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  1. You're reading that correctly, the additional action only comes with the discard.
  2. This isn't an app, but for saving table space I'm using a system I picked up in AH of storing most of my cards in racks of business card holders. It cuts card space waaaay down.
  3. How fortunate I found a sword in that library then. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I'm playing against Cthulhu and "Queen of the Deep Ones" is the active mystery. This mystery states "When an investigator would gain an Artifact, he may gain the Sword of Y'ha-Talla Artifact instead." One of my investigators passed a test in an encounter allowing them to "gain 1 Tome Artifact." In this case can the investigator gain the Sword, or does the fact that the encounter specifes a Tome override that? Thanks!
  5. Actually that's in the reference guide as well, under Gaining Possessions and Conditions. Whenever you search a deck, which I think is every time for conditions, you shuffle it afterwards.
  6. Hi folks, pretty new to this game and had a situation come up today I couldn't find resolved in the rules. I may have been looking in the wrong spot. I had an investigator defeated, and when I set up their replacement I noticed one of their starting assets was already taken. What do you do in this situation? The decision I made was that they were out of luck and just had to start worse off than normal, is there an official take on this I missed? Or an unofficial but popularly used one?
  7. I always play that the nightgaunt returns to the cup, myself.
  8. It matters for gameplay purposes. Mainly because combat stops movement. Once combat begins, your investigator's movement is over for the turn, meaning you can't finish off a monster or two, then move somewhere and have an encounter/pick up clues/whatever. And thematically, being in the same area as a monster doesn't mean you're in the same room, street sections, etc, so in your movement phase you have a chance to try to evade the beast and leave the area, or sneak around the area, without it finding you. Again, though, this doesn't apply to monsters fought during an encounter. Those are fought or evaded immediately.
  9. Combat doesn't occur until the movement phase. So the nightgaunt swoops down in the Mythos phase, but you don't fight it until movement. ETA: In some cases combat can occur in other phases, due to encounters, for example, but for monsters wandering the table it only occurs in the movement phase.
  10. They are all stable, the dangers on the Kingsport board come from other sources...
  11. The explosion only happens if you fail the initial roll to operate the machine. After that for each gate closing roll the only consequence for failure is that the gate stays open.
  12. I don't like to use more than 2 expansions at once, or now 2 plus Miskatonic. I leave all the expansions shuffled in, because separating them out is too annoying and time consuming for me, but for Mythos and Encounter cards of any sort I keep drawing until I find a card from the expansions I'm using in the game, and discard all those from other expansions. I usually use all the items, etc, regardless of what expansions I'm using, except allies and one or two skills from miskatonic tied to specific expansions.
  13. Yes, yes, and yes. And move the monster, if appropriate. EDIT: unless it's a rumor. Then draw a whole new Mythos card.
  14. Nope. That card wouldn't be much of a threat otherwise!
  15. You mean closed, right? After all, no one could help you Akachi can always seal gates, regardless of effects that prevent it
  16. Couple quick Mark related questions. If Mark fails his personal story he loses one sanity each time he enters the graveyard. Does this happen if a gate is there? Mark cannot be arrested, if an encounter reads that he is arrested and taken to the police station, does the second part still happen, or is it a package deal? Mark cannot be delayed, does he spend one less turn LiTaS? Thanks! Coming back to AH after about 2 years of not being able to play, and I find I've forgotten a lot, if in fact I ever had the answers on these ones.
  17. In final battle you do get to add any applicable combat bonuses from items.
  18. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Jez, that set is simply beautiful. Professor, those are very cool, but are they still available since the kickstarter is done? Also, a bit out of my price range, I think.
  19. Hey folks, how do you organize your Mythos and Gate cards while playing? I've got my Location cards, Items, and all the other small stacks sorted into business card holders, but my Mythos and Gate cards just sit in big awkward stacks on the board. Anyone have any thoughts on ways to keep them neat and organized but still ready to be used during a game? Thanks!
  20. I'm pretty sure it's been ruled that with that encounter you're out of luck for sealing.
  21. You choose in the upkeep phase whether to discard the soul gem and reap the benefit. If that isn't what you're asking, I didn't understand the question.
  22. I always use personal stories myself, but I don't always try to pass them. Of course, then you have to live with the consequences if you fail.
  23. In that instance you would gain a unique item
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