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  1. ARC-170 lover from Germany reporting in! I love these ships so much! Biggles, Braylen and Norra are a real dream team!
  2. This is how I magnetized my X-Wing minis. (Link is in German, so please be warned...) http://x-wing-selbsthilfegruppe.de/2016/09/23/bastelworkshop-x-wing-miniaturen-magnetisieren/
  3. One option to boost Astromechs on X-Wings might be... "Rogue Squadron" - Title - X-Wing only - 0 points - 'You may carry a unique Astromech even if the same unique Astromech is already in use in your squadron if the Astromechs' cost is below 4 points.'
  4. I've played a Store Championship yesterday with a XBBZ list and was the ONLY player (out of 20!) fielding a X-Wing (Wes Janson). Other ships that were sadly missing: Tie Defender, Tie Advanced. With the hyper-mobile Phantoms and big ships with Upgraded Engines the X-Wing is just too slow, too easy to kill and two of it's main advantages (Warheads and Droids) are mostly too costly, unique and/or inefficient.
  5. If we want the X-Wing to be more varied and cost-effective, then what about this title.... Rogue Squadron Title - X-Wing only 0 Points "When choosing either a Torpedo or Astromech upgrade, reduce the cost of one of the chosen upgrades by 2 (to a minimum of 0). If your Pilot skill is 4 or higher, you can reduce the cost of both upgrades by 2."
  6. B-Wing and Y-Wing don't use Torpedoes in the current meta anyway, so why not make the X-Wing the nimble ordnance dealer of the Rebels? In the OT movies the X-Wing is the only ship to use Torp's anyway.
  7. I think what the X-Wing could need is a reliable and reasonable cheap ordnance weapon. While the Y-Wing, E-Wing and B-Wing all carry a Torpedo slot, it mostly is never used, as it is with the X-Wing. If the X-Wing would get a title which would give it a discount on Torpedo ordnance, this type of upgrade would hopefully see more use while also making the X-Wing more varied in it's combat uses.
  8. Hi! I really do love the Tie Advanced, but it really seems to be overpriced in points by some bit. Wouldn't it be cool if FFG added a Tie Advanced-only modification card (for zero points) that would allow this kind of ship to mount a system upgrade? I think this really would set the Tie Advanced apart from other ships and maybe boost it's popularity some bit. What do you think about this...?
  9. rashktah


    Will this game ever get an expansion? Most other FFG games do get one. cheers Rashktah
  10. Thanks to all of you and your very kind comments.
  11. Argh, this forum does not seem to support the resizing of images. Anyway, you can still download the images... *hint hint*
  12. Hi! As with Battlestar Galactica and Runewars, I have now painted all my Mansions of Madness miniatures. Hope you'll enjoy 'em... :)
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