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  1. Playing with 2 heroes in first quest of Kindred Fire, when the boss at the end is revealed, it said to place "1 Elemental". It didn't say "Master". I have seen others say at times the game asks them to place a Master as a unique. If it doesn't explicitly say "Master", I assume we should use a "Minion" for the unique?
  2. The argument "because both Parties are still playing with the same rules" is only automatically valid in a game with symmetric sides. It does not automatically apply when the sides are asymmetric, if one side relies on line of sight more or in a different way. In that case, it would require evaluation and playtesting to validate.
  3. Though I personally did not like Imperial Assault as a game, I did consider switching to the IA LOS rules, but in the end decided that the Descent LOS rules are straightforward enough, so I stick to the rules as published for Descent. Some abilities that target multiple models may be effectively nerfed using Imperial Assault LOS rules - Barghest "Howl" comes to mind. Thus using IA LOS rules might actually imbalance the game in favor of one side or the other depending on the heroes/monsters in play.
  4. I've done some F-16 simulator combat, using F16 simulators in replica cockpits (including glass canopy) featuring last-generation equipment (current stuff is not permitted, and the DOD checks up on the company periodically to make sure they are "compliant"). A dozen of us from work went, and fought in 2 sets of battles; I took Top Gun award. Visually, you couldn't even see targets most of the time - they were identifiers on the HUD. Lock on was usually at 10km, and hold fire until within 5-6km. Fire off a couple missiles, move on to next target. Cannons were almost never used - I think out of 45 minutes worth of combat, there was a single cannon kill. I was rarely in range to use my cannons, and they only carried 5 seconds worth of firing. Missiles are also highly accurate with something like a 95% hit-rate without. Flares and being low to the ground help, but aren't a guaranteed savior.
  5. Maine

    Falcon availability

    It's not Amazon themselves selling it, it's Amazon Marketplace. They don't set the prices of independent sellers selling through their site. Some of those retailers also have Amazon handle fulfillment, but many don't.
  6. I picked up a Falcon from a local B&N on Monday. They had 2 more in stock. B&N also has a great reservation system - you can easily reserve it on their website for pickup, and they'll hold it for you, pay at register. I used this, got an email within half an hour saying it was set aside, and quickly dropped in on my way home from work to pick it up and pay for it. One big problem with B&N's website is that they allow 3rd party sellers (who are jacking the price up since B&N is sold out online), and they don't directly reflect the store price, and they only mention it may be available in store AFTER they mention available from other merchants. You have to specifically chose 'Pick Up in a Store Near You' to see that it is available. 6 out of 7 Barnes and Noble stores near me show Falcons as being in-stock.
  7. Armada. I feel for those who have the current Huge ships and want to see more, but I don't think there is much room to expand - maybe 2 Imperial ships and that's it. Try playing Epic right now with a blockade runner on each side. It may not be an exact emulation, but it probably plays similar enough to having an Imperial Huge ship. I think Huge ships are probably best relegated to the kinds of games people use them for currently. Thus, if you had to pick just one, and you picked Epic, you are basically throwing out a whole new game with much more growth potential for the sake of fixing a hobbled system that is not desirable to a majority of players anyway. Fortunately, for a company like FFG, it doesn't always have to be either/or, but if they are not pursuing Huge Imperial ships, I believe it is likely due to one or more of these reasons (keep in mind each of these is entirely hypothetical and I have no evidence that there is any truth behind them) 1. Underwhelming sales of the existing Huge ships. However, they've gone to reprint on the existing ships, so while sales still may have been underwhelming, they're not throwing in the towel yet. 2. Increase in costs driving up price. New model requires new moulds, etc. This could drive up the unit price, which may be beyond what FFG feels can sell. 3. Limited general production capacity, and filling it with new products they feel can diversify their audience and result in better revenue flow for the investment 4. Limited production capacity of special manufacturing processes required for the huge ships 5. Lack of interest from retailers, possibly due to physical size of the boxes; 8 ships take up the same physical space as the Tantive IV box, and have an MSRP of $120 - 33% higher than the Tantive IV, which means 33% more profit.
  8. If Biggs is a valid target for elimination, then you must choose Biggs. That is the rule. If he has been eliminated, then I would move on to Luke Skywalker. The Rebellion doesn't stand a chance without their golden boy, and we can be one step closer to crushing the Alliance and redirecting our resources to better endeavors.
  9. There are multiple possible reasons: 1. Lower PS than the target, which you are hoping will move into your LOF 2. You have a shot, but due to unexpected luck a higher PS pilot takes out the target first 3. After moving and barrel roll, target is still _just_ out of arc. In tournament settings you can't pre-measure for a barrel roll, and once declared you can't switch to a different action.
  10. As I interpret it, if I am unable to attempt an attack (e.g, no target in front arc), then ACD's ability which triggers on "after you perform an attack" cannot trigger, and thus I cannot recloak. Is this interpretation correct, or did I miss some weird clause regarding trigger conditions.
  11. Just dust? Compressed air, or wipe with a dry lint-free cloth (i.e, not a paper towel or tissue). If that doesn't work, a moist cloth (water only). If they're too dirty for that, rinse with plain water. If really dirty, you could gently wash with a mild dish soap. The paint isn't going to rub off, it will take some decent strength chemicals to take any paint off.
  12. ItsUncertainWho said: Maine cleverly hid the unit upgrades right next to the section number. There is a > symbol next to any platoon section that can be upgraded individually. Click on that symbol and a drop down option box will appear. If you have any suggestions to make this more apparent, please feel free to share. Everything I have tried so far seemed less obvious or requires re-flowing the layout to make it fit.
  13. Frantic said: Got one more for you. Horten should be available to the Schwer Platoon and it is not. Fixed! Thanks for the report.
  14. Both bugs have been fixed. Thanks for the reports!
  15. Anyone who has lived in areas where June Bugs appear are probably familiar with how they are lured to lights, particularily porch and backyard lights. This can be used against them to create traps, luring them to their doom with a light. That is just what Project Junebug is - an enticing trap. Thus I think the name refers to it's purpose as a lure to the trap, rather than to the trap itself. If that is the case, then the 'Project Junebug' is the creation of the illusion of a valuable target (creating a honeypot).
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