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  1. Scuro

    Expansion ideas?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The entire Tech deck needs to be revised. The Tech Advancements have been nerfed so hard from T.I.3 that half are at the point of being useless/not worth getting. Keep the Tech Web prerequisite system but rework the Tech Advances to work like their T.I.3 versions and just so that the players boards still function as visual aids include chits to show upgraded values.
  2. Scuro

    A Few Issues

    I'm sorry you don't feel that my complaints are real issues...that was sarcasm by the way. -Trading in 4th I can take or leave at this point, it's probably the issue that's at the bottom of the list and only because of the adjacency requirement. -I have to disagree about the objectives, especially with the secret objectives. The way they handled it in 3rd if you got stuck with an objective that you know you have no chance to fulfill then you were just boned and considering the expansions for 3rd, with the preliminary secret objectives, you still had the opportunity to win 3 victory points from that. But If I'm being honest, I tired of victory points in general. I'd like a variety of victory conditions, like they had in the Civilization board game (Military, Economic, Cultural, etc.) -I agree %100 about the Tech, which is why I advocate for the tech tree but aside from that I'd like to see the techs complete reworked and the removal of unit specific tech. Bring back Hylar 5 Assault Laser with +1 for Cruisers and Destroyers and give us square cardboard chits to put on the player boards.
  3. Scuro

    Opening tech choice

    Personally the new Tech system is the worst part of TI4 . The about half of the new tech abilities are just so unreliable that nobody in my group feels that they are worth buying compared to their 3rd edition counterparts. Like Magen Defense Grid. Giving continuous +1 bonus to PDSs and GFs is pretty sweet in 3rd but now it's an exhaust ability so if you have to deal with multiple attacks, too bad, you've tapped the ability that you bought. So good luck. and I hate the unit specific upgrades. I really hope they do something about it in an expansion.
  4. All I really want is for FF to rework/add to the tech. But we'll see what happens.
  5. Scuro

    A Few Issues

    "Well you need a trade route, I mean as long as there isn't someone else between you and a potential trade partner, I could see a house rule to also allow blank spaces, but if someone else is inbetween, that seems realistic. I'm fine with how it is though, since it takes a whole turn to move, and generally you can't move and move again without being able to deactivate the system, but since we don't have trader ships, all seems logical to me" My main issue is that 3rd let you get trade with anybody from the start and now they nerfed it for, what seems to me like no real reason. Which is a running theme to my issues with 4th. I've found Agendas to be really annoying, and since they come into it usually from the 2nd or 3rd round anyway, it doesn't bother me. Especially the elect planet or player, they usually just waste time to me, I'd love to house rule that they either don't come up, or there's only 1 agenda, it normally takes ages debating it and not much comes out of it 80% of the time. I would think then that this would be worse for you then, since before you had to use a strategy card to pop an agenda, but now it's for sure 2 Agendas at the end of every turn. I just would have like it to be in the hands of the player. I disagree, you still need 6 resources to research a double tech, and the secondary requires 4, I never feel like I have enough tech, some are better than others but different races start with different techs too so... seems to work out for me I mean at the end of the day the prices are basically the same, my issue is that in 3rd it felt more like buying tech felt more like a hard decision since if you wanted the late game tech you had to go through the tech tree but now it's just like...eh whatever, if I don't get it now I'll get it next round. Well they may simply be limited to a degree, I don't mind it Again it just bothers me that I buy a tech that technically upgrades all of my units but then I'm limited to using it once per round. If you're going to do that then either nerf the ability or make it have a resource cost to use. Like the bio-weapon tech, just make it so you have to pay 3 every time you use it. Why not? It's a space combat game ultimately, so doing this does make a big difference in many games, moving more, having more/some capacity, makes everything really interesting, can't see anything wrong with this. Take the Type 4 Drive tech from 3rd, it upgrades Cruisers and Destroyers movement by +1. Which makes sense, if you develop an engine that works on both ships. It just seems like the only reason they have individual ship upgrades is because they simplified the tech deck to 4 techs of each color.
  6. Been playing 4th with a couple of friends of mine for the last couple of weeks and wanted to throw my two cents. 4th is a fun game, no doubt about that but there are a couple of issues (minors one but still) that I'd like to point out and I hope get improved on with expansions. -Not being able to trade with other players unless they're adjacent to you on the board doesn't make any sense, especially in a sci-fi themed game. -Space Docks and PDFs only buildable with Construction Strategy Card. Preferred 3rd edition, spending resources to build makes more sense to me. -I really don't like that Agendas come into play only after M.R. has been captured. I mean, I get it. Since they separated Agendas from the Strategy Cards they had to find a way to fit them in the game but this feels tacked on. Personally, I would have combines Action cards and Agendas into one deck and had the Political Strategy Card work like it did in TI3. -The prerequisite system for the Tech cards seems to make it really easy to purchase Techs, by the end of most games I had played everyone ended up having the same Tech upgrades. There just seems to not be enough Tech upgrades to really make a difference. 3rd editions tech tree combined with the higher cost to research made buying the right upgrades really matter and I miss that. -Tech upgrades that exhaust? That makes no sense... -Upgrading individual units? Again, just doesn't make any sense to me... -No Mechanized Units in base box? -The new flag ship pieces look really boring looking. I was hoping they would look like one of the ships that's on the front cover.
  7. I think it could work, you'd have the GoT board game for those you want a purist "War of the Five Kings" experience and Catan: GoT could stay as that entry level gateway game but with a little something that regular Catan is missing. I'm actually imagining it being like a Big Box edition of Catan, with the expansions already integrated and themed around GoT, throw in some custom great house pieces for each player and boom...no more Chinese laundry.
  8. Me personally, I think I would have preferred an actual Game of Thrones themed Catan, with combat rules and the players take the roles of the great houses and Brotherhood of the Watch could have been an expansion or something, but the idea of just playing as the Night's Watch as is the case with this specific game, isn't really that appealing to me. But I do hope this might just be the start of a new line of Game of Thrones: Catan series, I doubt it, but here's hoping.
  9. Shorter play time, then maybe my friends and I can actually play a full game.
  10. Scuro

    Investigator Artwork

    I've seen the pictures on the eldritch horror wiki and they're too small and grainy for what I need, but thanks anyways. This is more of what I'm looking for: -William Yorick (http://jakemurray.deviantart.com/art/William-Yorick-627104736) -Ashcan Pete (http://jakemurray.deviantart.com/art/Aschan-Pete-627343546) -Rex Murphy & Sister Mary (http://www.cristibalanescu.com/other/)
  11. Scuro

    Investigator Artwork

    Everybody I need help. I'd like to run a tabletop Call of Cthulhu rpg for some people who have never played rpgs before and I'd like to have some pre-generated sheets, based of of the Eldritch Horror Investigators, for them. I've been looking all over for artwork to go along with the sheets but I haven't been able to find the original pictures used in the game, just banners from the F.F. site or grainy scans from the actual board game with those passport watermarks. Can anybody help me find the original works or maybe point me to the artist(s), especially for Joe Diamond.
  12. Actually, what I'd really want is an iOS version of the board game and the expansions. With the art work that fantasy flight uses, my god. It would be beautiful.
  13. Scuro

    Sell me on Anima!

    Look up savage worlds,there are tons of reviews on youtube and its my favorite game, plus its only $10.00, but thats just me.