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  1. Tricky110974 said: LockLock said: It tells me "Unable to load the requested workbook" :/ Can you be a little more specific. When do you receive this message? What were trying to do and what were you actually doing, for example, choosing an Advance, loading a character? If you mouse over the file name you will see a greyed out (i) icon to the far right. click on that I con and the download link will show up on the right hand side. if you just click the name of the file thats when the cant load error shows up.
  2. MILLANDSON said: Wild guessing is fun I'm looking forward to the art - I always find that it helps with the atmosphere of a game even more than flowery text and descriptions. "A picture is worth a thousand words", and all that. the art work is awesome! as usual. one of my cooks is running it on FRPGD, and I'll most likely be running it again on that sunday. Our frpgd kit included 10 copies I think it is, I imagine they will go fast, so those in the north Seattle area be sure to swing by my bar, AFK Tavern in Everett to grab a copy. for those a bit north you can visit our friends at Wandering Havoc Games in Marysville or for those south swing by The Dreaming in Seattle. -Skallagrim
  3. The Free RPG Day demo adventure include 4 pregen'ed characters.
  4. The Mutant soundmixer comes with quite a nice selection of ambient combat sounds http://www.stefanisberg.com/mutant/Mixer_eng.html -Skallagrim
  5. Personally I have always found the ICON system by Last Unicorn Games to be very nice, and its spin off CODA system by Decipher. Both of which are quite well suited to managing the 40k setting. The oWoD system was broken at its core, in that mathematically the more dice you add to your pool the more likely you will botch. This was alieviated in the new WoD system, in that they had the foresight to hire a Statistician to review their new mechanics (would it be grand if more game companies did this?), I dont care for their new vanilla setting, but thats a rant for another time. D20 is likewise mathematically broken in its core, as is apparent in any linear system by those who recognize the difference between Mean and Mode. Flaw/Disadvantage systems that exist in a multitude of systems have their place, and can be used quite pleasantly, ICON handled this quite well. But more often than not I would tend to agree with the dissenters. When improperly introduced into the games, they can easily spin out of control, and create more problems than Character Development opportunities they introduce. I must echo Peacekeeper_b's sentiment in that despite other issues I may have with the 40kPRG mechanics the glaring nightmare of the Career/Rank system is its biggest weakness. I once ran a RT game where we tried using the Careers only at Character generation (similar to the ICON templates), to represent some basic background skills and training for the PCs and then going forward did XP costs for all Skills at 200 and all Talents at 500. This worked very well for our group. -Skallagrim
  6. Braddoc said: .... Also, I don't get how people seems to 'lock-in' careers with a certain type: not all scum are under-hivers, some might just be crooked guardsmen who runs cards on the side or a small smuggling operation (Sgt Bilko) like not all Arbitrators are technically Arbites: some could be enforcers. Like guardsmen can be mercs or just ganger goons. Besides, it's not like they can actually WEAR the armour or carry that fancy weapon around; if the Inquisition didn't wanted an investigation to go discreetly, he would not have bothered with the players but send in a squad of Storm Trooper and call it a day. Amen! I know for myself, in my games we changed a lot of the nomenclature just to remove some of the percieved limitaions of the Career Systems, Guardsman became Soldier (any kindle of professional warrior, be it feudal knight, Imperial Guardsman, Mercenary, PDF, etc), Arbitrator became Enforcer (be it Arbitrator, Magisterium, Gang Thug, etc), and so on... We all removed all specificity from the the skill advance charts. No of us could reconcile the idea that the Adept PC who was a xeno-archaeologist specializing in Enulian culture but the only forbidden lore open to him was Cults.... so we simple read all of those types of skills in the adbvancement charts as XYZ Lore (any) , where the Player picks one that is appropriate the the PCs concept and in game adventures. In one game I ran, the Arbitrator PC had the Scum Career, the Death Cult Assassin PC was a Cleric Career.. ymmv -Skallagrim
