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  1. I'd like to add my whinge, If it can't be used 'Off Line' then its pretty useless to me. Its not often I'll criticize FFG, well never actually, but I feel they dropped the ball on this one
  2. Happy Cthulhumas. Just finished ' The Hungering God', now it maybe due to lack of sleep or to much coffee before bed time, but is it just me or did the last book in this trilogy make little to no sense, or should I go back and read it all over again. Enjoying the other Arkham trilogy and enjoyed ‘Feeders’. Spiog 'Of course I’m out of my mind it’s a dark and scary place'.
  3. Dear FFG. My monsters arrived today, beautifully packaged, new catalogue included, figures are better than I thought they'd be for pre-painted miniatures, but why are they glued to the bases, hell of a job removeing them so I can decorate the bases? Spiog
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I thought it might be a heart, like the ones on the back of the token?
  5. G'day. Just started painting the Call of the Wild miniatures but for the life of me can't work out what the Dark Druid is holding. I've checked out online images but am still left none the wiser. Anyone out there know? Spiog.
  6. Hi. Is there any chance you could make this file available somewhere else as I can't download it from google play. Many thanks
  7. This looks great. I have only one problem and its probably me, I can't open the 'Expedition Boards' or 'Card Decks' eon files in Strange eons (2.1) all I get is a little hat symbol in the preview pane? Gav.
  8. G'day. I was looking at some of the cards last night and noticed that the text on the cards (maybe just on Bluestacks) is a little to far over to the left so that the first letter of each line is ever so slightly obscured by the graphic around the edge of the card. really trivial I know but just something I noticed. Spiog
  9. Just thought I'd let you know that I've just downloaded the apk from your dropbox as google Play wouldn't allow me to download it. The reason is that I run my android apps on my laptop using 'Bluestacks' android emulator, (runs Omens) so now just to see if it'll run. Looks good. Gav.
  10. Thanks for the update. I'm currently playing on the laptop using an Android emulator called 'Bluestacks' the game runs OK but none of the videos play. Gav.
  11. Hi Just a quick note to say I've just downloaded it using 'Bluestacks' on the laptop, not as flashy as FFG's but so far no issues. Gav.
  12. Just want to add my vote for an Android app, currently running 'Omens' on 'Bluestacks' on the laptop, the AH toolkit would be a great addition.
  13. Does anyone know if Omens got the Greenlight on Steam? I’m currently playing it on an Android emulator on my laptop but it’s clunky and the videos don’t run, so being able to play it properly whilst pretending to work would be great.
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