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  1. Well, its AoR, where all the specializations are more combat focused than EotE ;-)
  2. Azanael

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Morgenwelt . org - at this time it also only costs 40 Euros (2 Euros more than at fantasywelt) - the same at sphaerenmeisters-spiele (wich is sometimes a little bit cheaper). Both stores have SW Books sometimes weeks before fantasywelt. (wich is otherwise my favorite store - but not for sw books)
  3. Azanael

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Tomorrow mine will arrive here in Germany.
  4. Azanael

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Maybe we´ll see at some point in the future a "Mandalorian Pilot Talent Tree" only available for mandalorian humans ;-)
  5. Maybe they have also modification packages for with sith magic (or alchemy) "deformed" creatures - and a tree with telepathy would be cool too (Kylo Ren used telepathy, so it´´´ s time for a force power ^^)
  6. Azanael

    No Disintegrations UK

    I ordered mine yesterday... and will get it tomorrow too (got a dhl notification) - and it was nearly 1 Euro cheaper (and needed some citadel colors as well, so Magierspiele was no option...)
  7. Azanael

    No Disintegrations UK

    It was Fantasywelt... but Magierspiele and Morgenwelt had it today too.
  8. Azanael

    No Disintegrations UK

    my book will arrive on thursday... here in Germany ^^
  9. or maybe Mechanics if you look at a junkyard or starship graveyard for usable things.
  10. The baby krayt is in the EotE Beta Adventure
  11. With vehicle or personal scale weapons? Vehicle Weapon (if you would allow it): against Silh 1 sized Target, aimed shot and some black dice for cover Personal Weapon: maybe an aimed shot, but one or two dice for cover
  12. Azanael

    No Disintegrations UK

    There were times when we got new sw books a week or two after their release.. but now... sad thing
  13. Or, if Rey would be the last Jedi (after completing her training with Luke and he dies during the movie) Die Letzte der Jedi(-Ritter)... in english the same: The last of the Jedi
  14. I think Rey will be trained to be a Jedi and so she and Luke will be the last Jedi... maybe ;-)
  15. Azanael

    No Distintegrations

    No (signs of) Disintegrations here in germany...