  7. Baldrick said: I agree with Alex. This is costed correctly for what you get. If FFG had put an entry in BoM saying "Any priest can take a confession, it will cost the PC or NPC 1d5-2d5 thrones and afterwards you feel better about life but no game effect..." then it would be realistic but utterly pointless for the book. They've described a significant undertaking that leaves the player fortified against the horrors that they might face.... To quote the page of BoM. (p126) "Confession The character spends time with a Ministorum clergy, divulging his sins (both real and imagined) in a private conference. The clergy will then assign a proper penance (such as monetary fines, recitations of prayers, public services, or even corporal mortification). Once this is complete, there character has reaffirmed his faith in the God-Emperor , allowing him to reduce his next gain of Insanity Points by 1." Table 5-7 on the same page says that this Confession costs 10 Thrones in materials even if a PC cleric does it for free. As they say at the top of the page they have only covered off the services that acolytes might find useful. We don't have rules/costs for blessing of marriages, celebration of the harvest etc. Likewise a 1-2 throne confession taking 15 mins is of no practical use for an acolyte but the unwashed masses go every month or so. Baldrick said: As they say at the top of the page they have only covered off the services that acolytes might find useful. We don't have rules/costs for blessing of marriages, celebration of the harvest etc. Likewise a 1-2 throne confession taking 15 mins is of no practical use for an acolyte but the unwashed masses go every month or so. But wouldnt this theory of "useful" and "non-useful" sacraments be an expressed contradiction to the explicit diversity of the Imperial Creed? If we are to assume the the imperium is a truly diverse as we are told, then why would one act of faith, Confession in this case, be any more metaphysically potent than any other act of devotion? Is it a matter of the literal act or the piety of the actor? If it is a matter of faith on the part of the one soliciting the Service, then does the ritualogy of the service matter so long as it is within the dogmatic purview of the solicitor? The argument that the Services chart is indicative of what an acolyte might solicit is equally fallacious, as then we are faced with a contradiction of the cultural variations offered by the Homeworld mechanics of character creation, not to mention the expressed thematic variation of each world within that category. It says basically that an acolyte from the Lathes system will have the same religious practices as one from Iocanthos; or that at the very least the acolyte from Iocathos will have the same religious practices as the acolyte from Spectoris. While at the same time suggesting the the religious practices of the acolyte differ from the practices of non-acolyte persons from the same heritage. *** grano salis, -Skallagrim
  8. The Services charts are basically useless. I have long ranted against the Imperial Creed, it's claims of variation its lack of specific examples and implied contradictions of explicit variation. On one hand we are told that in essence there exists a quite vague and very minimal Imperial catechism, and then on the other hand we are given very specific sacraments and corresponding ritualogy that cannot be logically reconciled with the alleged diversity. This is not an exclusive failing of BoM, but indicative of the whole of the 40k theocracies. We can easily point to real world Abrahamic Religion in all of its diversity and see much less self contradiction than in the theoretically moderated faith of the Ministorum. And while one can logically extrapolate that if the Abrahamic religion can vary so wildly on a single planet, it can be expected to be even more violently divergant across a million worlds. This is all fine and good, until we are given game mechanics that explicitly state This is the list of Sacraments, what it is they are for, how they are performed and what benefits are derived. This to me is more problematic than the cost of the ritual. Why is it that the Imperial Creed stated to be so wildly divergent, and yet all we ever see is a roman catholic-inspired nightmare dogma and ritualism. for my own games Sacrements (be it a blessing, baptism, confession, exorcism, flagellation, etc.) will not inherently be a requirement to the gaining of the benefits listed for said rites in BoM. I will house rule that any act of faith appropriate the the Character's version of the Imperial Creed will allow them to gain the appropriate benefit. For some that might be meditation, for others that might be confession, or others still might offer sacrifices. Its amusing to me to see people claiming that "this rite has to be performed by xxx" or it only works when the cleric is an "Official" cleric, and not just a lay cleric... but if we look at real world religion again we see that within, oh lets say, Islam, for instance, there are no "official" clerics. There is no clergy at all. so if a similar religious practice of the Imperial Creed existed within the countless deviations, and a PC adhered to that version would they be unable to similarly benefit from their faith? Would not adherening to the tenets of their faith be as equally psychologically and spiritually empowering? They way I have chosen to interpret the page is simply that those are the rites and prices as can be expected to be seen in the rarefied cultural centers of the Calixis Sector. Those gorowing up in the middle (or upp) hives on Scintilla or Malfi might be inclined to solicit. but would not be the practices nor the associated expense one might find on Acreage or 41Pry. *** grano salis, -Skallagrim
