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  1. Sorry about the late reply. I was just waiting to see if anymore people would wade into the topic. I want to say thankyou to all of you who replied to my post, especially Steve-O with his detailed answer, as this has enabled me to be able to go forward and decide to purchase the game sometime soon hopefully. All the best Deathmarch
  2. Hi there everybody! I am interested in buying Descent 2nd Ed. but the one thing that keeps me from doing so si whether or not the tiles were of great quality and durability. I know from reading the forums on Descent 1st Ed. that some people experienced issues with the tiles maybe tearing, fraying or beginning to peel, but I was wondering if anyone who owns the new edition could please enlighten me as to the quality and durability of the new tiles. Also, would it be possible if someone who has had any issues with the tiles from their set(s), could they chime in as well. This is something that will definitely determine if I am going to purchase this game, as it is something I'm extremely interested in and when it comes to my games I tend to be very anal retentive and strive to keep them perfect so that they last a long time, and damage to tiles will just completely turn me off. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Does anybody have any information on what this Warhammer 40k product is from FFG at Gencon 2013? This photo still is from the beginning of the Gencon Day 2 video by FFG. Could it possibly be the new Warhammer 40k lcg? I don'dt knoe. But what I do know is that that is the symbol of the Inquisition on the front. I'm surprised that there is silence surrounding this product. Would someone be able to enlighten us please, if possible. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1023212/wiz-war-malefic-curses-expansion
  4. I also have a bad feeling about this MarthWMaster. I think that something has gone wrong somewhere with production or some other area and that there's going to be a delay with the next deluxe expansion and cycle. It annoys me when I see other products being announced and yet nothing is being announced for the Star Wars LCG. I just wish that FFG would announce something soon or at least inform us what is going on that may be causing any delays.
  5. Hi Sobe Cin! I wouldn't be surprised if you're right about an announcement coming after the release of Edge of Darkness. That way the multiplayer expansion and next cycle won't come into conflict with and take away from the attention of Edge of Darkness. I just hope that there isn't too much of a gap between the Escape for Hoth force pack and the multiplayer expansion. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. Hi Toqtamish! Thanks for the reply. I was also surprised that nothing was announced in June. I suppose I just need to settle down a bit and be more patient. I do hope that they don't leave it for too much longer though.
  7. Hi there everybody! I don't know about anybody else, but I'm starting to feel quite annoyed how the Balance of the Force multiplayer expansion and the next cycle haven't been announced yet. I actually thought that they would've been announced in June at least since the last Force pack is at the printers and is due out in August. This would've meant then that the next cycle and/or expansion would then be out in September, but that doesn't appear to be the case and it looks like it's going to be later than that. I guess I'm feeling this way because I'm really looking forward to seeing where they'll be taking the game and I have such a great interest in the Star Wars universe. I just hope that they make an announcement soon. Is anybody else feeling this way?
  8. Hi Wytefang I was wondering if you knew if we'll be receiveing an announcement for the next deluxe expansion soon.
  9. I was thinking the other day that maybe it was nearing the time when we'll be receiving an announcement about the next WH:I deluxe expansion. I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking the same and what anyone thinks could be in the next deluxe expansion or what they would like to be in it?
  10. Hi again everyone! Thanks to all of you who provided feedback - I greatly appreciate it! I think that I will end up purchasing WFRP. Also, I happened to find some other RPG books of mine that are perfect bound that I'd totally forgotten about and which are still in perfect condition without my having done anything to the binding crease on the cover. I guess this is because I don't open my books up very wide and they haven't had any heavy use - I'm also psycotic about how I treat my books! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the core boxed set, and once again, thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my questions and helping me with deciding whether or not to buy WFRP. Have a great week.
  11. Hi there everybody! This is my first post and I'm glad to finally be taking my first step in participating in the forums. I am currently thinking about getting into WHRP3, but I'm concerned about what others have mentioned on the WHRP forums about the rulebook bindings not holding up and pages falling out of them without any or much effort. What I wanted to know was is this a widespread problem or is it just a small amount of books that are having this problem, and is it only the core rulebook or a number of the rulebooks in the core set? Also, for those people who sent away for a replacement rulebook because of the binding issue, has the replacement book fallen apart also, or has it remained intact and is the binding good? Lastly, has anyone had any problems with the bindings for the GMs Toolkit book and the campaign book for 'The Gathering Storm'? I'm sorry for so many questions about the book bindings, but I'm a person who likes to buy products in mint condition and keep them that way so that I may have a lot of enjoyment from them for many years. If this is going to be a problem with the books for WHRP3, then I may just have to give the game a miss - something that I don't want to particularly do as I'm really excited about experiencing this roleplaying game, and I love the warhammer fantasy world setting. I'll appreciate all the feedback I can get as it will help me to make an informed decision. Thanks.
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