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  1. Yep. Pretty much. Not only is it a step backwards, but because I own Only War, there's basically no reason to buy this. I can kludge together the Acolyte classes from the Only War stuff. And besides the Influence rules, its mostly a reprint.
  2. That wasn't an actual problem. Currently, a space marine and a human can both have 50 Strength and the Space marine gets unnatural strength, but it doesn't affect his actual strength rolls at all. So a space marine and a human have the exact same chance to pull themselves up on a ledge despite the fact that one is twice as strong as the other. Also, a human can hit 85 Strength in Dark Heresy with the Ascension rules, which were baked into DH 2nd ed.
  3. I agree with this. I think the main issue is that it's hard to tell what RoF is supposed to represent. It's currently used to account for actual rate of fire, but also used to account for how long it takes to bring the weapon to bear because of how action points work. It's currently faster to snap shot a storm bolter than a pistol, despite the fact that a pistol seems like it should cost fewer action points to get a shot off. And I think that perhaps including RoFs like 3/2 for heavy bolter to represent that it takes more effort on the firers part to bring the weapon to bear.
  4. Gorehammer

    Da Roolz are Up

    I was really excited for this game until I read the rules. Player elimination is a non-starter mechanic. That fact that this kind of thing still exists is obscene.
  5. Delazar78 said: Page 185 kinda confused me, and the errata didn't really clarify it for me, so pls help me out. Let's say I'm a Librarian with WP 40 and PR 4. I want to use the Smite power (page 195, 1d10 x PR damage). Fettered: I have to roll 50 or less, and inflict 2d10 damage. No chance for Psychic Phenomena. Unfettered: I have to roll 60 or less, and inflict 4d10 damage. If I roll doubles, I trigger Psychic Phenomena. Push: I have to roll 75 or less, and inflict 7d10 damage. I automatically trigger Psychic Phenomena. Did I get this right? No, you are wrong. Power level doesn't alter Psy rating for the purpose of the Focus Power roll, you always use your base rating. Power level only applies to the final effects of the power.
  6. I'm first in line. I can't wait to see what it looks like.
  7. Rorschach Six said: Emirikol said: I wouldn't say pricey compared to D&D4e. How many player's handbooks are out for that game? 3? Even with the "essentials" line you're looking at spending $100 easily for the basics. You don't need any of the PHBs to play the game. The rules compendium is 19.99 or 12.62 on amazon. If you're a player spend another 12.62 on amazon or 19.99 retail for either Heroes of the Fallen Lands or Heroes of the Fallen Kingdoms. Or spend 9.99 to get access to the online character builder and literally all the material published up till last month for every class ever. That also, btw, gives you access to a searchable and copyable monster database. If you're a GM, and new to the game, the DMs vault is excellent. 39.99 retail or 26.99 on amazon If you're not new to RPGs the monster vault is a much better investment. 29.99 retail, 19.99 amazon. TLDR; players can spend $21 dollars and have the complete rules and every crunchy bit made for the game. Not $100.
  8. Little off topic maybe, but is that an Island of Blood box in the background?
  9. plutonick said: mcv said: plutonick said: Without the Core Set, you get no dice, so you can't really skip the Core Set, can you? Unless dice are included in GM Vault. I suppose buying multiple dice sets would not be cost effective. There is a dice set available already, and IMO it's not terribly expensive. (I think I paid about EUR 6, or $7-8, for mine.) Yeah, but you need more than 3 of those set in order to match the number of dice in the core set. Yeah, the dice set doesn't actually come with enough dice for a player to have his own set. If you have a stat better than 3 or more than 2 conservative/aggressive stance dice, or attempt to do anything harder than 1 <p>, you need more dice.
  10. If you're familiar with the background material, yes, humans fighting space marines need heavy weapons to do anything. Within the scope of the game, the hordes are there to put pressure on the PDF, not the space marines. The goal is to kill them not so that they don't kill you, but so they don't kill your fragile comrades.
  11. Rorschach Six said: Augur said: I understand this that whenever it reads "vs. Target Defense" (be it any melee action, a spell or Sigmar know what) you should add a Purple Dice to the dice pool. Of course it's very frustrating you have always to remember this. It's amazing why this was not put on each respective card - it denies the whole logic that you need nothing but the cards to know the rules... Because a target's defense is not always the same amount of challenge and misfortune dice. It is always the same amount of challenge dice. One. Misfortune dice change.
  12. TonyACT said: The layout and organisation are just fine, and typos are minor. I think much of it is a matter of style - I don't think a reprint will change any of the layout. Any game will have FAQ / errata - I think D&D is at 50+ pages?? If you can find it cheap I would suggest taking the plunge, only around $60 at Amazon and very playable as is. Also got the toolkit off them last week - so they may have new stocks. Got the lot in Oz in only a week or so. Yeah, D&D is over 50 pages. But to be very clear, all of that is re-balancing and specific fixes. You don't NEED the errata to play the game. WHFRP however, left out the base roll for spellcasting out of the box set. That's not errata or clarification, that's a missing rule. Most people, including myself, assumed that spellcasting worked like all other skills and set the base difficulty at 2 <P>. This made for an extremely frustrating session for half my group.
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