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  1. Hey Maggie. There's a lot to unpack with that request, but we'll see what we can help you with. First of all, WFRP3 relies on specific sets of dice, much like a lot of FFG's other RPG systems that they have released recently. The other real issue from your point of view would be that it alos heavily relies on actions, talents and other information being on cards. Which means that it is quite difficult to replicate the information now. (But not impossible, I would look into the Fantasy grounds or Maptools varients available) The best way to describe the system is as two-axis success system. (Where most games, especially d20 based, are single axis) Your dice roll will result in a series of successes and failures on the one side and boons and banes on the other. Thus a dice roll may have a number of success but also a numbr of banes, this means there may be a great variety of results, beyond just the usual success/failure curve. The two other questions you have can be answered at once. The earlier versions of WFRP, 1st and 2nd edition, both use a d100 system and a pretty dark. I like 3rd ed as a system. As such, I get a bit antsy when people talk smack about it, but I think what you are looking for is more 1st and 2nd ed WFRP.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to get this running FGII again having had to get new computer and all my stuff is gone. Can you send me on the libraries and whatnot?
  3. They're already taking done most of my super-fun bad guys in one hit! A Shaggoth! A f*cking shaggoth! Ok, not one hit. And I did manage to bisect the witch hunter in the mean time. If you want to make combat more lethal, then simply translate bonus, unused successes into additional damage, based on the ranks in weapon skill your char has, or use it to translate successes into boons on a two for one basis. This will make already dangerous combat pretty bloody hostile.
  4. Yer only a bleedin' legend Ceodryn, you know that?
  5. You know if you stick them in a prison cell to get executed for the same crime it's all the character bonding you'll ever need.
  6. Hey guys, so I've started running an online game and due to my distinct lack of google-fu I was hoping maybe you guys could help me out with some scans for the standups for characters? Because I don't really have any other tokens I can use and I don't fancy spending all day trawling around on google and fiddling around with tokentools.
  7. Is there some other way? Ok, so I foolishly posted this on Roll20 and now I have A LOT OF PLAYERS. So if you were looking to start playing, you maybe be a smidge too late. Now I just need to have this adventure ready...
  8. I'll try an squeeze you in, in the none pervy way... Who am I kidding, I mean in the pervy way.
  9. You can solve the mystery like everyone else! Honestly, some detective you are.
  10. I am hoping to get a year or so out of this campaign. I aim to play about fortnightly, I may be able to run the game weekly sometimes, but I usually work at least one week of late evenings every month so unlikely to be more than that. It would be amazing if I could get twenty or more sessions out of this game.
  11. We're probably looking at a weekday evening. So after six GMT. That may change to later or on a Friday. Depending on what the players can swing.
  12. They say in the Middle Mountains, the Storm of Chaos doesn't blow... It sucks. After defeating the hordes of Chaos and forcing the bulk of them into retreat, the Empire now seeks to regain what was lost, potentially striking down the forces of Chaos as a power for years to come… Or at least, that’s what the broadsheets would have you believe. But here at Brass Keep, where Archaon is rumoured to be holed up and the first blow is supposed to be in preparation, nothing could seem further from the truth. There is not one army, there are four, each with their goals for the coming assault. If you truly want to succeed here, you may have to spend more time amongst the infighting factions of the army than hacking at the hordes of chaos… Which are another matter altogether. An advanced game of WFRP3 for up to 5 players. I have three so far, I would appreciate more. PM me or make your mark here! Let’s get gaming! (More to follow, this is mostly as a placeholder, but if you're interested in an advanced level game of WFRP3, then feel free to put your name in the hat!
  13. Try Fantasy Grounds, if you all have access to laptops, then it can easily work for you.
  14. Buying the creature vault is totally worth though, also, if you were thinking of it...
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