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  1. I rarely post here anymore, but I have to say I'm thrilled they finally released a third expansion. I wouldn't even mind if this was the last one, I'm happy that we get the missing Cylon Leaders and the end of the story. I had almost lost hope, but it was worth it to be patient. Now I hope the armed raptors will have cool rules and that Daybreak integrates well with Pegasus and Exodus.
  2. I would have preferred a real expansion, in a box. I don't like the proxying, that's not why I play board games.
  3. @ wormhole surfer: I agree with Toqtamish. I would love for example that Doomtrooper would return as LCG. But it's highly unlikely. So be happy about Android: Netrunner.
  4. This will be the first true SF LCG from FFG. This is like a blinking sign for me that says: "Buy it, redsimon! Now is the time for you to start playing an LCG!" What I like about A:N is that it takes part in a universe where Earth actually exists and the world is a dark and dangerous place. I like Fantasy, I love SF and dark futures.
  5. Mordjinn said: "Revive an adjacent hero who has been knocked out." No more dying!!! My prayers to the gaming gods have been answered. Thank you FFG! Yup, a good idea that they took from the Gears of War board game.
  6. I am not really sure what happens when an Adrenal Genestealer rolls a "0" in an attack. Can someone explain it to me in detail?
  7. Yes, I am particularly interested in how the 10 turn cap and the cards for the invaders are introduced. I hope both are optional and can be combined or you can choose just one.
  8. This new game was presented by FFG on GAMA: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/436553.page
  9. I second that. Give us Rex avatars!
  10. The expansion looks awesome. Unfortunately we have to wait until October for the German edtion of "The Dragon", so this one is probably for 2013.
  11. I agree completely. I think we all would prefer a complete core set, where you don't have to buy another one for full deck-building options. But if not possible, because FFG wants more profit, then they could at least make a core set where 2 copies are enough for full deck-building capabilities, and 3 copies for full options for 2 people. I think that is fair.
  12. I would prefer both co-op and PvP. Given one option: Co-op, but as Rebels AND Empire! Who wants to play rebels all the time? That's the problem with LOTR LCG. I would love to play as the Shadow.
  13. @ AnotherHorrorFan: True, the ideas here in the thread sound way better than what we heard from FFG so far.
  14. Dralamir said: So, because the newest expansion ruleset always supercedes the previous ones I'd still say that Cylons are treated like humans when the game mechanic says "players". Does that make sense? No, I'm afraid it doesn't. The new ruleset can override an old one. But A) only when explicitly mentioned (why would you assume otherwise?) and B) what happens when combinig Peagsus and Exodus is mentioned in Exodus rulebook. Unless it says here that a Pegasus rule is overruled, it is not.
  15. I think with Cylon Fleet Option of Exodus Dee has her use. Without she doesn't.
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