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  1. ugavine said: I do have a LGS but they were told by their supplier they had ran out of Free RPG Day products so couldn't have anything. FFG did sent the store some copies of Shadows of a Black Sun, but despite being first in the queue (and having all EOTE on pre-order along with going to the store Saturday to buy other RPGs) I was not allowed one!!! I've been a completist of Star Wars RPGs since 1987 and have been a FFG customer for many years buying board games and 40K RPGs, so not very happy I now cannot get a physical copy of this. Very upset. It's not a perfect solution for you, but people are already selling them on ebay. You could always do that if you don't feel like waiting to see if FFG will release it again with another product. I would imagine that the PDF will show up here shortly, but if you need the hardcopy, I think you're going to have to find one on ebay. Sorry.
  2. Thanks for the head's up MrBaldwin. I have to be out-of-town for a graduation, so I can't get to my local FLGS. Popped on to Noble Knight, found an old book I've been looking for at a pretty good price and bought the Star Wars adventure for a penny. Great find! Thanks! J1414
  3. Wow - That is several times more helpful than I thought was possible...Thanks! That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for to get folks started, get a feel for the game before we take time aside to build characters ourselves. Thanks guys!
  4. I'd like to run WFRP 3e in the very near future, but I'd like to hit the ground running and just have the players select from a choice of pregens which cover a pretty wide variety of career choices. Once these characters die and/or the players feel familiar enough with the system to spend the better part of an evening creating characters, we can do that...but first things first... So...anyone know of any Pregen starting characters?
  5. Thanks for the update. Yeah - not exactly what I was looking for, but nothing I'm going to get overly upset over. I've enjoyed the game as-is, so I'm not gonna lose it over a few cards. Besides, too much good stuff coming that I am gong to buy to worry about a few things I'm not gonna buy.
  6. I purchased 2 Core Sets and every release to date (up to Signs of Faith, which should be available to buy in my area sometime this week). My question is this... It's my understanding that I don't really need to purchase the upcoming Vaults (other than the Creature Vault) because they're replicating bits n' pieces of which I already have a plethora. The issue is that some cards have been updated and I believe it was said that the updated cards are going to be released in either the Player Vault or the GM Vault. Is there another distribution method for those of us that bought the Core Set (or two)? I'm usually a completist, and have every intention of buying the upcoming Guide Books - I just don't see the need to buy the Vaults as I'm already having storage issues with the bits I already own. Love the current game - love the idea of the upcoming hard covers. No complaints in either direction. I just want to know if folks in my situation can get the updated cards without the Vaults. I'm happy to mail FFG the current cards to get the updated ones as replacements (as long as the process is fast, as they're pretty important cards and I can't go without for very long ), or pretty much any other process that FFG might have in mind. If this has been answered ad nauseum, my sincere apologies. Jason
  7. I don't know how accurate the release dates are, but has anyone seen this yet? http://www.frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=2640 All of the Guides/Vaults are listed (and shown) as being due this November. Wow...I certainly wasn't expecting them that soon... Thankfully, my birthday just happens to fall...in November
  8. Does anyone know when the books/vaults are due out? I know that the preview indicated winter, I'm just curious if they're something I should be putting on my Christmas list or my Valentine's Day list?
  9. RabidWookie said: dvang said: <sigh> Geez. The supplements are NOT obsoleted by the Guides nor Vaults. As I pointed out, most notably the supplements have ADVENTURES in them, which are not contained in any other product. Along with this are any background/area information that might be included in the supplement. If those alone aren't enough for you, I'm not sure that the Player's Vault includes career cards, which if true is another thing the supplements has. So, please stop the doom and gloom about products beings made worthless or obsolete. FFG is very aware of what the products do, and are intentionally producing the products in a way that no products will be made "obsolete". They listened to fans that wanted information in hardcover form, and more specific sets to augment what they've already bought, and have done their best to do so without obsoleting the previous stuff, and still introduce a few new things that would make it appealing to those who have already bought the previous stuff. I've said several times already that my complaints will be valid IF the Vaults contain all of the bits from the supplements. If not, I've got no issue. I keep seeing the adventures argument, but one adventure and some fluff (which would undoubtedly be reprinted in a future book) are not worth $50 to most gamers. At this point, it's clear that your heels are dug in and nothing short of a list of contents is gonna talk you off of the cliff. When you do decide to ebay all your stuff, give the forum a head's up first and see if any of us might want it, m'kay?