  9. Page 95 upper right hand corner: "All Starting Talents, Gear and Wealth listed here totally replace the Rank 1 Adept listing on page 44 of the Dark Heresy Rulebook. Starting Rank: Rank 1 (Replaces Cleric Rank 1 on page 62 of the Dark Heresy Rulebook.)" Not sure how to read that.... is it A) a typo where the "Adept" should have been "Cleric" B) a typo where the "Cleric" should have been "Adept" C) it doesnt matter as both are completely replaced by the stuffs listed below, and there are no career restrictions, so it might as well be read as "Ranks 1 of whatever Career the Character is..." -Skallagrim
  10. Sorry about bodging the name, and misrepresenting the adaptation of the Lictor rules .. also sorry for unintentionally dragging you into this. I imagine it could inadvertently put in you an awkward light if someone misinterpreted my meaning. Ultimately I would say, a large portion of this is a non-issue, as it is GW's IP in the first place, (though Im sure someone wiil be along shortly to split hairs of which bits are whos IP.) and as I sated in a nother forum, while I find the possibility of FFG/GW not crediting an author to be abhorrent, I think the probability of it occurring is quite marginal. *** grano salis, -Skallagrim
  11. Many congrats to all of the finalists and to Mr Burrows!
  12. A copy or link to the relevant GW Submission Guidelines should probably be posted in the Forum Use Guidelines topics of the 40kRP forums. -Skallagrim
  13. Well I'd say that the thing the concerns me about the ex post facto IP jacking (aside from the after the fact part), is the surrender of Moral Rights. I am put in mind of Nathan Dodwell & the Creatures Anathema book. now Nathan had written a fan made Supplement for the Tyranids, some of the rules and writes were so good the Ross Watson decided to Copy & Paste, and give Nathan credit for them. Under this GW Subbission Policy (Which applies to any Warhammer & 40k related materials anywhere on the FFG Site - ie the Forums) the situation like nathans may no longer exist, as the surrender of moral rights to a creative work would permit any fan-created materials to be copied and pasted into a future supplement without the need to credit the person whom may have devised those rules/write ups. Now, personally I have no delusions about my own writing ability and am not in any danger of having something I wrote put into book, but nonetheless I feel a bit cautious about anything I type on the FFG forums these days.. *** grano salis, -Skallagrim
  14. I have started on "Project Rabies" which will be designed not to rewrite the SW chapter wholecloth, but to provide Elite Advance Character Creation packages based on the 13 Great Companies.. I would love some additional input.. javascript:void(0);/*1288637175630*/ *** grano salis, -Skallagrim
  15. Maybe Im missing something... Who IS Mack Martin? It is a name I am completely unfamiliar with... I did a quick search on P&P and didnt find any credits for him listed.. is he from the wargaming world? is he a "new guy"? -Skallagrim
  16. Confidant Threshold: 7 Focus Time: Half Action Sustained: Yes Range: You You twist reality in a way to make yourself, more charismatic, and appear trustworthy. While this power is active all those within WPx10 meters will have the Dispostion (DH pg 230) adjusted 2 steps favorably towards you. Overbleed: For every 10 points by which you exceed the Threshold, you may adjust their Disposition by another step or increase the area by 10 meters.
  17. well in that case.. it a great power! here's one we use in our games Pulse of the Hive Threshold: 5 Focus Time: Half Action Sustained: Yes Range: Self Within the confines of a Hive or similar high density population, the Psyker taps into the warps, sensing the ebb and flow of the the sorrunding masses. While maintaing this power the Psyker recieves +20 to his drive and land navigation checks to navigate the most efficient route through the crowded thoroughfares. If the Psyker is not Hiveborn he gains the benefits of the Accustomed to Crowds trait (Dark Heresey pg.17) while the power is sustained.
  18. Drain energy Other than having a higher threshold, shorter range, and less versatility, this is already covered by Weapon Jinx is it not?
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