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  1. Not every company is Battlefront that provides new rulebooks (but NOT army books) for free to existing customers. GW has been mentioned to death. But we also have SW: X-Wing's sister game to compare this too. We could instead be suffering under the Wizkids' model for their Star Trek: Attack Wing ship-upgrade packs... paying $10 per pack for some cardboard, 9-10 captain/upgrade cards and 2 ship cards (1 generic & 1 unique). I will take FFG's comparatively generous $50 pack covering 35-37 ships any day of the week if Wizkids' model is the alternative.
  2. Looking to trade my Crime Lord for Director Krennic and perhaps something small like FN-2199. Let me know, thanks.
  3. Thanks FM. I can do that, in time. Do you suggest posting here or something like Dropbox?
  4. About 5 months ago I came up with the idea to make a travel version of X-Wing. Some 3 months ago, I finished creating the following (links to larger pictures follow each pic): https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451611/callidusx3?size=large That is the cover of the box I use to carry the game in. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451613/callidusx3?size=large The board I painted myself, as well as having created the faction icons using thick paper layering. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451614/callidusx3?size=large An image of the box contents, holding everything one needs to play. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451615/callidusx3?size=large https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451616/callidusx3?size=large These two images show the generic pilot cards for the four types of ships for each faction contained in the core box. These are laminated so that one can use erasable markers to jot one's pilot info & upgrades (as well as circling each round's movement & action choices). https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451612/callidusx3?size=large A sample of the pilot & upgrade summary sheets used for squadron construction. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/3451618/callidusx3?size=large An example of the game set up for a dog fight. Now, I still have to paint the ships and create travel versions of the markers from the base game (so that everything fits better in this small box). Further, I already have two "expansions" mostly planned out for 3 more Imperial & Rebel ships each, as well as a Scum expansion with 7 ships. Though I had seen a couple of thread titles referring to heX-Wing, I was inspired to make this hex-movement travel edition by chance the day after I had played a scenario in our Heroes of the Alturi Cluster campaign when I was looking over my SW Armada figures and my travel edition of Ingenious was out nearby. A Muse must have been whispering to me because, as a "retired" miniatures gamer (years of playing GW games, FoW, Chronopia, DBA, etc... from 1998-2005), I suddenly wanted to be able to enjoy a miniature game with none of the fuss (whether in the game's footprint or in its transportation). I created my own hex-based derivation of X-Wing geared to travel uses (small board for 80pt dogfight battles, plus some missions too). This meant eschewing upgrade & pilot cards that take up too much space and creating erasable, generic pilot cards. I did not reference heX-Wing in creating my version, but in truth most of the rules are FFG's rules save for mainly translating firing arcs and movement into hexes (which you can see on the pilot cards themselves). It works well, though a bit more play testing is need to determine if I overly restricted barrel rolls. Next up... Battlestar Galactica: Viper Minis Game, Travel Edition.
  5. The thing is that Mods, and Titles, do have an icon (crossed wrench & spanner on back of card). I am not sure why FFG chooses not use it. Must be because upgrade space on a pilot card is at a premium and all ships can take them. Still doesn't explain why not use the symbol in this instance.
  6. Cubanboy Excellent trader to report.
  7. I was wondering if any Armada / X-Wing players out there would be interested in trading out a pack each of Rebel & Imperial fighters in exchange for my 2 X-Wings and 2 TIE Fighters from the X-Wing game. Let me know. The reason for this request is that I am making a game conversion that requires some armada-scale fighters. Thanks.
  8. Looks like the SW: Rebellion model for the GR-75 is 4-5mm shorter. That might be preferable for my needs (though it is unpainted ).
  9. Thank you for that picture w/ measurement!
  10. You are correct, I am looking for the Armada game model's size.
  11. I have a conversion I am working on and need to know the size of this game's GR-75, specifically its length. Your answer is appreciated.
  12. I agree Star Wars is not a good fit. Babylon 5 or Dune would also do well, especially the former.
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