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  1. Do you really think the alternative to the small cards was more talents, mutations, etc? I don't think they would have released that much extra "crunch" in a module and the small cards for the partygoers were really just a nice addition that they could have skipped. If the expansion hadn't come with the small npc cards at all, would you have even noticed the lack or graded the module as low?
  2. I wonder if another variant or additional house rule might involve the NPC making a skill test with a difficulty equal to the severity rating of the critical in order to not fall unconscious, run away, or something else. Just a fleeting thought, not sure if it would work though. Maybe the effect of the failed test is something a little less intense than just quitting the combat, maybe the NPC loses a round to act or something.
  3. Hrm, the idea of a map with sockets for further information sounds interesting. One could envision a map with various sockets along the edges for socketing location cards. There could be something to this.
  4. A lot of good stuff has been posted already, so I'll just add a few points and some opinion here, having recently read a fair bit of the 2nd edition Skaven book. It seems that there are a lot of people who know or suspect there is such a thing as Skaven, but these people are reluctant, for various reasons, to speak openly about it. Officials don't want to alarm people and may have little reason to suspect that the Skaven are as widespread or as clever as they truly are. Those who know better may be intentionally trying to keep quiet in order not to send everyone into a terrible and unhelpful panic. Often when skaven strike, they do so stealthily, so many of their smaller crimes are easier to pin on other humans (Boris the servant stole all the warpstone!, Petra killed her husband and ran away with the children!). How many people witness Skaven but think better than to admit so for fear of being laughed at or thought cursed or insaneor maybe they don't believe it themselves (did I really see that?). Soldiers coming back from war where Skaven showed up to fight assume they were a different breed of beastmen and leave it at that, even though the thought gnaws at the back of their battle-broken minds that those rat-soldiers looked a lot like the children's stories about Skaven. The entire myth and rumor is frowned upon in any "serious" circles in part because it's highly unfashionable to discuss and has become something of a stigma subject by force of social norms. Though many people suspect there's truth to the rumors, it's easier for everyone cope with if we all pretend there's no problemthe world is dark and bleak and dangerous enough already, after all. Also, so many sightings are isolated, covered up, explained away by accusations of witchcraft, delusion, etc. that to many people there isn't really any actual, serious evidence out in the open to substantiate the fairy tales. Finally, if a vast organized race of ratmen lived underground, wouldn't they have attacked the surface in some major and undeniable way already? This silly bit of reasoning may be enough to let the ignorant masses put the dread out of sight and out of mind. Except of course, the Skaven have attacked in major ways, it's just been forgotten, few survivors were left sane, or it was intentionally covered up by those who write the history books.
  5. EoN sounds fantastic. Thanks for the write-up. Can't wait to get a copy now!
  6. Lucas Adorn said: It is the most logic step and definetly the easiest way to translate, but several cards will loose some of their mechanics or potential. For instance many grey order spells rely on putting extra recharge tokens on other recharging action cards. I don't think it's anywhere close to the most logical step. It would effectively create two different sets of core rules. It would be a nightmare to require new special rules for some of the actions when playing in the "lite" version of the rules. The "lite" version of the rules won't really be any change to the rules themselves, just some guidelines on playing the same exact game with fewer componentswhich will undoubtedly mean that you write things down on paper instead of using cards and tokens.
  7. mac40k said: The game isn't going to play any different. They aren't introducing new mechanics. You'll just make tick marks on paper rather than use tokens, although I suppose using dice to count down the recharge is another possibility. FFG is not creating a second, but incompatible game. People will be able to get together and play in mixed groups some with cards (either from Core or PV) and others not. This. Every indication so far is that the game remains the same. There's simply going to be a new character sheet and some guidelines to help you play with fewer components. Why would anyone assume that recharge is going away or that the core mechanics would change? You'll just track some things on paper now. It may be slow and tedious, but that's the price you pay for not using components to speed things up. The advantage is that you don't have to use as much table space. I imagine once a group gets really good at it, the game won't slow down too much, but there will still be occasional questions like "is that spell still in effect?" or "when can you use that action again?" because there won't be an action card with tokens on the table for everyone to see. Also things like stance, wounds, stress, and fatigue will not be readily obvious.
  8. Waxfire said: Thanks everyone for the clarifications. It would seem this is something that will need to be addressed in the GM and/or Player's Guide. Yes, hopefully it will get some attention in the new hardbacks just to clear some things up and perhaps give us a look into the design intent.
  9. Are you talking about The Flight of Dragons? That was a fun movie when I saw it as a kid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flight_of_Dragons
  10. Yeah, and I'm not the only one out there with two core sets. What's funny is that I got my second core set a couple of weeks before the new books and vaults were announced. I probably would have just held off for the PV instead.
  11. mcv said: FFG puts less stuff in a product, and that makes you happier? I'm afraid I just can't grasp your world view. I think he's happy not to feel like new players are going to get a big break, price-wise, compared to the "early adopters" who bought everything up until now.
  12. Sinister said: I'm not sure we are playing the same 4e. I've lost more characters in 2 years of 4E, than every other rpg I've played combined (in 20 years). This new dark sun encounters is so brutal I've killed 12 characters in 5 sesssions, running from the book missions. Meanwhile as a player on I'm my 4th character in 17 levels. Granted we never run a combat of our level, it's almost always printed from a publshed adventure or created at 2 levels higher, but it's been way brutal, amazing more so than the 2 cleric, people never die campaigns of 3.5, Maybe our groups are just super optimized or something. Or maybe me and the other DMs I've played with are not designing the encounters to be brutal enough. I'll say that we've had a lot of combats where a PC goes into dying, but very rarely do they actually die. Is your DM having the monsters continue to attack players while they are dying? I mean, that only makes sense for certain monsters, typically, and is generally discouraged in the DMG. Soldiers, especially, do not play well with characters of lower levels. They are tough to hit already, and can be nearly impossible for anyone a few levels beneath them to hit. I've played in about 5 different campaigns of D&D 4E over the past two years and each has had different house rules, but only a couple of those campaigns had house rules that might make it easier for players to stay alive (and this was offset with harder encounters).
  13. Yeah, I agree. Sounds like the errata'd cards will be in the Player's Vault, but those of us with the core set don't need to pick up the Player's Vault (and I've got two core sets). It'd be nice if those errata'd cards could be had another way or lumped into some other expansion that those of us with the core set are actually likely to get.
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