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  1. My current squad is a Heavy Gunner (autocannon), Sergeant, Tech-Priest, Psyker, Ratling, Commissar, and until she moved I had a Operator. Which has led to some interesting situations with them belonging to an Light-Infantry regiment. Now as for a regimental build their outline is= heavy-gunner with a autocannon, one weapon specialist with hellgun, sergeant, a ratling, and the rest as regular troopers.
  2. Personally I made the rule in my campaign that any specialist characters have the gear. If nothing else it is kept back at their base in foot-lockers there for when necessary. However, I do have my players inform me of what gear they are carrying so I am not expecting a priest with a flamer only to discover that he left it back at base for the lascarbine and didn't inform me of the change. Also taking into consideration that commissars, storm-troopers, priests, and psykers are trained at their respective schools how to properly use the standard lasgun in-case of emergencies. It would only make sense that they might not want to use the issued rifle, but atleast know that they can pick it up should it be necessary. As for Ogryn and Ratlings, while they do come from other planets and are classified as sub-humans, they are still technically considered soldiers of the Imperium and would train them with their specialist ear, however they would at least show them how to keep the in ogryn terms 'little stingy flash-light' away from their face should their ripper runs out of ammo.
  3. Right now I'm honestly paying serious attention to this thread, mainly because the OW campaign I have right now is the regiment along with about four more regiments have been sent down to suppress a cultist uprising. However in the first session they've figured out it's a Genestealer cult. So while I've not thrown any genestealers at 'em, I have thought about the possibility of maybe running weaker versions than what's in the DH or DW books along with maybe an occasional Lictor depending on what the 'nid generator' I've got working out on.
  4. Horde rules are findable in both Deathwatch and in Black Crusade. Another thing to think of in a session where either your PCs or your NPCs are on the recieving end of a tank. Another useful trick is for them to target the tracks first and make the battle sway drastically. Now granted then they're gonna have to deal with a stationary weapon platform, but even then there's only so much firepower a vehicle like that can bear on either side, making things alot more interesting if this is a ambush in the middle of a important battle.
  5. Personally I do wish that they'd have Valkaries in the book for use of alternate methods of handling missions. While it's great to work with a "drop you off and fly away" kind of setting, at the same time it'd be useful should the party have to do a rescue mission of vital individuals and are caught in the middle of a air-battle forcing them to man weaponry onboard said Valkarie. I don't know about anybody else but I'd love to be in that kind of situation. Then again, who knows we might just get lucky with the upcomming Hammer of the Emperor book.
  6. Yet again I'm sorry I've not had a chance to get up here and check on the forum what with Christmas getting finished up and now getting ready for New Years. However, if anyone will overlook these situations and still wish to participate. I'll still run over AIM, as for my sn up there, it's listed as JohannArkovich so just copy and paste and it shouldn't be too hard to find.
  7. If no one else has added this to think about, another good idea is also to possibly add more WP tests during every turn or two depending on A: the type and alignment of the daemon and B: the whole cause of what's caused the host to call up said daemon.
  8. Sorry for not posting to this for a bit, I've been busy at work lately so I haven't had a chance to do much. ::Hefts up giant Chaos tome::Looks like you folks are in for doing the Chaos God's work soon.
  9. Hopefully ya'll still got room for one more player. While I'd be willing to GM, I'm a little hesitant as I'm still learning the book as well as letting my brain cook with at least one Deathwatch game and a couple of others on my plate.
  10. @ Gaire, nah you aren't the only one who wants to be a Plague Marine. I've thought about a possible sorceror of Nurgle as a secondary, while my first thought has been a Rogue-Trader turned pirate of Slaanesh or Khorne.
  11. My major question is how much potential is there for mixing characters from the different systems with this one? Such as having a Deathwatch Marine go traitor, or Rogue Trader who's become corrupted through heretical materials? And if mixable, just how would one go about mixing them.
  12. Honestly a purchase my Blood Angel Assault Marine player made was a signature piece of wargear.......a wrist mounted pistol. Granted it didn't allow him to chew through enemies in close combat as well as most, but it did allow him multiple options for both close combat and ranged.
  13. Now this was a homebrewed game I had written up. My group of acolytes come across a pair of rival gangs and getting into a small skirmish with them, managed to kill/scare off the remaining few. Amongst the remains was a poor quality gattling gun, and our rank 2 guardsman, figuring it might be useful. Picks it up and starts carrying the thing with the little bit of ammo still in it. Sadly he didn't get to use it in a gun-fight, but he did do something funny and led to a quote amongst my group. Saying "It was poor quality anyways", he takes this gun and uses it as a battering ram to a door, knocking it down and leading the group into the home of one of the main targets they were dealing with. But ya know, it's not every day your acolytes get involved with the 40k version of Doctor Satan and the Devil's Rejects in a Mexican Standoff and come out rather alive.
  14. Hi everyone, after running a couple of one-shot missions. I've been asked by my friends to run a watch campaign, now that in itself isn't the tricky part. What's been tricky is that the campaign I've set-up and ran the first mission involves a combination of both local and off-worlder orks fighting for a Forge World that's only been in service for a humble 300 years. Now the trick has been trying to figure out if I should use hord rules for the normal orks to represent that they move in massive groups. Or should I treat them more as elites and use the horde method for gretchen and squigs? So far I've been using the later than the former and that seems to work. What do you guys think? And for anyone wondering about the team, it consists of the following: A Dark Angel offshoot apothecary, A Black Templar tactical marine, a Angel tactical marine who's going more for the scout-sniper apperance, a Angel assault marine, a Space Wolf devistator, and I've got another friend who's playing a ex-sister of battle acolyte who turned out to show signs of being a psyker after traveling with her Inquisitor for a while. Also, if anyone has any ideas about how to move the campaign. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  15. Hi everybody, as of late I've been looking at running a WFRP campaign. The major problem is, I've been looking at doing it set during the very beginning of Storm of Chaos. With things picking up just post the fall of Erengrad, my big problems are predominantly that sadly I don't know as much 'bout the Storm of Chaos Campaign as I should. As this is my first WFRP campaign, it's a little overwhelming at this idea, and the only way I can think of doing anything is running it from the small-scale aspect and watch the effects that the players have work with the story. Other than that, anyone have any really good ideas to help me out here?
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