that anything is eligible here. It's not even ambiguous, just a bit leftbrain compared to the other blasty spells.
  6. When an investigator passes a Lore test while resolving a Spell effect he may spend one Clue and discard that Spell after he has finished resolving it's effects. If he does, place one Eldritch token on this card. Does that include Lore tests on Spells triggered by Reckoning?
  7. My FLGS has been telling me, for about six weeks now, that the Adventurer's Kit is on back order. I believe the AK did immediately sell out, and was on back order for a time, but both the FFG and Amazon sites are saying it is now available. Despite my repeatedly calling to enquire over the past few weeks, my FLGS keeps saying the same thing. Personally I am suspicious they have ever properly followed up with FFG. Before I remove my business from my FLGS, can anyone tell me what the availability timeline actually was.
  8. I'm a little confused about Advances as they pertain to Wounds. On the front of the character templates, the Wounds advances range from 0 for a Gambler, all the way to 3 for a Troll Slayer. The reverse of the character record sheet has Wound Threshold as a 'General Advance' option. My reading is that the gambler can pick (a maximum of) one wound advance, the Troll Slayer can pick (a maximum of) four wound advances in their respective careers. Is my reading correct?
  9. Although the example provided was a little silly, unless you are fighting something mindless, social interaction is indeed an important part of combat. The more socially evolved the opponents, the more likely social interaction is not only going to be a part of combat, it may well become the most important element of the fight. You can intimidate your opponent, either to make his attacks less effective, or to convince him to run away, or perhaps even to surrender. You can enrage your opponent, moving his stance towards recklessness. You can appeal to your opponent, for mercy, or for a pause to talk, or to convince him that your reinforcements are on the way.
  10. Mal Reynolds said: The first part (Mistaken Identity, Shadows over Bögenhafen and Death on the Reik), and the second part (Power Behind the Throne) can be converted without much problems. Although TEW starts in 2512, it can be easily transfered to the year of the current edition. And the campaign will work fine as a prelude of darker times to come. I don`t think any information in TEW will contradict the current setting, and the historically facts from TEW are excellent background information to feed your players. However the later parts of the grand campaign, will be a problem, especially Empires in Flames. This part clearly creates a alternative storyline for warhammer that was not used in the 2nd edition. The civil war of the Empire should not coincidence with the storm of chaos event, unless you want a very, very grim setting for your game. But the 2 first parts, are the best parts of TEW, and would have no or little problem with fitting in with the current edition. I know that someone made a 2nd editon conversion of TEW, but only going as far as to convert every NPC in TEW to 2e. I hope that everyone in FFG involved with the campaign creating process for WHFRP 3, have The Enemy Within on a pedestal nearby, as a constant reminder of what they should strive for. Actually Power Behind The Throne is the best part of the series. As good as the first three (two? ) parts are, they are 'just' extremely good FRP romps. PBtT raised the bar on roleplaying, period.
  11. I am actively converting now(ish) for my TEW campaign due to start in early January. This will be my third running of this brilliant campaign, and I am stoked for the opportunity to try it with FFG's new rules system. I started a thread on this already at RPGnet: forum.rpg.net/showthread.php in which I have listed some of my key elements to address. I am still unfamiliar with the new edition, reading up on it this week, but I am not expecting any issues. The major concern I have is with the setting period, as that was always a mess for TEW being run under both 1e and 2e. As I understand it, 3e is set just before the Storm of Chaos, but otherwise in synch with the wargame history? If that is the case, there is a fair bit of bashing required, changing the Graf and Emperor names etc perhaps. Does anyone have a good sourcebook I can use for that, ahead of any product launches from FFG? Should I use Sigmar's Heirs, or something from WFB? Cheers, Motorskills
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