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  1. I think the origin there is more fluff-related... Librarians are recruited as such as soon as their psychic potential is detected, usually early on during the recruitment process. They are then introduced into the Librarium, and since it's a calling all by itself, it seems very unlikely that they leave their 'brotherhood-within-a-brotherhood'. Librarian dread's are vèry rare and exceptional, and Librarians as chapter masters eaqually so. As far as I know only the Soul Drinkers (renegades), Blood Ravens, (sketchy background, lost of inner turmoil), and Death Specters (shameful dark secret of a life-sucking throne, good novel.). And of these, the SD and BR only got their Librarian chapter masters because of some sort of battlefield promotion, and the position got dumped onto them. So while I wouldn't call it impossible, it would be a very rare event indeed, with sufficient consequences. Too much power and authority in one person? Lots of scrutiny from chapter/primogenitor chapter/inquisition/high lords of terra? Could work though, if presented well.
  2. Cool, some good looking plans right there. Looks perfect for smaller ships, for bigger ships it's usually handier to just provide a descriptive view due to the sheer size. Cheers mate!
  3. Good on ya! I'm even frowning on the psyker of one of my player and he even plays it cool and by the book, but Spasm and Deja-Vu can be a killer in any combat.
  4. Well, I've actually almost never timed events to certain scores or bits of music. I do have a very long playlist of OST's, soundscapes and other moody music and I tend to make just a sort of a general selection playing on random for moody bits, action bits, etc. And if the selected song doesn't suit the scene I quickly skip to the next one.
  5. Well, as a short reply; tactical squads have a heavy-weapons guys too... which are not officially labeled 'devastators'. For the rest I tend to agree with the rest of the people here. Their talents and abilities are different and taking a pricey heavy weapon does limit the use of other equipment.
  6. Surak said: So a few questions to you all; 1) Has anyone run a single GM DH session with more players? 2) Does anyone have any experience with a 'GM's assistant'? 3) Was I mad to try DH with this many people? Looking forward to seeing some responces to this one. Surak 1) No 2) Yes, done it a few times when we had extra players suddenly, usually it's just one player who's inimately familiar with the systems to help run combat. 3) Yes, yes you were. Split it up in two or preferably three player groups. playing with 11 people is just sheer madness and can only be detrimental to the game experience. 3-5 is the goldilocks zone. if you're with 9, split it up in a group of 4 and a group of 5. if you're with eleven, I'd recommend 3-3-4 because with 6 players chaos ensues and nobody can say anything decent anymore, combat takes days, moody GM descriptions get lost in the mad howling and gibberish of the players. 3 Players can give a very in-depth rpg experience focussed on the players, 4 players is the most balanced setup in terms of combat efficiency and versatility, 5 players is on the edge of being manageable while still retaining some decent character interaction. From 6 players onwards it more like playing a boardless boardgame with too much interference going on between the players and the session quickly erodes into just rolling dice...
  7. Oh, nice one there! That's a perfect location for those classic 'bottomles chasm' sequences, with a firefight over multiple levels and walkways on different heights. I can so see 'henchmen' being shot and falling to their doom with a panicky scream. Since my party of five also consists of two tech priests, I've introduced the Noosphere on Ryboth, a sort of overlapping wireless Matrix'esque internet of everything that the true followers of the Mechanicum can tap into. A bit like it's brought in several novels (I think 'Titanicus' and' Mechanicum'). On the lowest secirity levels/accesses, tech adepts can just see an overlay of 'labeling' of the streets, buildings etc etc and as one gets a higher security level, one gains access to more and more detailed information. For isntance, from a certain security level, the tech priests can (for example) see every person having virtual labels with their profession, security level, allegiance, work status etc etc, even higher levels give access to mroe complex databases, perheps even seeing the molecular status of objects and beings if the internal sensors are available. So basically the higher the clearance level, the more in-depth the access becomes, based on the security ID of the person (or Cognomen).
  8. Oh, I've found a perfect composer. Kenji Kawai, a japanese composer that made music for dozens and dozens of films and series, very moody. he also made the OST for Ghost in The Shell but I was especially surprised by his work for Gundam 00 (double zero), very moody, very epic, some metal and ambient bits ehre and there, perfect rpg music.
