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  1. 1. Can the navigator build if he/she chooses not to take 4 cards/gold?? Similarly, can the witch choose not to bewitch, and continue his/her turn?? 2. If the diplomat switches a building that is LESS than his/her original building, does he get gold back? 3. Why does the abbot suck? 4. When the Emperor gives the crown to a player, does the player pick gold/cards, or does the emperor pick gold cards? If the player picks, is it at random, or is it at the player's choice? 5. Is the Queen's ability to take 3 gold dependent on the CROWN itself, or dependant on the player who took the King or Emperor card? Like, if she sat next to the person who took the Emperor card, yet the Crown itself is passed away from her, does she recieve gold? 6. When playing to 6 or 7 districts, how many victory points should be awarded for the player who reaches the target first? 7. When playing to 5-6 districts, should more points be awarded for the player who has all 5 colours? 8. If the diplomat takes the museum that has cards underneath it for victory points, does the diplomat take everything? 9. Can a bewitched emperor give the crown to the witch?? 10. Why are the districts distributed in such a way that there are 19 greens, 11 reds, 11 blue, or 10 yellows? (the #s can be a little off, but there are more dominantly green districts).
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