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  1. ****, thank you, that was driving me crazy. ( ̄▽ ̄ )
  2. Downloaded the suite, made one deployment card successfully, but now the abilities box doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?
  3. Part one of a custom mission I'm working on.
  4. Then you agree that there's no harm in us talking about this. Glad to see we're all on the same page. But again the data available suggests that Legion isn't as popular so even if they keep more money from every sale of Legion if fewer people are buying it then not only did they cut off a hand but they'll be slowly bleeding while waiting for it to grow back and I agree, I think FFG has a problem, selling multiple collectible games that end up being in competition with each other. The LCG vs Destiny, X-Wing vs Armada, Imperial Assault vs Legion. It doesn't make sense.
  5. $hit, My covers been blown! ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” No like I said I want more sets, just not Endor, or Endor's Moon if we wanna get technical. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy it, I'm just saying I wanted new locations that haven't gotten as much attention. Agreement: This was my thought as well, Bitterman. You show excellent logical skills..... for a meatbag.
  6. Oh no I understand your hate for Aphra, but for me like the Grand Inquisitor, I like the concept enough that I would use her for custom campaigns while ignoring canon but they did release the 0-0-0 and BT-1 so I was just surprised she didn't come out. I still don't understand why people wanted an Endor expansion.....
  7. But again, BBGs listing show that there are 31k individual owners of the game and my argument has been, if instead of releasing Legion they added a large scale skirmish mode to Imperial Assault, they could have drawn in the wargaming crowd while giving those that already have the game a reason to by extra packs that they might already have. Aside from what I already said about expanding Imperial Assault in order to encourage more purchases. I agree, I think some of the releases Imperial Assault got were lackluster. I they discontinued Imperial Assault because of lack of interest of the App, that would have been incredibly stupid on FFG part. Again if they had made a Legion mode for Imperial Assault, that might have brought more people in for tournament play and my other point is how well is Legion doing that they decided it was better to keep supporting that instead of Imperial Assault. In other words if you have two games, why would you discontinue to support the more popular one? That's what I've been saying, even ignoring the Legends Expanded Universe, there were so many more interesting options FFG could have released. Mustafar/Vader's Castle, Dathomir, Korriban, Scariff but we got 2 expansions on Tatooine, Bespin, Lothal and Hoth. Especially Hoth, did we really need to return to it, that place sucks, it's nothing but snow and wampas. Coruscant was cool, too bad it was one of the last to come out. But I deffinaly would have liked to have seen more expanded universe character both Legends and New canon, Dr Aphra, Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn. Once you run out of ideas for the Rebellino era, release a new starter in another and start over, while making everything compatible of course, maybe even sneak out a Kotor set.
  8. Tell that to Warhammer,, I don't think they got the memo. I agree all games have their time but that doesn't mean you kill one prematurely, there's no set time limit to board games, it's just a matter of can you keep people playing it. Chess has been around since the 6th century and they'll probably still be playing after the eventual nuclear apocalypse. I wasn't saying you alone have, I'm saying others in general have been saying that but the numbers don't support that.
  9. -I've heard the argument that Imperial Assault wasn't selling well several times now. However the facts don't agree with that point. Imperial Assault is ranked #37 on BBG with 31k reported owners. While Legion sits at #1,491 with only 2k reported owners. Even if all 2k of those owner bought two copies of the core set, which by all accounts is necessary to play a full game and was criticized for, that number pales in comparison to the 31k Imperial Assault owners who only bought 1 copy each. it all there, in black and white, clear as crystal. You stole fizzy lifting drinks! (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ ) -Retailers aren't forced to stock inventory, they keep stock of inventory that sells. Which again according to the number is Imperial Assault by a landslide and besides that wouldn't your argument suggest that retailers are also going to be forced to have copies of Legion too? Your argument doesn't make sense. -I never said that game design is easy. Regrettably though that's part of the job description when you're a board game company and it's not as if Imperial Assault was their first dungeon crawl game. They've developed 2 editions of Descent and their expansions as well as all the work they've done on Imperial Assault. I would hope they've gotten the gist of it by now. Aside from that, my argument has been instead of spending the time, energy and resources into developing a new game, instead put it into an already successful game and make it better. That way, instead of ending a game 31k have invested in and ending up with a game that 2k are invested in you have a single game that caters to both groups and you have 33k playing it.
  10. You're half right, adding a skirmish more to Legion doesn't make it a board game but that was the beauty of Imperial Assault, it was both a dungeon crawl board game and Skirmish war-game in one. Now you say business reasons, okay what makes more sense from a business perspective. A) Putting out an Expansion that expands a mode to an already established game or B) Discontinue the older game and start from scratch with a lesser game (and I don't mean lesser in that it's a worse game. I'm sure it's fine, but now instead of having a game that's both adventure game and wargame you just have a wargame.)
