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  1. These 3 beauties prevailed in what could perhaps be the final victory for the Rebels. As the Imperials' insurmountable horde overtakes the Rebels with overwhelming odds and numbers. It may be this lone shining moment for the Rebels on Nubia to remember them by. It is however the victors that write the record books.....
  2. I was there! I think you will be out pointing his fleet by 73 points. Whatever you have should secure the victory for the day and from there it will be a landslide win for the Imperials. Final campaign score 12-3.
  3. I'm sure you will smoke those Rebel scum. You won two out of the three battles and it was Ackbar's second full game. Honestly, they are expecting Lord Vader to come at Nubia. They are trying to force your hand to send your fleet directly at him. Don't fall into their mind games, stick with your strategy.
  4. These posts have been really helpful. I'm a new Portland player, and I got 2 cores and edge of darkness. I'm hoping to keep the decks all fairly balanced but was curious as to what expansions provide what? IE "such and such expansion has ewoks" Thanks!
  5. From reading that thread i think i need to post more. I am a new player. I played the Demo at gen con...some of you may have seen me walking around with a Winterfell shirt that I made with a wolf on it. I'm a huge fan of the books and was already a gamer prior to playing AGOT. I'm still getting used to playing a LCG and finding it hard to get more plots. I bought 4 chapter packs and the Sea expansion. I posted on the meta board about games in Portland Or and so far I still only have my wife to play. The game is awesome I love it.
  6. I just started playing....I played the demo at gen con. I love the books, I bought the game last week....so I'm still a little green. My wife plays too. Oh I live in Portland OR. Would love to play sometime as long as you'd be a little patient with us
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