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  1. I think it could work, you'd have the GoT board game for those you want a purist "War of the Five Kings" experience and Catan: GoT could stay as that entry level gateway game but with a little something that regular Catan is missing. I'm actually imagining it being like a Big Box edition of Catan, with the expansions already integrated and themed around GoT, throw in some custom great house pieces for each player and more Chinese laundry.
  2. Me personally, I think I would have preferred an actual Game of Thrones themed Catan, with combat rules and the players take the roles of the great houses and Brotherhood of the Watch could have been an expansion or something, but the idea of just playing as the Night's Watch as is the case with this specific game, isn't really that appealing to me. But I do hope this might just be the start of a new line of Game of Thrones: Catan series, I doubt it, but here's hoping.
  3. Shorter play time, then maybe my friends and I can actually play a full game.
  4. Investigator Artwork

    I've seen the pictures on the eldritch horror wiki and they're too small and grainy for what I need, but thanks anyways. This is more of what I'm looking for: -William Yorick ( -Ashcan Pete ( -Rex Murphy & Sister Mary (
  5. Investigator Artwork

    Everybody I need help. I'd like to run a tabletop Call of Cthulhu rpg for some people who have never played rpgs before and I'd like to have some pre-generated sheets, based of of the Eldritch Horror Investigators, for them. I've been looking all over for artwork to go along with the sheets but I haven't been able to find the original pictures used in the game, just banners from the F.F. site or grainy scans from the actual board game with those passport watermarks. Can anybody help me find the original works or maybe point me to the artist(s), especially for Joe Diamond.
  6. Actually, what I'd really want is an iOS version of the board game and the expansions. With the art work that fantasy flight uses, my god. It would be beautiful.
  7. Sell me on Anima!

    Look up savage worlds,there are tons of reviews on youtube and its my favorite game, plus its only $10.00, but thats just me.