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  1. Im wondering if the 'Campaign' is all within this box or lets you play against other Gods (random setups) as well. Wakrob
  2. The article implies there some limited amount of promotional copies that would go out early. But what I dont want to happen is to make a Pre-order and then not get one of the 'early' copies, yet still be charged for a pre-order that comes much much later. Wakrob
  3. As part of the process, careful rituals must also be performed to inscribe runes and litanies into the armour. This requires a Hard (–20) Scholastic Lore (Occult) or Forbidden Lore (Imperial Creed) test for each location. Are both skills at -20 or just the Scholastic Lore (Occult) part? Thanks Wakrob
  4. Wakrob

    Only 4 player?

    Sooo....I admit I have too many friends....but I need my games to support 6 or more most the time. How long and how much for 5-6 player expansion? Wakrob (Duluth, MN - dont make me come down there)
  5. Yeah, I miswrote that. The Blitzer gains the Ball Skill after a successful tackle. So it seems a response goes away before it can be used if you get downed from the trigger. My only question now is if you have to apply both tackle dice from some effect....do they get applied one at a time resolving all triggers from the first before you apply the second or are they simultanious. Wakob
  6. I like your take on the Witch Elf cheat power. For the Human Blitzer I think it depends on if both dice are applied simultaneously or not. If you resolve the dice one at a time he either tackles, gets the ball, and then falls down and loses the ball....or he falls down, loses his power, and then tackles the target. But even if they are applied simultaneously it could be that they are both 'tackled', he gets the ball...then they both fall down and he loses the ball. Or they both fall down and then his power cant trigger because he lost it.....seems like in no version of timing does the Blitzer get the ball.
  7. We had a few cases were I was unsure if a Response would trigger. Human Bltizer Response - When successfully tackles gain the ball. An event was up that had bad weather of some sort - Roll two dice on all tackle attempts and apply BOTH dice. My Blitzer tackled a guy and himself fell down with the two dice. So does he get the ball? He did successfully tackle but once you are knocked down you lose all your text abilities... Another example came up where a Witch Elf Star Player had the ability that every tackle gave a cheat token to the tackler and the tackled. She was then tackled...does her reponse give them both a cheat token before she loses the power? Wakrob
  8. The two expansions come with identical Team Upgrades for the original teams. I assume we are meant to just use one of them? Wakrob
  9. "All Spells have a energy of 1 unless printed with another number or replaced by a discarded energy card" That would be obvious. The statement you quoted (which I saw), implies there are some spells that have 1 energy, and might be printed as such…which I cant be sure unless I looked at every card ahead of time, which I didnt to keep some mystery to the game and keep it fun. So…Ill just go with I win.
  10. The rules are not clear. Do all spells have an Energy of 1 unless showing a higher value? I cant believe the rules dont state this in an obvious fashion somwhere. Can Waterbolt go around corners like Featherweight? If you 'Knockback' yourself for 3 movement but there is only 2 squares of straight line to use do you take 1 damage for the remaining movement that bumps into a wall?
  11. If you cast a spell can you wait to see if anyone is going to counter it before you add an energy card to it?
  12. Here is the rule on Action Cards A player may never play two identical Action Cards for the same situation and/or on the same entity during one round. They give Flank Speed being used twice on the same fleet as an example of something you cant do. I wish they gave more examples to better flesh out that rule. I cant think of any off hand though I dont know all the cards that well.
  13. Farro said: So the answer to Signal Jamming would be that you can play it on different Systems, regardless of who is the owner of the System. Now if the Signal Jamming card targeted a player instead of a System, you could not play it twice on the same player. It does kind of target a player. You have to take one players Command Counter and place it on the board.
  14. Sorry, another Q that came up. Shard of the Throne (LAW) Elect Player Give this card to the player. He needs 1 less victory point to win the game. When another player destroys 1 unit belonging to this card's owner during battle, the attacker recieves this card. Sooo…could this card go bakc and forth to the same players in the same battle? Or do you wait till after the battle is over? And does the attacker have to win the battle? Do you have to be the 'attacker'?
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