  11. I know right, somebody in FFGs R&D team probably earn a Christmas bonus for that idea. But seriously, this isn't even funny anymore. They're putting a Skirmish Mode in Legion but they couldn't think of making a Legion Mode for IA, instead of discontinuing it and making players buy a new game from scratch?
  12. They aren't keeping up with reprint of Armada either. The only way to get Raiders/Gladiators/Fighter I's/Cruisers are on ebay for $50. I just finished selling the last of my Armada stuff this week cause I can't find what I want but anyways, like I said, I have to go off of the assumption that due to the number of expansions that were made for IA that it was doing well, otherwise they would have discontinued it even earlier than they did. The point I was making is that FFGs seems to gone down the road of "If x game doesn't become a cash cow it's failed." The way I see it there's two ways you can go, the big company route, you make a your flagship game that you own and will support, improve and expand or the small company route, you make a string of consistently good games that sell and you're not at risk of collapsing because a game didn't go big. FFG seems to be trying to have it both ways, the LCG, Destiny, X-Wing, Legion, Armada, the RPG, games that will in theory bring in a constant cash flow, but they have so many, that they are all competing against each other and so none of them get ahead. And that's what I'm worried about, every time it comes back to renew the license FFG is going to have to decide if they are making enough money off of the license to make it worth it. Hasbro didn't think so and they're the Magic/D&D company and if FFG does the same, everything goes and if anybody thinks Disney will settle for less, just remember they paid 4 Billion for the franchise. I think it was EA wanting to make money more than Disney pressure. They know that if EA can't make money on the license, somebody else will gladly pay for it thinking they'll do better, probably Activision and they'll make the same mistakes, except this time it'll be Call of Duty: Star Wars with Keven Spacey portraying Prince Xizor, press F to make unwelcome advances toward princess Leia. On a side note, I know Fallen Order is, mechanically, a good game but the story kind of sucks. The end goal is to find a holocron, it has an open ending(for sequels, I'm sure) and the main villain is an inquisitor. I've hated inquisitors ever since I saw them use their lightsabers as helicopters. I really have no desire to play that game and just like anything else that Disney will produce, it all ends up at the same place, the sequel trilogy "and that's no good." There were a lot of missed opportunities with IA, no Clone Wars set, even though, apparently, every other game has gotten one. No "Legion Mode" to expand the game into what Legion is, even though Legion is now getting a "Skirmish Mode". They could have made a Villains set, with players playing Imperial heroes and the Overlord playing the Rebels through a dark side campaign, that would have been a fun twist. Well Chiswell never got anything right either so at least there's consistency but I'm still predicting that Armada will go next. I would have guessed Destiny but that game's production cost is low enough that I think it'll outlast Armada at least.
  13. I'm sure Keyforge is doing just fine, as I'm sure Imperial Assault was doing just fine but it doesn't seem like doing just fine is good enough anymore. They want the next big hit, something that'll make money for years to come but that doesn't happen anymore. D&D, Magic and Warhammer are only big now because when they came out they had no competition and over time they became staples of gaming. Not even Pathfinder could unseat D&D, it was close but you don't hear about it on Big Bang Theory or it being played by Acquisitions Incorporated and I don't care what anybody says Pathfinder is the better quality game. (ง’̀-‘́)ง If they want the next big thing, they have to start by making a medium hit and grow it, over time, and not discontinue a game just because you came up with a new idea. Even if Legion does somehow start bringing in the Warhammer people as soon as Hasbro takes back the license, BOOM! No more Chinese laundry. You know what Legion should have been.....a Twilight Imperium themed war game. It would have been a license they own, it's got plenty of factions to make armies for and while it may not have mainstream fame, the gaming community, the people who will actually buy and play it have at least heard of Twilight Imperium. Imagine finally getting to see the infantry troops for all those races instead of tiny flags. Think of the the possibilities. (」゜ロ゜)」 Hire me for R&D FFG. Put me in the game coach, I'm ready! Also, I predict that after these giant ships Armada is next on the chopping block. I am Criswell, I know all.
  14. Then it sounds like FF is setting themselves up for failure. Legion will be to Warhammer what Keyforge is to Magic, especially now that GW is bringing back Warhammer Fantasy and If they end up making these so-called "better" minis, that are all customizable and on sprues then, I'm guessing they'll be even more expensive and FFG will either have to eat the cost or pass it on to the customers. As for Imperial Assault being a dead game 45 total expansions, 6 of them being big box, the rest unit packs, they must have been making some kind of profit to have released as much as they did, even X-Wing only has 42, by my last count, expansions available. With Legion getting Skirmish rules now, I'm starting to wonder why they didn't just take the IA rules set and made a "Legion mode" with a higher point value and just included more map tiles and some campaign support but no they wanted to reinvent the wheel from scratch. Apologies, I find all of this frustrating. It boggles the mind.
  15. So.....Legion is now getting a skirmish mode. You know, If only there was a game that supported a small number of units for one-on-one competitive play.....oh wait. 凸(>皿<)凸
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