  9. Well, one simple way of 'adding time' is simply work with more descriptive travel time. 40K might be a sci-fi setting but it's actually more medieval for the average citizen. For instance, if the character have to travel to another city on the same planet, have it take days instead of hours. Don't let them use a quickie city-hopper shuttle thing but have them use a road convoy, or a long train ride, a few-day-long boat ride, a lengthy transit onboard an air ship and such. You can use this travel time far little mini adventures of ambush and intrigue or you can just use the time in your description of the travel. 'After three day of travel onboard the trans-continental-basin express, you arrive at...). I frequently add sequences like this to my sessions when characters are traveling planet-side. It adds a nice realistic flavour I think in the spirit of the 'low-tech' nature of the civilian Imperium. They need to travel somewhere by ground vehicle over rough terrain? No prob, traveling over untrodden ground by any means is slow so a few 100km trip can easily take a day or two, while on a highway you'd be able to it in a few hours. Same goes for research, if your adept wants to spend some time researching things, great, have him spend time on it. Instead of saying, you spend a day going through notes and study, say; you spend a week meticulously pouring over mountains of parchments, dataslates, micro-files and storage cristals, compiling and filtering data, making notes and charts, cross-checking and double checking... For the other characters you can give them this opportunity to spend some game-time on upgrading that fav weapon of his, finally attaching and calibrating that red dot sight, or spend a few days training hand-to-hand combat, or wooing that pretty seamstress over at the neighbouring manufactorium... And in case they don't immediatly have an idea to use the time, just shortly describe their few days of lounging around and slipping in to routine while the adepts slave away on their cogitators or the Tehcpriest is mounting and calibrating that lascannon on the desert buggy. Even if the research action only takes a dice-roll or two, you can easily stretch out the action itself over a few days, even a week without losing pace. Really use that mediaval mindset to your advantage, where the average citizen has no access to transport and take easily take two days traveling over a distance of 40km... They have a rusty and centuries-old cargo-8? Great, a few hundred of km's in a few days. They need to find something in the planet's capital library? No prob, here, have a week. They arrived early on a planet and have to wait for their target to arrive? Fine, find a hideout, work out the plan, and wait a few weeks. They want to shadow their target to find out the daily routine? No prob, follow him for a week or two without describing each and every day. The party's a bit tech savvy and wants to upgrade their gear by themselves? Now you've got the time to do it properly as the transit time in the warp will take a month and a half... The players just added some extra skills but have no real in-game-session excuse to train realistically? Fine, use the weeks of waiting and traveling to your descriptive advantage.
  10. Hear! Hear! Equipment earned through blood, sweat & tears always tastes better than just 'here's your max, shop what you want'.
  11. Ye gods! This is an incredible gift indeed. Handy, handy, handy! Many thanks man, you just made my GM life a lot easier....
  12. Best I feel are some good moody OST's from movies and games, not too distracting from the game and during heavy combat bits you can't go wrong with some good metal.
  13. Good general rule of thumb from Bladehate I feel; my players are rank 7-8 and only started to get some better gear. perhaps because the forst part of my campaign I marooned them on a remote planet infested with Orks so they only marginally scrounged together gear.
  14. I'm sending my players off to Ryboth to chase after some conspirational leads and clues but I'm havign a hard time digging up some good info and artwork on Ryboth, or forgeworlds in General. Now, no disaster as I'm very familiar with the 40K'verse and I've read most Mechanicus-related novels over the past few years, such as Titanicus, Dark Mechanicus, The Horus heresy AdMech novel ect etc, so I've got a good general idea on how to handle it but I was wondering if you guys and gals have come up with - or found good and interesting ideas and artwork to use. I'm planning to have the planet's main city to be a caldera-type city in the shape of a cog, tapering up like a volcano, a continent large sea of solar panels, a huge horizon-spanning space port, a huge expanse of salvage with debris and wrecks dropped from low orbit or high altitude debris and wrecks, perhaps a 'Titan Field' where the resident Titan Legion hold maneuvering and weapons excercises. I've got some other not-yet-concrete idea's floating around but I'd like to offer this space for you to drop brainstorms, idea's, links to interesting sites and artwork, anything to put some more meat on the bones of a forgeworld. So go ahead, spout yer idea's! Hut! Hut! Hut!
  15. AluminiumWolf said: I think there is a bit of a diminishing returns effect when it comes to recoloured profiles of Space Marines. When you have seen one you have seen them all. True that! It's a very fancy book but the colour sections for the different chapters do have an annoying copy/paste look and feel to them; there are only a few illustrations that are sufficiently different to make it truly interesting. They could have gone for some more inspired artwork in the second half of the book. Although the chapter profile pages do provide a good source of space marine names, names for vehicles, squad names etc etc. But compared to the first half, the chapter profiles artwork did feel like a rush job to fill pages.
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