  10. I suspect that WFRP 3e is confined to the Warhammer Age of Reckoning timeline, and that Archaeon isn't the big bad, rather it will be revealed that Tchar'zanek is going to be the force to be reckoned with. ...but with that there is the very likely proposition that I'm full of crap too.
  11. Either Oceanside or Encinitas, California, USA Encinitas: I've been playing with this particular game group for almost a year, and we've played Dark Heresy, WFRP and a few products from other companies. My buddy's game table and game room is fantastic for playing RPGs and can comfortably hold 5 - 6 players. Oceanside: My home. I primarily run WFRP, but I'm open to running/playing just about anything. We typically play at my dining room table which can comfortably hold 5 players. We've played outside on the patio before, but there's just enough of a breeze from the coast (I don't live on the ocean, about 5 miles away) that it makes it difficult to play. The weather, on the other hand, is fantastic for playing outside.... I just need to invent heavy-paper.
  12. Another TV source of inspiration might be Neal from White Collar. He's neck deep in the world of forgery, art theft, cons, grifts, etc., only now he's forced to work for the FBI - so he's always working some kind of angle. He's not crazy, but he's very deceptive and reading motivations and methodologies. He's in the sticky situation of wanting to maintain his criminal contacts and probably at some point return to it - while forced to wear an ankle bracelet and help out an FBI agent. It's a delicate balance that he (most of the time) pulls of brilliantly. You won't get the crazy part from this show - but it couldn't hurt as far as showing how to be manipulative without being overt. Like my other suggestions, it's a great show - so that part doesn't hurt either. In regards to Sinister's post - he's right about the Joker. Hamil's version is much less immediately dangerous, so your PC wouldn't have everyone immediately drawing their weapons waiting for you to lose it. The Hamil version is goofy first, dangerous just beneath the surface. I don't think Ledger's version could be considered anything other than a first-rate sociopath. While it might be fun to play, unless your GM is pretty generous I don't see too many interactions going well for you.
  13. After reading your post, the first thought I had was Shawn Spencer from the TV show Psych. You might also consider House. I know neither of them are in a fantasy context, but both are a bit off their rockers, but still function in society fairly well, yet both meet your other qualifications (reading motivations and detecting lies). They're both pretty good shows too - so there's always that.
  14. dvang said: ynnen said: Yes, the Game Master's Toolkit includes a sturdy, full colour, double-sided, four-panel GM screen. It is made of nice, thick stock, like the popular Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader screens. The description has been updated to clarify this. My question is ... is it thick like the Dark Heresy, or thick like the Rogue Trader? AFAIK they are different thicknesses. DH is closer to 'typical' GM screen thickness, and while good quality, is not as sturdy as the RT screen. The RT screen is close to boardgame board thickness, again with excellent quality. I'm sure it will be excellent either way (as both DH and RT screens are very nice) but I personally prefer the thicker RT screen. The newer Dark Heresy screen is identical to the Rogue Trader screen in thickness and quality (I know - I'm looking right at it). If he's saying the screen is like those of DH/RT, I'm gonna assume he means the newer style thick/sturdy screen - which, in my opinion, are the best in the biz. Now if there was any way to get that bad-boy into stores this weekend....
  15. I very much love the system and how it empowers the GM and the players to make collaborative stories, rather than the games of glorified chess that I've been stuck playing the last few years. The system has a few areas which probably need some clarification, but overall the essence of the game is simply amazing. While letter grades are a bit cliche, I'd give the game concept an A+, and the execution (editing, layout, materials present, etc.) an A-. I eagerly await more resources, more monsters, more magic, more of everything. While that might sound like a complaint, it isn't. If the game sucked, I wouldn't care if anything else came out.
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