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  1. I was wondering if any of the covers of the various boxed sets/expansions were ever made available at prints or posters? I would love to have the art from "Lure of Power" or "The Witch's Song" in print form. Any ideas?
  2. found one - Barnes and Noble - $90
  3. Anyone have a new or good used complete copy?
  4. When do you play FG?? quote name="Noelyuk" post="1299906" timestamp="1413339993"]It has to be said though Ssiknaf. You may struggle to find the entire collection given that it's no longer in print. Good luck with finding it. And if all else fails. Get yourself a copy of Fantasy Grounds and come and join our merry band of WFRP3 players. We're always on the look out for players
  5. who still has stuff for sale? I sold my entire wfrp3 collection (had it all), but looking to reacquire it all.
  6. Fantastic! This is what got me into WFRP all the way back in the First Edition - the storytelling! The adventures have such a great sense of drama, of intrigue - of "the face behind the mask" feel. This adventure sounds in the grand tradition of The Enemy Within and Power Behind the Throne. Now if I could only find a group to play with in the Kansas City Metro area - i can find no players (I have the core set and GM and Player's kits), and also don't know of any retailer in town hosting the Black Fire Pass event....
  7. I am an old school 1st Edition WFRP man, but I'm very excited about the new edition! Looking for players/groups in the Kansas City area. Or just other Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or even older school "The Fantasy Trip" from Metagaming players.
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