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  1. After playing in a prelaunch event I was also thinking you could just play constructed by using sleeves if you wanted to do so. You are going to have to buy a lot of decks to get enough cards to play constructed.... I really enjoy the game as a sealed format though, I don't really have time to play constructed card games any more, so this game is a great fit for me.
  2. I think your instincts are correct and that is my interpretation as well - all creatures, yours and your opponent's, that match the specified house are stunned.
  3. I saw a Four Horseman deck at my local prelaunch event. It was not all that great a deck, it was okay. But it had a really neat theme.
  4. I agree. Based on the way Constant Abilities and Rule of Six are worded in the rulebook, I think you could do this more than once up to the number of copies Witch of the Wilds you had in play (up to six as per the Rule of Six).
  5. From page 12 of the rulebook: "STUN, STUN STATUS CARD When a creature becomes stunned, place a stun status card on it. The next time the creature is used, the only thing that happens is the creature exhausts and the stun card is removed. It does not reap or fight, and any “Reap:,” “Fight:,” or “Action:” abilities on the creature do not resolve. Constant abilities and abilities that do not require the creature to reap, fight, or be used are still active. If a stunned creature is attacked, it still deals damage to the attacking creature during the fight. While a creature is stunned, it cannot become stunned again." When the creature is used is the key there. Fighting is considered a use of the creature, so in the case of "ready and fight" the creature would ready, but since it is stunned all that happens when it fights is the stun marker is removed instead.
  6. Side question: Anyone have the dimensions of the upgrade cards? 1 inch x 2 inches? something like that....
  7. Army construction question... Are you limited on upgrades by the number of actual copies of a particular upgrade card that you own? For instance, you have one copy of the Hunter upgrade card, can you only have one unit with that upgrade, or can you have as many units as you want with that upgrade?
  8. Why does the T-47 Airspeeder have both Armor and Cover 1? Cover 1 seems redundant with Armor in place. Cover 1 would remove a hit, but Armor already removes all of them since only critical hits get through Armor. Has there been some kind of special ruling on Cover 1 for the T-47 Airspeeder and I just missed it? Thanks!
  9. The card has this text: "Resolve one of your dice as if it were showing melee damage (X) (it keeps its original value)." Can you use it on something already showing the Melee symbol? For instance on a Melee Modifier side with the +.... Seems to me, based on my understanding of the RR, that a Melee Modifier side is different than a side "showing melee damage (X)" as per the text on Now You Will Die and that this will work.... Just thought I'd ask first though....
  10. Wait? What?.... First you say no, then you say it works? uhhhh... what? Since Finn-FOD allows you to include Red Villain vehicles in your deck, and Separatist Landing Craft is a Red Villain vehicle.... well, seems like it works just fine. Roll that special on SLC and pop out your Battle Droid. Shenanigans.
  11. So, if I use Decisive Blow and hit a character that has shields that soaks all the damage, is that still considered having dealt damage to that character for the purposes of fulfilling the Decisive Blow condition? Card text: "Resolve one of your dice showing melee damage (X). Then remove all character and upgrade dice of the character you just dealt damage to." Seems like even if the damage is blocked by shields, you still dealt damage to the character in question, but thought I'd double check....
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